running in the summer

Happy hours spent in the recording studio producing my music for PilatesEVO and EuroFIT. It’s so satisfying to bring something that I have created to life. I hope you will like it! 🎼🎤🙏🏼🎉 #fitness #sport #studio #pilatesevo #barcelona #summer #pilates #surf #love #healthy #happy #musician #meditation #yoga #instacool #kundalini #inspirational #model #london #vegan #training #nutrition #running #workout #snowboarding #detox #muscle #music #recording #singersongwriter (at Mitcham Surrey, London,Uk)

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Errand Running, Lions Meeting, and Patient Care Today. Cool and rainy this morning, warmer (almost steamy) this afternoon.
Brooks “346” hopsack blazer, Polo sport shirt, Dickies chinos, Ducks in a Row belt, Patagonia socks, and Sperry blucher Mocs. With my Lions pin, silk square, and a vintage Timex on a Grand Central Watch nylon band.
The “346” blazer because I walked past the Brooks store on the corner of Madison and 44th on the way to the Cornell Club last evening, and, the Grand Central band as I went through Grand Central Terminal to get there.

Shane is so excited to be getting away for the summer after her freshman year of college, and even more thrilled to get to spend the summer with Apollo after having not seen him for nearly a decade.  She remembers the first time they set eyes on each other during the summer program their schools were running, where they each spent one week with their partners’ families.  

Their schools were sister schools, hers in Ireland and his in Korea, and they’d been paired as pen pals at the tender age of six.  At ten, she’d been sent to Korea for a week of her summer, and after, he’d come to see her in Ireland.  It was the last time they’d seen each other face-to-face, but they’d kept in contact, constantly emailing, messaging, and video chatting well past the time where their schools weren’t forcing them to interact anymore.

Now, their parents had decided that given how close they had remained over the years, the youngsters deserved an adventure all on their own, which is how Shane is now standing in a beautiful Balinese villa, staring down at the ocean from the back patio.  Apollo hasn’t arrived yet, but the blonde is already dressed for the beach with the intention of racing down there the moment her friend arrives and changes.  Her crochet swimsuit is covered by a simple over-sized button-up shirt with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows left completely unbuttoned.  A pair of aviator shades and flip-flops complete the effortless ensemble, because she plans on doffing most of it the second her toes hit the sand.  At the sound of the front door closing inside, Shane squeals excitably and races for the boy that has been her best friend for over half of her life despite the fact that they have always lived a literal ocean apart.  She flings herself at him, wrapping her long legs around his waist and throwing her arms around his shoulders.  “Apolloapolloapollo!  Isn’t it gorgeous?!” she gushes into his shoulder.


so i’m sick and dying and i’ve been gone a thousand years but i’m back and i have a new tv show rec

springflood/rising tide, a swedish show

nordic noir, murder, conspiracies, ominous lighting and a pretty smart young Stockholm police school student trying to solve a cold case where even the identity of the victim is unknown

kinda like the bridge but kinda not, and it’s definitely a refreshing touch after the summer of friends and full house re-runs i’ve watched

(not to mention it’s brutal and the murder seems fckin awesome, i’m 3 eps in but i’m hooked)


luke + san francisco

making plans to rule the world, you were more than I deserved