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Translation of ship names: Jojo Part 6 and 7

Hi, imma translate names of Jojo ships used in pixiv (and probably also in twitter). Its time for part 6 and 7! Sorry for the long wait.
k lets go

Part 6
Heterosexual ships

Annasui / Jolyne アナ徐
Jotaro / Mrs.Kujo 空条夫妻
Weather Report / Jolyne ウェザ徐
Weather Report / Hermes ウェザエル
Weather Report/ F.F ウェザF
Homosexual ships
Pucci / DIO プチDIO
DIO /Pucci DIOプチ
Weather Report / Annasui ウェザアナ
Hermes / Jolyne エル徐
F.F / Jolyne F徐

Part 7
Heterosexual ships

Diego / Hot Pants ディエパン
Jonny / Rina ジョニ理那
Johnny / Hot Pants ジョニパン
Homosexual ships
Gyro / Johnny ジャイジョニ
Johnny / Gyro ジョニジャイ
Diego / Johnny ディエジョニ
Johnny / Diego ジョニディエ
Gyro / Diego ジャイディエ
Funny Valentine / Diego ファニディエ
Magent Magent / Di.S.Co くる毛 (which literally means ‘curly hair’ wtf)

If your ship is not on the list, ask me
Wish you luck!

Show Her

A/N: So this is my first Marvel imagine and of course the first had to be Bucky bc who doesn’t love some Bucky. I’m going to warn you right now, it’s probably terrible so shoot me if I don’t do him justice. Okay :) (Credits to gif owners!)

All everybody had been saying for the past few months was ‘show her’ and now the words were repeating in his head among other things non-stop. He cared for her oh so much. Maybe she never noticed how he felt but she did always reciprocate the love he showed. When he couldn’t sleep, or when he just needed advice to ask a girl out that wasn’t her, maybe even when he was insecure and even asked her what to wear the next day because he didn’t know what color looked best on him.

Yep…she was there. For the stupid little things and all the way to cleaning him up when he got home from a mission. Bruised and battered, a split lip or a bloody nose. She’d even patched up a gash on his last living arm, the 'good one’ he called it. The one that made him stand out unlike the rest and the glob of metal for an arm on the opposing side of his body made it harder to go undercover with Steve. Y/N even helped scrape dirt out of the crevices in the monster of an apendage.

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Him taking care of you while you’re sick- Tom Holland & Harrison Osterfield

Originally posted by tomhollandisdaddy


- He would make sure you were comfy 24/7

- He would never let you get out of bed unless it was to go to the bathroom
- “Tom I can do it myself”
    - “No love its okay! I can feed you.”
- Sometimes he would be extra af just to annoy you
- He wouldn’t care about getting sick
-Tom would cuddle the shit out of you ( fight me on this)
- He would end up getting sick though
- You would make him watch movies with you
       - He always tried to get you to watch rom-com’s with him
- He would make you food
        -mostly soup though
-Tom would so get in the shower with you because he thinks since your sick it must be hard to stand up for 15-30 minutes
- Sex. Hot. sick. Sex.
      - you wouldn’t be so sick after though
- He would make you coffee/ tea/ hot chocolate randomly and it was the cutest thing ever.
-Making him put on little dance shows for your entertainment

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Quick fact. Ready?
When we workout at moderate intensities, the vessels in our skin dilate in order to send more blood to the surface and release heat from the body.
However at high intensities, that blood is redirected towards the heart and working muscles to fuel their high levels of work. This leads to less thermoregulation, and thus a higher risk of overheating when working at very high intensities, especially in hot weather.

Why.... just why?

