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Action Alert: Protect Federal Library Funding

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The Trump Administration recently released its proposed federal budget for FY2018. The Institute of Museum of Library Services (IMLS), the independent agency that administers the bulk of federal library funding under the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA),is included in the list of independent agencies whose budgets the proposal recommends eliminating.

There’s an easy way for you to help - call your Senator today and ask them to sign the Dear Appropriator letters supporting LSTA and IAL.

These letters support $186.6 million for the Library Services and Technology Act, which goes to every state in the country for them to decide how best to use it, and $27 million for the Innovative Approaches to Literacy Program that buys books and other supplies for kids from the poorest communities across the country. For more information about these programs, check out our other posts about appropriations.

Members of the Senate have only until May 19th to sign the separate LSTA and IAL “Dear Appropriator” letters now circulating.

Use ALA’s Legislative Action Center today to ask your Senators to sign both the LSTA and IAL letters. Many Members of Congress will only sign such a letter if their constituents ask them to, so it’s up to you to help save LSTA and IAL from elimination or significant cuts.

Five minutes of your time could help preserve over $210 million in library funding now at risk.

Want to do even more to protect libraries? Sign up to participate on National Library Legislative Day or sign up for our Thunderclap.

a day at work
  • Girl, around 11: I have this book I've checked out for the whole summer-vacation but I've finished it, can I return it?
  • Me: Yes, you can.
  • Girl: ... Can I still check out books?
  • Me: Eh .... ?
  • Girl: You know, because it's summer-vacation ...
  • Me: Of course. Of couse you can. You can check out as many as you can carry with you or as many as you can read. Go ahead!
Inner Circle as high school students
  • Rhys : the popular jock, dating Feyre, also known as prom king even though they didn't have prom yet, has every girl swooning at the bat of an eye, scores straight A's, always getting Feyre gifts and flowers and calling her his queen.
  • Feyre : the popular chick, dating Rhys, gets tutored by Rhys, always blushing bc of Rhys, locker is always filled with presents bc of Rhys, also known as prom queen.
  • Mor : the hot lesbian that ever girl secretly wants and every guy openly wants, captain of the girl's lacrosse team, captain of the swim team, captain of the volleyball team, captain of the football team, Feyre's bestfriend.
  • Azriel : the quiet, brooding, emo like guy that stands in the corners, smokes weed, every guy hates bc every girl secretly has a crush on him, best friends with Rhys and Cass, still madly in love with Mor.
  • Cassian : the funny and cocky jock that everyone wants to hang out with, thinks with his dick, dated every girl on the cheerleading squad, has the librarian fainting and in a stretcher every time he walks by, lowkey trying to find his one true love.
  • Amren : the scarier version of Regina George, always wearing red lipstick that looks exactly like blood, hisses when she catches someone staring, almost stabbed a teacher to change her mark from a B to an A, always in the library and has the librarian running away and screaming every time she walks by.

He’s displaying every micro-expression tell in the book. 80% of how we communicate with one another is nonverbal.

parkjiminbiased  asked:

hey so i know you do head canons and i was wondering if you'd write an andreil one about them adopting a kid thanks

i have this issue where i start headcanons and they end up being fics so enjoy

  • Okay so Neil and Andrew are on the same professional Exy team
  • They live in like the small urban part of Missouri or something, and they have a lot of free time because it’s the off season
  • So Andrew goes to the library every afternoon like clockwork
    • He’s studying up on law and entertaining the idea of going to law school after they retire 
    • Neil tags along sometimes and loves browsing the crime/mystery section
  • The library workers recognize them as the famous exy-playing assholes, but they’re all older women who have nothing better to do than gossip behind the desk
  • Mary, the senior librarian, runs the children’s programs during the summer and makes sure to invite all the kids from the nearby elementary school
  • It’s raining pretty hard outside when Neil and Andrew stumble in one afternoon during Mary’s dramatic reading of The Fox and the Hound
  • Andrew saunters off upstairs while Neil heads to the bathroom so he can wring out their wet raincoats 
    • (Nicky got them matching raincoats for Christmas that year, insisting that he needed to “keep up the theme”)
    • (Andrew refuses to wear the matching red rain boots)
  • Neil hears muffled crying from one of the stalls, interrupted every now and then by a small hiccup
  • He knocks hesitantly on the stall door
  • “I’m in here!” the kid shouts
  • “Everything okay?”
  • “Uh.. yeah,” he sniffles, “I think”

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“Colonel Baird. Where’s Mr. Carsen?”

