running in the summer

Maybe its the Full Moon?

To get your day done right, read a really story oriented smut that I wrote while on sleeping medicine! It’s actually pretty alright. Message me or reblog if you want more supernatural!AU for BTS! 

It was cold in the house.

You were always cold now-a-days.

Ever since Jimin left you were freezing, in your heart and in your body. There was no light and nothing to keep you warm.

No matter how many blankets you had, you still shivered, because none of them were him.

You watched the snow fall down from the sky in a beautifully horrible manner. It made you remember the boy who loved to run through the fields during the summer with you. As well as during the winter.

Park Jimin was your best friend since childhood. Since his parents passed away when he was young, yours had taken him in. Your parents were friends when they were younger as well and decided that Jimin would be treated like one of their own. Except that they always teased the two of you would get married in the future. Your mother would giggled and tease Jimin and say that he would be waiting for you at the end of the aisle one day. Being children you laughed at her and say no way, but as you grew, you noticed something very different about Jimin.

Especially once he hit puberty and turned into a massive wolf.

Yes, Park Jimin was a werewolf.

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