running in the summer

limitless or cherry bomb? good thing or running 2 u? heartbreaker or 0 mile? back 2 u or sun and moon? baby don’t like it or whiplash? angel or summer 127?

Me: Let’s forget the past, I swear we’ll make this last

Me: *deep breath*


Me: *gasps for air* *screams* I WANT YOU TO WANT ME THIS WAY!!!! AND I NEED YOU TO NEED ME TO STAY!!!!


who run the world?
buffy summers

“Looks good, doesn’t it? They’re trapped in here. Terrified. Meat for the beast. And there’s nothin’ they can do but wait. That’s all they’ve been doing for days, waiting to be picked off, having nightmares about monsters that can’t be killed. But I don’t believe in that. I always find a way. I am the thing that monsters have nightmares about. And right now you and me are gonna show ‘em why. It’s time. Welcome to Thunderdome.”

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U and summer are an irl slow burn kummer fanfic and I can't wait for the Angst(tm)

can’t wait to walk into my local Family Owned Coffee Shop only to see summer standing behind the counter dressed as a barista and when we make eye-contact the world suddenly gains color (as i belatedly notice i was previously seeing things only in black-and-white) and when i open my mouth to order i blurt out “slap my knees daddy” and then summer excitedly rips her pants off to show me the tattoo on her ass that says “slap my knees daddy” and uhhhhhhh i’m a single mother and summer is also a kindergarten teacher (the coffee shop doubles as a school) to a child-sized version of my best friend who seems oddly determined to push us together anyway i walk into the kitchen and see summer she’s 18 going on 79 in less than 3 minutes she says her car exploded and the garage is on fire your significant other never existed and summer offers you a slice of pie wyd

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Can we get a sketch of Stan showing off Ford's embarrassing baby photo as Ford tries to stop him?

Ford tries to burn it but Stan’s already made 50 copies and hidden them around the house.