YA Lit Podcasts

I recently got asked about podcasts dedicated to YA lit, so I scoured the internet and compiled a handy list for your listening pleasure. I haven’t listened to them, so I don’t know if they’re good or not…let me know which are!

And correct me if any of these aren’t YA dedicated and tell me about any I’ve missed so I can add them. Enjoy!

Adventures in YA -  A podcast about all things young adult literature. (Still running)

Adventures With Words (YA episode monthly) -  Rob and Kate host a fortnightly podcast looking at fiction, poetry, non-fiction and much more. (Still running)

Authors are ROCKSTARS! -  Features interviews with young adult authors, book picks from the hosts, as well as rockin’ music that relates to the books spoken about on that month’s program. (Ended)

Book Jawn (Not YA dedicated, but reads more YA books than adult) -  Hosted by booksellers Sarah Sawyers-Lovett and Grace Gordon, Book Jawn Podcast explores new releases and old favorites in literature with plenty of laughter, criticism, and puns. (Still running)

Clear Eyes, Full Shelves -  A blog for readers featuring book reviews, television snark, opinions and other nerdiness. (Still running)

CYAPodcast -  A weekly discussion and review of books for children, tweens, and teens by librarians. (Still running)

First Draft with Sarah Enni -  Podcast interview series featuring authors, an epic road trip, music, bookstores, tall tales & more, hosted by Sarah Enni. (Still running)

Intersect Podcast » Where Stories and Pop-Culture Collide -  If you’re a creator of stories in any format, or a fan of books, TV and movies, this is where your tribe meets! Interviews with YA and MG authors. (Ended)

Papercuts Podcast -   A monthly(+) podcast between three locationally-challenged friends, a space to praise/bitch about the state of Young Adult media. (Still running)

Publishers Weekly PW KidsCast -  Interviews with children’s and YA authors conducted by Publishers Weekly children’s reviews editor John A. Sellers. (Still running)

The Guardian Children’s Books podcast -  Leading children’s authors discuss their work with young readers and the Guardian literary team. (Still running)

The Oral History Podcast -  A candid discussion of sexuality, culture and young adult fiction, featuring YA authors Christa Desir and Carrie Mesrobian. (Still running)

The Split: A Young Adult Book Review Podcast for Readers and Writers -  Young adult fiction authors Bryan Cohen and Robert Scanlon read and review a book each week from the reader and writer perspective. (Still running)

YAPodcast -  Featuring the hottest YA authors and books! (Ended)

The Horrorthon *Peter Parker x Reader*

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16 Days of Halloween

Day One: Requested by anon;  Hey Ro! I just had a cute idea for a Halloween themed fic where the reader loves horror movies and one of the boys (i thought maybe peter?) asks her if she wants to have a horror movie marathon bc he thinks she will be scared and he can ‘make a move’ but in the end its the opposite and he is the one getting scared (and maybe he doesn’t really wanna admit it but it ends with a cute confession or idk, you choose ^^) just an idea =P thank you! I hope you have a good week =)
Warnings: Swearing & a Horror gif(s) below the cut
Word: Count:

A/n: I am doing 16 days of Halloween through the month of October, a one-shot will go up every odd number day - hopefully- so, I still need ideas for later days, please, if you have any let me know.

Day Two

All your life you had prefered horror movies. You loved the suspense, the thrill and jump scare it brought you when watching a horror movie. You had a few favourites, mostly the old horror movies are your favourites. Although, the newer horrors, despite being terrible, had great CGI and the actors weren’t entirely bad looking either. You didn’t have many friends that liked horror movies as much as you did, they either found them too scary or too gory to sit through.

