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Heavy Sleeper

One month in and Asami Sato learns that the Avatar likes to sleep. A lot. It’s fairly well-known that the average person functions optimally on eight to nine hours of sleep.  This is under ideal conditions, however, and most regularly employed people can do just fine on just six to seven hours. It’s around the five hour mark when things get dicey – she’s learned as much from studies on worker productivity.

Korra is not the average person, though, Asami knows that much. What she doesn’t expect, however, is just how not average she is. Apparently, the almighty Avatar needs at least ten (ten!) hours of sleep in order to feel … how does she put it? “Refreshed,” "well-rested,” “normal,” “not cranky as hell,” and most importantly, “sane.” Which is funny, really, because Asami thinks that’s just insane.

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Korra and elemental identity (Book 1)

Every now and then, someone points out that Korra doesn’t seem to use her native element much, or act like a “proper” waterbender, or whatever. As a criticism of Korra, I agree that it’s particularly inane, but it seems people are in such a hurry to defend her that we don’t stop to think about why.

So, I’ve been thinking about why ;)

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I love how Korra has huge boobs but they’re never mentioned or sexualized. It’s just awesome to see a female superhero who has huge boobs (which a lot of women naturally do) and is a total badass without making her wear super sexualized outfits to entertain viewers.

Erasing Women Once They Become “a Man’s” and Kåtaang.

*90′s synthesized alternative rock track playing*

*record scratch stops music; freezes frame*

Yup, that’s me right there. That’s me, losing my cool. That’s Katara. The cool, patriarchy-asskicking, flawed, hot-tempered, spunky, teen- calling out her brother on blatant sexism. At least, that was Katara before she became A/ang’s ornament. 

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