This week must have been the worst week for me in terms of bad customers (starting june 18th.) so our weeks start on the sunday, i come in for the evening shift and it’s been incredibly hot here. For some reason this means all the assholes come out of the woodwork. Now our freezer was broken, not the best time considering our weather, and i kid you not. Two grown ass men came in, took one look at our freezer, came storming up to me on till and demanded i get the ice cream from out the back. We’re a small shop, we don’t have a backup freezer. I tell them that we have no ice cream at all and that another store is holding on to ours, they call me a useless bitch and storm back out. And several grown men complain as most of our beer is gone, its hot weather, wtf did you expect?
Monday was just as bad, due to parents constantly getting angry at us as their kids scream as they can’t have ice cream, not only that, but our scheduled delivery *doesnt turn up!* so all the customers start getting angry as we have no soft drinks other than the ones that aren’t very popular, as well as having next to no beers. Like I understand you want a cold drink, this is the hottest week of june for the uk in about 40 years, but we can’t help that the delivery hasn’t arrived and that no one has bothered to fix our freezer in nearly 2 weeks.
Tuesday work tried to call me in as our delivery finally showed up, but as i had important shit to do, i said no, so yay day off.
Wednesday, same shit with delivery, apparently it didn’t turn up until 9:40pm, after i had already gone home. No matter how many times i explained to customers our situation, they assume i can magically pull ice cream and soft drinks from thin air. “Just get me some!” Dude i am not a magician And if i could do that I wouldn’t be working retail. Then had a customer get angry cuz the atm ate his card and because thats dealt with by the bank we can’t get it. Manager ends up telling him to leave as he starts shouting at the cashiers.
Thursday was magical day off again, was half expecting them to call me in again as a member of staff had gone off ill but i was lucky.
Friday was the only day delivery turned up on time, and the customers were a lot easier to deal with, but this one old lady ticked me right off. She gets a top up voucher for her phone, i serve the rest of the line and then she comes up to me asking if i can sort the voucher out. I have been on contract phones for 8 years, since i was 13, but because she asked so nicely i gave it a go. As im trying to sort it she tells me that she would normally do it herself but she hasn’t got her reading glasses. I spend ten minutes trying to figure this out because she has an ancient phone, tell her that I’m sorry but I cant help her. She then PULLS OUT HER FUCKING GLASSES! takes one look at the voucher and says, oh don’t worry, i can do it! And walks off! Lady you wasted ten minutes of my time because you were to fucking lazy to do it yourself, even after i first told you i may not be able to help as I haven’t done this in years, and she doesn’t even apologise!

Tdlr: hot weather causes customers to be asshats, deliveries run late and we get the backlash and an old lady wastes my time cuz she’s too lazy to do shit herself

“I’m gonna bust”

anonymous asked: Could you please do a vernon smut where you give him a blow job ? But can you write it from his perspective and theyre dating. Thanks

Summary: Vernon invites you over to hang out and watch movies, which ends up with you both in a very explicit scene with a quick ending. 

Warnings: terrible smut ahead! 

I hope this is okay for you guys! I know it’s not the best! 

As soon as he opened the door, Vernon knew tonight would be a long one. 

Your cute short hair was down and hanging just above your shoulders, your thick thighs and lovely ass shoved into a pair of tiny yoga shorts. Don’t even get him started on the way your- well his, oversized baggy t-shirt almost engulfed you whole. 

Vernon prayed to whatever God that was out there that you wouldn’t want to roll up into your usual ball and cuddle with him tonight. However, the God’s weren’t listening to his silent prayers today.

You immediately threw your arms around your boyfriends frame, almost clinging to him like a koala, and that’s when he knew that the long night had just begun.

You were unusually cuddly this movie night, you guys weren’t even watching anything scary, in fact, Vernon intentionally rented a children’s movie just so there would be no sex scenes. 

His hormones were running wild lately, especially during the hot weather and seeing you in short shorts and cute frilly tank tops, and god damn those skirts- “No,” Vernon whispered to himself, knowing his wild imagination run wild. 

“What was that?,” You asked curiously, innocent eyes staring up at him as you had turned your head from Zootopia to look at your whispering boyfriend. 

“Um, nothing, I was just saying that this movie is really cute,” Vernon improvised, sweating on the inside. 

You shrugged, turning back to look at the movie, but not before planting an innocent kiss on the side of his cheek. Which obnoxiously, wasn’t that innocent of a gesture to Vernon’s raging testosterone. 

He could already feel a slight tightness in his jeans just by staring at you when you walked in the door, and it was already increasing by the second. 

He silently looked up at the ceiling, his face scrunching in almost a painful like expression. 

He didn’t notice the way you had completely turned away from the children’s movie to look up at him and smirk. He didn’t notice that you’ve purposely been dressing more for him lately. He didn’t notice when you noticed his growing bulge in his pants. 

Vernon didn’t notice any of those things, he was too busy trying not to notice you, and the way you were curled into him, your thighs caressing his. 

“Vernon?” You said, causing him to jump, almost out of his skin. “Do you want me to help you?” Your voice was low and sensual. 

Vernon couldn’t help but send one more prayer to any God that was listening that you meant what he thought he meant, and this time, it seemed they had their ears wide open. 

“W-with what?” Vernon trembles, his bulge growing by the second as you look up at him with that innocent look. 

“You know what I mean,” You say, motioning with your hand to Vernon’s growing cock. 