“Hey, Y/N!” An excited voice startled you from your thoughts in the library, the librarian shhh’d the excitable boy, Peter Parker. He gave an apologetic smile before looking back at you, “ I have an important question to ask you.” He sits down opposite you, practically shutting your math textbook for you.

You sighed softly. “What’s up, Parker?” You whispered so you didn’t get into any trouble, which was actually difficult since Peter and you usually ended up in detention together.

“It’s Halloween,” You shrugged and chuckled as he rolled his eyes. “So, Ned has gotta take his little sister trick-or-treating and I don’t have anyone to sit through a horrorthon with me!” He exclaimed as silently as possible.

You quirked an eyebrow, “So, I’m Ned’s stand-in? How lovely to be a second thought.” You mused and Peter stuttered to find the correct words, apologising profusely to you. “Peter, shut up. Sure, I’ll join but you better pick some actual scary horrors, got it?” He nodded with a big smile, already jumping up and running off, getting yelled at by the librarian for running too.

You shake your head watching him leave. You had known Peter for a few years, although it was only recently that you both started becoming closer to one another. Admittedly you liked Peter way more than he liked you, you assumed anyway. He was smart, funny and just nice, it’s hard to not fall for him. You did always promise yourself to not hang out alone with him in the case you’d make a fool outta yourself, looks like you were breaking that promise.


You nervously knocked on Peter’s apartment door. The door swings open to Aunt May, skeleton plastic mask on but normal clothes and holding a pumpkin shaped bowl with candy filled. You couldn’t help but chuckle at the woman, who lifted the mask to reveal her face and also grinning. For just being Peter’s aunt they did really look one another.

“Hey, Y/N, come inside. Peter has been waiting for you,” she softly patted your shoulder as you walked passed. “PETER!” May yelled, you jumped a little due to her only standing behind you and yelling. Peter’s door swung open, he gave an annoyed look to May but that disappeared to a smile when you awkwardly wave. “Leave the door open, Peter.” May sternly tells him, you see the blush rise on Peter’s cheeks as he glares at May, only making you chuckle as you slip past him into his room.

You see a few blankets set out on his floor along with popcorn, your favourite soda and chocolate. You smile as you unzip your jacket, placing it on the back of Peter’s desk chair and sitting down in front of his television; the menu to Grave Encounters breaking the silence. Peter leaves his bedroom ajar, sitting down beside you.

“Sorry about May,” he sighs clicking play on the movie as you chuckle. “Also, I hope this is scary enough for you. Mj sent a bunch of recommendations from a website because I couldn’t find any.”

“I haven’t seen this, so we shall see.” Peter chuckles lightly.

“If it gets too scary, tell me and I’ll turn it off.” Peter grins, you simply smile and nod lightly. You know you would never do such a thing, you loved horror movies and the more scared you get, the better.

Grave Encounters turned out to be an alright movie, it lacked anything that truly terrified you but it was jumpy and creepy at times. The style of filming had you on edge, but it didn’t have scared… not like Peter was. He jumped at any little noise, shook with fright and you tried to not make it seem like you notice since he was trying to hide it. He’d mutter stuff under his breath when things got intense, subtly look away when he knew something was coming.

If he was scared easily why would he ask you to do a horrorthon? This was only the first movie, you didn’t want Peter to not be sleeping for the next few days or hating you for putting him through these movies.

“Do you wanna turn this off?” You muttered into Peter’s ear, he jumped from just your voice and looked at you. “We can… if you want? I don’t mind.” You smile encouragingly, he shakes his head defiantly.

He grabs a handful of popcorn and shoves them in his mouth, determined to stare at the screen and prove to you, but mostly himself, that he wasn’t scared. “This isn’t even that scary, it’s just jumpy.” He tries to defend.

Not seeing any reason to argue, you nod once. Going back to watch the movie in silence, you try to ignore Peter being scared of the movie and pretend that you are scared at some points too just so he didn’t feel alone. The credits roll and you both sit in darkness, you glance to see Peter regaining his composure.

“So, the second one next, I assume?” You ask lightly and smile as Peter just looks at you.

