running in the dark knight


I found some old Tomb Raider pack designs for Eidos back in 2002. I didn’t kno wI still had them. I found them in a Mortal Kombat art folder. I must have filed them in their by mistake. 

These rough layouts show the kind of thing that gets bashed out during the early design stage The apck design that has Lara Croft  holding guns cross armed was  rejected. However, Hitman:Contracts comes out a year later (another Eidos game) ,…hmmmm?

Clearly I had Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns running around my head when I drew the bottom two roughs

zaziluj  asked:

How can Scarecrow (arkham knight) eat if he doesnt have lips? Maybe he dont consume solid food but liquid (juice, soap,etc) with a sounder. What do you think?

I don’t think lips are a requirement for eating, as much as they are for speaking. My main concern is the fact that you think he should be eating soap.

Okay, I know you probably meant soup I just can’t help but chuckle at the image of scarecrow with soap in his mouth. Ahahah! Anyway. I think you’re right though, soups, chowders and gumbos are probably on the menu for AK Crane. I’ve always had this idea that he would cook up hearty meals in a crock pot and eat them slowly over a period of several days. That is if he finds time to eat between running away from the Dark Knight.

I do want to note that the comic shows his teeth intact, so I’m sure he can chew soft foods with little effort. (though the stitches may get in the way of eating)

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FFXIV - Butcher’s Block & Storm’s Eye (Warrior)

So I figured I’d do some Warrior abilities so that I don’t run out of Dragoon ones too soon. I’ll probably throw up some Dark Knight ones at some stage also~

Honestly I don’t think these look too great unless you’re some sort of huge burly Roegadyn of a person but eh, you get to see how the abilities look for reals and that’s the point of it, right?

Butcher’s Block


Not an amazingly interesting looking one, but Butcher’s Block is kinda the staple Warrior ability. I’d be remiss if I didn’t do it.

Storm’s Eye



Storm’s eye is pretty awesome, but then I love any ability that includes a spin in it~

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Heavy Thrust & Impulse Drive

Disembowel & Chaos Thrust

Power Surge

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okay guys, we need to have a discussion.

look at this. do you see this? i don’t care if you’re joking around or having a laugh, i don’t care if this is some inside joke shared between you and your inner circle: this is NOT FUNNY IN ANY WAY.


let me put some context into this: i was running leveling roulette as dark knight, so i can get some levels and so that i can enjoy my new graphics card. from the VERY START, these two started harassing me and using the {/slap} emote at me. why? not because i was a tank. not because i was a BAD tank.

because i play as a lalafell.

guys, i had just gotten home from work. i had to deal with last minute Christmas shoppers. i had to wake up at 5 in the goddamn morning just so i could coordinate with my dad and brother and make it on time to work (about a half hour early, actually). i was TIRED and this was the last thing i wanted to deal with. assuming they didn’t want to play with me because of this stupid reason, i said they were free to leave if they so wished– i got kicked out instead.

so, i’m going to repeat: i don’t care if it’s an inside joke, if you’re trying to get your shits and giggles, or if you just hate lalafells for some reason.





(before you ask, i did send a harassment report to the GMs. i’m not sure if i’ll be hearing back from them, but i’m staying logged in to make sure)