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Step by Step - Made by Keru-the-green and Deusn

So since we have officially our first fifteen pages i think its good to make a official (small) presentation out of this.

Me @deusn and @keru-the-green have thought about creating some kind of comic for a while and we got kinda inspired and hyped by the collab comic @overloadau 

And since we wanted to create a comic in which we could go fully crazy and also bear some kind of inner message for us both as artists, we decided to make this comic.

So please ! Enjoy yourselves !

Title cover made (blessfully created) by @keru-the-green


I found some old Tomb Raider pack designs for Eidos back in 2002. I didn’t kno wI still had them. I found them in a Mortal Kombat art folder. I must have filed them in their by mistake. 

These rough layouts show the kind of thing that gets bashed out during the early design stage The apck design that has Lara Croft  holding guns cross armed was  rejected. However, Hitman:Contracts comes out a year later (another Eidos game) ,…hmmmm?

Clearly I had Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns running around my head when I drew the bottom two roughs

Wally West/Kid Flash X Reader-Superheroes can never get hurt!

This was requested by @diana-swan.  Thank you for requesting!!

He didn’t know how he was alive.  He didn’t know how he survived, but the only thing on his mind was to have you in his arms.  He ran to his shared apartment and saw you.  Your hair had gotten longer than the last time he saw you.  You were carrying groceries and struggling to the door.  Just as he was going to help a man jumped out of your car and helped you with the bags.  His heart shattered.  He was gone three years and you had moved on.  He should have expected this, but never thought that you would replace him.

“Jay get out of the car and help your mom!!” the man called out.

A little boy that looked around 4 years old hopped out of the car and ran over to you.  He had bright red hair and your (E/C) eyes.  He had a big grin on his face and jumped up each of the stairs leading to the apartment.  You had gotten over him and had a kid.  Wally’s cheeks were now covered in tears as he ran to  the only person he could trust right now: Nightwing.
You pulled out the groceries from the trunk of your car and walked over to the steps.  One of the bags was about to fall but Jason grabbed it and took a couple more bags from your arms.

“Thanks, Jason.”

“No problem, (Y/N).  Isn’t this what family is for?”

You smiled and continued up the stairs.  Once you reached the door you realized that both your and Jason’s arms were now full.

“Jay get out of the car and help your mom!!” Jason said.

After he said that, your little boy jumped out of the car and sped to your side.  You smiled and thought of Wally.  Jay had his hair and his happy personality, but he had inherited your eyes.  You heard a whoosh and looked up.  You saw blurred movement and froze.  Could it be him? No, it couldn’t.  You shook your head and returned your attention to your son.

“Can you open the door for mommy and uncle Jason please,” you asked Jay.

He smiled and nodded while he took the keys from your pocket.  He placed the key in the lock and turned.  He twisted the door handle and pushed the door open.

“Mommy, uncle Jason look!! I did it!!” Jay said with his father’s smile on his face.

“Good job, buddy,” Jason said while walking to the stairs that led to your apartment.  

“Come on, Jay.  Do you know what day it is??” you asked.

His eyes widened and he shouted, “Pizza and movie night!!!!”
You chuckled and ushered him upstairs while kicking the entrance door closed.  
“What the heck, Wally?!?!” Dick shouted while slapping him on the back of his head.

“Ow!! What the heck was that for??” he grumbled and rubbed his head.

“That was Jason helping her out you idiot.  Ever since you were gone he has been helping her raise YOUR kid.  You better go and talk to my sister or else I will kick your ass.  She has been heart broken for three years and I don’t want to see her like that anymore.  She had quit the team and the hero business to become a single mother and now you want to leave her alone?”

“I thought she moved on okay?” Wally argued.

“I don’t care what you thought.  Jason is only there to look after his sister and you better see her soon.”

The next day you took Jay to the park.  He insisted on wearing his favorite superhero shirt with some shorts that didn’t match, but you couldn’t argue with a four-year-old’s fashion sense.  You followed Jay throughout the park and played ‘Superhero’ with him.  As usual, he chooses to be Flash while you play as Batman.  

“Look out!! The Flash is speeding through!!!” Jay shouted while running around the park.

“No one messes with the Dark Knight!!!” you shouted in Bruce’s Batman voice and grabbed Jay.

He squealed as you lifted him up and attempted to get out of your grasp.  He kept squirming until he saw the swings.

He pointed to them and said, “Can I go on it please? Please mommy??”

“Of course, pumpkin.  I’m going to go get some snacks real quick.  Be careful, okay?” you said.

“Yes, mommy.  Superheroes can never get hurt!!” he shouted while running towards the swings.

A sad smile crawled onto your face as you jogged over to your bag.  You grabbed it and turned around to find your son on the ground with tears in his eyes.  You ran over, set the bag down, and picked up Jay.

“Jay Wallace West Don’t cry, you’re a strong boy just like daddy,” you whispered in his ear while rummaging through your bag for some Neosporin or any medicine.

“(Y/N)?” a familiar voice said.
You turned around, Jay still in your arms, and saw Wally standing right in front of you.

“Wally?” you asked with your eyes watering.