“Honestly, no,” Peter says in a shaky voice making you raise your eyebrows. “If I have to sit through another movie where hands come through walls, ghosts of an asylum chase people and it is filmed in night vision, I might actually die,” Peter says a tad dramatically but a hint of truth behind his words, you chuckle.

Shaking your head and patting Peter’s back comfortingly. “If you hate horror so much why did you ask me to come over and watch them?”

“Because I thought you’d get scared,” Peter confessed making you frown at the brunette. “Ned said it’s a good way to make a move, I don’t know,” he spoke and shrugged quickly.

You remain silent for a few minutes. “Wait! You thought making me watch horror movies you’d be able to pull a move?” You laughed loudly, Peter huffed and glared, crossing his arms as you tried to stop from laughing but only failing. “I’m sorry but that’s so funny.”

“You could’ve said you liked horror movies, too much.” Peter teases.

“Hey, I’m not the one that jumped when they got a text.” You held your hands up in mock surrender, Peter pouted at that. “I won’t tell anyone… If you’ll kiss me.” Peter’s eyes got wide as your smile, “I mean, that seems like a fair deal and you did invite me over for that.”

It’s completely silent in Peter’s bedroom, you could hear Peter’s breathing pick up. The faint glow from the TV made it so you could see Peter’s face, he blushed and looked nervous, and you knew you were already blushing too. He lifted a hand to cup your heated cheeks before leaning over the popcorn, pressing his lips to yours softly. He tasted of the buttered popcorn and cherry soda, his hand warmed your cheek and his thumb stroked just under your eyes softly. Peter pulled away all too quickly, blushing even more if that was possible.

You grin at Peter, who smiles shyly back.

“Sorry, we’ve run out of candy-” Aunt May bursts into the room, the hallway light streaming into the room and you both pull away from one another in an instant. “I’ve got like five kids at the door, so I’m taking this.” She grabs the chocolate, plus the popcorn bowl, rushing back out of the room and back towards the front door.

You look back at Peter, he’s already looking at you with wide eyes for almost getting caught kissing in his bedroom in the dark. You both break out into fits of giggles, hardly controlling yourselves.

“So, Grave Encounters 2?” You asked holding the case, Peter gives you blank stare before rolling his eyes. “I’ll protect you, I promise.” You nudge, kissing his cheek before putting the next horror movie in, cuddling into his side.

(This is going to kill me. 24 Days of Christmas killed me, this is going to kill me. If I miss a day, or it’s late, I am deeply sorry but just I imagine scheduling will be bad because I am busy this month. I’ll try my hardest. - Rosalie)

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“Drunken confessions” - Gabrielle’s 100 Follower Challenge

Author: fangirlofeverythingme

Reader gender: Female

Paring: Dean x Reader

Words count: 4 360

Warnings: smut, drunk sex, oral sex (male receiving), diving after alcohol (it’s wrong and I’m against it!), a little bit of angst, mention of difficult hunt and death of minor character (not sth you should really mind), some truth has been said because of alcohol, language

A/N: This idea was stuck in my brain for quite some time, specifically the last part of this fic. Thanks to @bradygabrielle-blog  Gabrielle’s 100 Follower Challenge I finally managed to get down to it. This is my first contribution to this challenge, I hope to write two more. The prompt for this fic was “You’re not as evil as people think you are.” Hope you’ll enjoy it, sorry for the language, as always.

You flopped into the chair, propping your feet on the library table, a glass of whiskey in one hand and a refill within your reach. You took a sip and closed your eyes, enjoying the burn of amber liquor in your throat.

After a hunt like that, all you wanted to do was wash away all the gross and blood, and drink till you pass out. You were sure you made the right call. But no matter how much you’d reasoned it, the choking feeling of guilt wouldn’t leave you. The monster was dead, the girl was dead and on top of that, you lost one of yours, and that was on you.

The flashbacks of this night kept playing before your eyes and you analysed them over and over again. Maybe if you had made a different decision, said something else, it would have all went the other way, better way. In the very corner of your mind you knew there was nothing you could have done, it was either you or them and you saved yourself, the Winchesters and the future victims. But that didn’t make you feel less shitty.

So you drunk.

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