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I love how Korra has huge boobs but they’re never mentioned or sexualized. It’s just awesome to see a female superhero who has huge boobs (which a lot of women naturally do) and is a total badass without making her wear super sexualized outfits to entertain viewers.

m/k | 400 words | they make out in the kitchen | cheesy af but do i care? no! take it and run!! thanks friends!!!

When Korra walks into the kitchen, Mako is standing at the kitchen sink, slicing glistening wet strawberries with a small knife. She heaves herself onto the counter to watch, feeling tired in every part of her body, her hair an unbrushed mess, his t-shirt slouching off her shoulders and swallowing her chest. She yawns, squinting one eye shut, and idly licks her lip, fitting him with a drowsy pout.

“What?” she says, when she notices his hands have gone still, and Mako sets the knife aside.

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I Am Tenzin

The Importance of the Kataangs and the Breakdown of Childhood Idealization

The Legend of Korra is a bold and groundbreaking show. Korra, our muscular, queer, woman of color protagonist, led us through a powerful character arc that was subversive in a variety of ways. It was an arc of self-discovery, of healing, and of maturation that resonated so strongly with so many. This is unsurprising, as the general demographic of LOK viewers tended to be teens and individuals in their early 20s: ages during which the exploration of self-identity features strongly.

Yet another powerful theme runs throughout Legend of Korra: the destruction of the idealized family. From Tonraq and Korra, to the Beifongs, and most definitely to the Satos, each family presented to us in the series is colored by strife and difficulty. Even Mako and Bolin struggled to understand the other’s choices in Book 4. And all the tough familial dynamics touched upon something that is not often dealt with in our media: the awkward and complicated transition into adulthood, which implicitly requires the breakdown of set dynamics.

Sometimes this transition can be smooth, and certainly not everyone goes through something like Asami experienced. But it is often an incredibly messy and stressful stage for young adults. And what’s more important is that the choices we make as we seek to define ourselves outside of the context of our family are touched with moral ambiguity. Opal carried around guilt for wanting to leave her mother and train to be an airbender, while at the same time she chastised Baatar for “betraying Mom” to be with Kuvira. Both siblings likely had similar guiding motivations (world betterment), yet the path forward was never clear.

And that’s how it is in real life. The choices we make affect our family, yet we have to make the choices that are right by us. And in situations where the familial dynamics are particularly complicated, our choices become that much harder.

Bryke didn’t just show us this tension; they actively led us through it, using Tenzin as our guide. It’s almost poetic: the man who had anxieties and pressures that prevented him from becoming Korra’s spiritual guide served to lead the audience through a powerful and cathartic tale.

It wasn’t until I began recapping Book 2 that I understood this catharsis, however. My first time revisiting the material, I was harsh on Tenzin. I hated that he thought of himself as a martyr, while his brother and sister were so actively hurting. I even made light of his climatic moment, as a way of distancing myself from what I just saw. And yet it took me critically thinking about the Civil Wars episodes (ironically to find a way of making light of them) for me to understand why I had reacted that way: I am Tenzin.

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1. Im allergic to a ton of stuff

2. I’ve been drinking coffee since i was like, three  main in paladins is tyra 

5. I have only played one loz game all the way through

6.i didn’t enjoy legend of korra ((im running out of ideas))

7.i figure skate ((i actually just got back from practice))

8. im tall

9.i like my eyebrows

10. I like blue?? ((idk im out of ideas))

Ready for a “Korra and Asami grow up together” Korrasami AU story idea? Well, good because you’re getting one right now! Do be warned though, this makes Senna and Tonraq OOC. And while I love Tonraq, his OOCness is what makes the story. It’s not a good OOC either, sadly for any writer interested in this idea. We don’t know much about Senna, so this doesn’t bother me as much.

You can easily make this into a soulmate fic as well if you want.

Right, so, basically Korra runs away to Republic City at the tender age of 4 (she just gets on a boat not knowing or caring where it’s going) because she can’t take Tonraq’s (internal cringing right here for me and you) verbal and/or physical (you choose) abuse anymore (Senna doesn’t stop him either in fear of retaliation). At this point in the AU, Korra doesn’t know she’s the avatar, all she knows is that she’s a waterbender.

After a few months of living a rough life on the streets, she accidentally wanders into the more wealthy part of Republic City and takes up an alley as her home base there for a while. Of course you know who finds her at this point, ha.

While driving by said alley one day with her parents (Yasuko is still alive), Asami asks her dad to stop the car because she senses someone (Korra duh). And, without explaining, she gets out of the car and runs down the alley (ignoring her parent’s calls) and comes across the shivering (it’s fall by this time), dirty, and huddled form of Korra in her makeshift house (made out of discarded boxes, wood, stone, and fabric). Poor Korra is so startled by Asami’s sudden appearance that she falls over and causes her little house to collapse.

She starts crying because it took her a long time to make her little shelter and she just ruined it. Asami feels absolutely terrible about causing Korra to ruin her little house and quickly engulfs her in a hug, not caring about how filthy she is. Korra flinches at first because it’s been a long time since someone has touched her in a positive way, but she quickly and instinctively relaxes in Asami’s arms.

By this time Asami’s parents coming running down the alley to see her hugging some filthy ragamuffin of a child. Korra whimpers in fear at the adults and curls in closer to Asami for safety.   

Asami somehow manages to convince her parents to bring Korra home (they find out her name later) and they end up keeping her. Korra is absolutely intimidated by everything at first and constantly sticks close to Asami for the first month or so, but she eventually loosens up and relaxes around and starts becoming close to Asami’s parents once she realizes they aren’t going to yell at (or hurt) her in any way.