“It’s me.”

You ran over to him and hugged him.  Tears of joy escaped from your eyes as you held on to him.  He held on tight and knew he would never let go of you again.  There was a loud squeak as you were hugging Wally.

“Mommy stop squishing me!!”

You laughed and broke the hug.  Wally looked at you and you nodded.  

You pointed to Wally and said, “Do you know who this is, Jay?”

“Daddy!!” Jay yelled while putting his arms up.

Wally took Jay out of your arms and gave him a hug.  Now it was his turn to cry.  

“Daddy why are you crying?” Jay asked.

“I’m just glad to see you, that’s all,” Wally responded with a smile.

Wally lifted Jay up so he was resting on his shoulders, “I’m king of the world!!”

You chuckled and pulled the bag on your shoulder.  Jay was playing with Wally’s hair and trying to make it stick up.  Wally offered his hand and you took it.

“Let’s go get something to eat, I have a lot of catching up to do.”

“Yay!! Food!!!”

Convoluted love

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     “I love you,” you smiled as he brushed a piece of your hair back, his fingers tracing your face as he did. He gave you a small smile.

     “I love you too, (y/n).” The words were so simple and short yet they impacted the both of you, striking a dart of bliss through your skin, making a slight puncture and traveling its way through your bright veins, filling it with ecstasy. “You know,” he started, “we could always run away together,” he “casually” mentioned. “No harm in thinking about it, right? I mean really think about it: you, me, living a quiet- somewhat criminally active -life. Nothing else!” Your throat managed a croaked sighed.

    “I’ll put some thought into it, I promise. But I have my Dad to think about. I’m all he has…”

      Your Dad, Bruce Wayne, has always been a big part of your life, but he has always been a bit too over protective, seeing as he has laid eyes upon the wicked world and what it has to offer, and he doesn’t want you to experience the same thing. And if he ever found the truth out about your and the Joker’s secret relations, he would go berserk. There’s no telling what Bruce would do to you and your lover; kill him probably, or at least have even more motivation to. 

     The air was crisp as it bit on your sensitive skin, making your way from your car through the hollow winds of the dark night, to your front door. The street lamps lit up the long roads in the distance shining light in on your pathway, making it significantly easier to make your way than if it were completely dark. 

     Sighing, you clicked open the door to your house, plopping your keys onto the desk beside the light switch. And before even flicking the light switch on, the kitchen light flew into a blooming brightness that made your heart skip a beat. You were surprised to say that it was your Dad who came walking through the threshold of the kitchen. You sighed, rolling your eyes.

      “What are you doing here? You scared the living hell out of me,” you told him, removing your jacket. 

      “Where were you?” he inquired.

      “Helping a friend move,” you fibbed to him. “Why so interested?” you asked, gesturing around you to signify his intrusion. 

     “I know you were with him, (y/n),” he said, keeping his voice steady, like a straight line you could almost see. You furred your brows at him, feeling your heart rate accelerate into an uncomfortable pounding.

      “What are you–”

      “Save it, you were with the Joker.”

      “Well, obviously someone’s not happy,” you muttered, using humor to mask your apprehension. 

      “Not happy? (y/n), you’re sleeping with the guy who makes my life a living hell!” he exclaimed.

     “I’m not admitting to anything, so…” you replied flippantly.

     “I forbid you to see him,” he stated. Your eyes widened as your gaze averted toward his clenched frame.

      “Forbid? You can’t forbid me to do anything, I’m a grown woman!”

      “(y/n), you may not see it, but in the long run, all I am is protecting you, making sure you’re safe and you won’t get your heart torn into two. Just listen to me, and trust what I say is for the best.”

     His words went through one ear and out the other, not daring to take in a word he was saying. There’s nothing he could do about you spending your time with the Joker– nothing. And right now, you are seriously taking the Joker’s desire of running away into consideration.

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FFXIV - Butcher’s Block & Storm’s Eye (Warrior)

So I figured I’d do some Warrior abilities so that I don’t run out of Dragoon ones too soon. I’ll probably throw up some Dark Knight ones at some stage also~

Honestly I don’t think these look too great unless you’re some sort of huge burly Roegadyn of a person but eh, you get to see how the abilities look for reals and that’s the point of it, right?

Butcher’s Block


Not an amazingly interesting looking one, but Butcher’s Block is kinda the staple Warrior ability. I’d be remiss if I didn’t do it.

Storm’s Eye



Storm’s eye is pretty awesome, but then I love any ability that includes a spin in it~

Check out the other videos:

Heavy Thrust & Impulse Drive

Disembowel & Chaos Thrust

Power Surge

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Rinn shook her staff angrily. "You idiots think you can pick on a helpless gnome huh?" Her words were followed by a burning roar of the large rock creature in front of her. The creature had rivers of green fire flowing through it. Opposite the gnome stood a group of four masked humans waving rusted daggers.

Tabitha and Beliara are walking along through the forest, when Tabi’s excellent hearing picks up Rinn yelling at the bandits.  “Bel, someone’s in trouble!  Follow me!”  

Taking Bel’s hand, she runs off in the direction she heard Rinn’s voice!