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I love how Korra has huge boobs but they’re never mentioned or sexualized. It’s just awesome to see a female superhero who has huge boobs (which a lot of women naturally do) and is a total badass without making her wear super sexualized outfits to entertain viewers.

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Be honest, did you reference some of the move in all of your animations? Alot of them looks familar, especiall that one gif with korra running.

I think you’re the same person, so, please If I not reply before is because I like do a reply with draw for each person who ask me, but If you like an answer I will reply to you.

If you mean this animation was made with reference, is true, I did this one like 5-4 years ago, and I was experimenting, studying some poses from the series. This animation was made in paper and edited with mouse, some time took to me jaja, and I only combine some clips I liked the poses and animation and I made in base of them a new animation.

was really funny made it, more for a girl of 15 years old who was experimenting jaja

But reference Is used always, the animators studies the movements from the reality to make animations. For example I remember an animation where I did the movement in my home to understand how works.

I not used reference from other place, the reference was me doing this movement.

But you can made animations without reference too. After watched so much animes, movies, etc, you have an Idea of how works some movements. so, actually I make some sketch animations from imagination, like this one

Is like when you start to draw, at the start you use some references to make the poses. After you learned the basic information for make poses from imagination, you not use references.

So, hope this answer your doubts.


So I’m doing a Haunted Half Marathon on the 28th, and costumes are encouraged. So my costume? Avatar Korra!!!!

My roomie and I are rewatching the series and it just came to me - what a great costume! She’s basically a super hero (like I will Be since I’ve only had 20 days to train for a half oops)!

I’m in love with my costume haha. Can’t wait to try it out on a run later this week when it’s cooler!