Hiroshi and Yasuko hire her a waterbending master to train her when they learn she could waterbend. (She also attends classes with Asami’s tutors.)

It’s not soon after that that her hidden fiery personality starts to come out, startling all three of the Satos because of it. They quickly get used to it and adapt to it in no time though, secretly glad that Korra wasn’t this reclusive person on the inside. 

Nearly 9 months later and Korra has grown close to all three of the Satos (especially Asami). They have become her new, loving family in that time. Soon though, the gang members show up at their mansion, and if Korra wasn’t there, Yasuko would have died that night. It was that time when they all discovered Korra was the new avatar when she instinctively redirecting the firebender’s fire away from Yasuko and right back at her attacker. Korra managed to hold all of them off until the police arrived and arrested the gang members. Poor Korra was so exhausted from the over-exertion from bending that she passed out.

She awakes in Yasuko’s arms with Asami and Hiroshi right there with her as well. They can’t stop fawning over her and thanking her for what she did.

Hiroshi hires a permanent self defense tutor for Asami (Korra of course budges her way in to it to learn non-bending combat) and decides that he and his family (along with the tutors and teachers) will travel around the world to help find masters to train Korra and to expand Future Industries beyond the United Republic’s borders. They keep the fact that Korra is the avatar on the down-low for the time being as they knew she was way too young to take up the mantel as the avatar at her current age.

Their first stop was to visit Master Katara (completely avoiding Korra’s home village, much to her relief) so that she could master waterbending even further (and learn healing). It was on this trip that she met her spirit animal, Naga (you can make up your own story on that meeting).

All of them traveled around the world for years as Korra mastered each element in order one by one. Korra and Asami started growing closer and closer over the years as well, eventually falling in love with one another.

At some point during their travels, though, they reveal that Korra is the avatar.

It was when they eventually came back to Republic City so that Korra could master airbending that the story can pretty much resemble book 1 (obviously with all the changes beforehand included), but you can write that how you want to. Without Hiroshi’s technological support though, the Equalists are kind of weaker in comparison to the show though, so make of that what you will. Hiroshi does invent the chi glove thing though for his family’s protection, so maybe have an Equalist steal his technology? Up to you.

Book 2 would obviously be different, especially when Korra finally meets up with her biological parents after all those years.

I really didn’t think of anything past the “growing up with the Satos and traveling around” bit, so everything after that is up to everyone else really.

Honestly I’ve never seen this idea before and I would love to see it as a story.

Korra workout run down

4 x 16- Man Makers (push-up rows with 10 lb dumbbells) 

4 x 10 Moving Push-Ups

4 x 25 Bicycle Crunches 

4 x 10 Spider-man Pushups

4 x 8 Pull-Ups

Box Jump Burnouts

Finished up with shadow boxing and bag work as a cool down

Ok. So where is my Asami?

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strange friends | one

Summary: While on vacation in Japan, Korra runs into someone on the train: a stranger she remembers from a different time, a different place.
Word Count: 5,500
Rating: some references to depression. no other warnings apply
A/N: my fic for the makorrasummerproject. a massive shout-out and my overwhelming gratitude to birabu for helping me translate all the Japanese dialogue. for the curious, mako speaks kansai-ben. for translations, go here

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“My advice to any heartbroken young girl is to pay close attention to the study of theoretical physics. Because one day there may well be proof of multiple universes. It would not be beyond the realms of possibility that somewhere outside of our universe lies another different universe. And in that universe, Zayn is still in One Direction.”

“Do you think friendships can last more than one lifetime?”

This is the purest form of loneliness, Korra thinks. Alone on the metro, lost in a country where she doesn’t speak the language, listening to the soft rushing of the engine against the dark walls of the tunnel and unbothered by the furtive glances. The eyes drawn to the glaring brightness of her presence. Korra slouches back in her seat, her body sloping in a lazy line from knees to chest, her feet planted on the floor of the metro car. She lets her jacket slip off her shoulders, ignoring Tenzin’s admonition that showing bare shoulders is impolite in Japan - she doesn’t care. People think she’s rude no matter where she goes, or what she does; she has long stopped worrying about trying to prove them wrong.

The metro pulls to a seamless stop at the next station, a pocket of stark white light between deep black tunnels, and she watches people flow in and out. It’s not a problem that she’s lonely. It’s easier to be sad by herself than it is to be sad with Tenzin, Pema, and the kids, wondering why she can’t bring herself to smile when they smile. When they cluster for photographs at the temples and tourist spots, the most she can muster is a small curve of her mouth, a gesture that pushes vainly against the impossible weight that bears down on her body. It’s like she’s trying to move muscles soaked with a shining, liquid heaviness. The art of presence - real presence, not just sitting here - is still difficult. So Korra withdraws her sullen face from their family vacation, when she can. They want to see her happy. She can’t bear to see them disappointed.

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god the way they are cuddled up in that picture tho. like i can see korra squeezing asami just a little tighter and burying her nose in her hair and asami just runs her fingers along korra’s arm while sighing in total contentment. i just need a moment

What if:

Instead of Korra proposing, Asami is the one who musters up the courage to do it first. And she hand forges this gorgeous, ruby red ring, just for the occasion.

Soon after she finishes the ring, she doesn’t hesitate to run to Korra’s side and ‘pop the question’. Therefore she’s all dirty, and panting as well, when she finally finds her waterbender.

In exchange, Asami has this beautiful Azure ring, which Korra eventually prepared.

y'all can’t keep tryna treat korra’s relationship with mako as if it was some kind of mistake or as if it was just an act of foolishness or some inane shit like that lmao the fact is korra was romantically involved with a man and a woman in the canon timeline so korra’s past relationships don’t suddenly become non existent quit playin ok korra is bisexual not asami-sexual