He gulps, taking a deep breath before nodding. This was the moment his teenage hormones have been waiting for. He never wanted to pressure you, so he never asked, little did he know that you were just waiting for him to.

“Please,” Vernon pleads, feeling quite pathetic, yet ecstatic with every passing moment you stared at him.

You tied your hair up, getting in front of him on your knees. “You’re gonna have to help me, I’ve never done this before.” You admitted.

Vernon groaned, finding it almost too hot that the first dick in your mouth was going to be his. “I’ll guide you through it, if you need to stop, let me know” He calmed you, wanting to make sure you were 100% okay with what was about to go down. Literally. But, truth is, this has only happened one other time with his previous girlfriend, and it wasn’t terrible, but he knew the one from you would be much better. 

Vernon watched silently as you pulled down his zipper, your hands shaking slightly as you smiled up at him. His heart warmed, but so did his ballsack. 

“Remember, you don’t h-, Oh fuck!,” What started out as a comforting lecture turned into a loud exclaim from the boy.

You had taken his swollen cock in your hand, and squeezed, hard, and boy, did Vernon not expect that, especially mid-sentence. 

“Baby, you gotta slow down,” Vernon panted, almost ready to blow his load all over your pretty face. “Don’t squeeze so hard,” He choked out a smile. 

Vernon sat back and let you absorb his words, not wanting to pressure you, but also not wanting to cum so fast. After watching you sit and look perplexed for a good 10 seconds, he finally gave some advice, “Lick your hand, baby,” He said, his voice a lot calmer than before, but still choked, “It will help with lubrication,” He explained. 

Vernon sat with bated breath as you licked your hand, his mind going completely into the teenage boy gutter after seeing your fingers coated in saliva. He almost choked on his own spit when you slowly grabbed his cock in your tiny hand, the wetness allowing you to slide it through. 

“That’s i-it, baby girl, just like that,” Vernon encouraged, sitting back with his eyes closed, “U-um, if you want to, y-you can put it in your mouth?,” He suggested, almost as a question. His lips quirked up at the sides when he heard your small chuckle. The smile quickly faded as you licked the side of his head, causing his hand to jolt to the back of your head. “I-I’m so sorry!” He sputtered, his eyes shooting open as he saw that he had accidentally jerked your head to where your mouth was now engulfing his swollen head. 

He let out a small sigh of relief (and pleasure) when you shook your head, waving your hand as a signal that it was okay. “Just, t-tell me if you need to s-stop.” He grunted. 

You shut him up by licking his head again, this time fully, and Vernon was sure this wouldn’t last long. 

He couldn’t hold in his moans as you slowly took more of him in, silently choking on the girth of his cock. Vernon thought it was hot, but couldn’t help but let out a teeny smile at the way your cheeks were puffed out around him.

His hand lay still on the back of your head, gently stroking your hair to comfort you. But, his stroking stopped as his cock reached the hilt of your throat, causing Vernon to thrust harshly on instinct. You gagged around him and he moaned loudly, trying so hard to not put your hair into a makeshift ponytail and fuck your mouth. 

“Fuck, sweetheart,’ Vernon cried out, his head thrown back, and just like 20 minutes before, staring at the ceiling and trying to hold himself back. 

And just as before, you look up at him with the same wide eyed innocent look, and before he can stop himself, he lets out a loud moan, almost animal like, and the only words he can think of to warn you are, “I’m gonna bust!” 

hopester56  asked:

Hi, do you know how to keep my ferrets cool

hey there! I hope you don’t mind me answering this publicly; it might help others too.

I got this info from the [ holistic ferret forum ]:

14 Tips To Help Ferrets Beat The Heat

  1. The best cure for heat stress is prevention. While there are no guarantees that the following recommendations will prevent heat stress, they can help lessen the impact. Always consult your veterinarian if you have any doubts or questions about your ferret’s health.
  2. Bath: A tepid (not cold) bath cools a heat-stressed ferret. If your ferret is frightened by water, use a wet washcloth to cool it down.
  3. Cooler: Cut an access hole in the side of that old plastic cooler wasting space in your garage and attach about 2 feet of dryer duct tubing to “plug” the hole. Toss in couple of ice packs or frozen water bottles and some light cotton bedding to provide a cool place to sleep.
  4. Damp soil bath: A pan or small child’s wading pool filled with damp potting soil or sand allows ferrets to cool themselves naturally.
  5. Electrolytes: Ask your vet the concentration and product you should use for your ferret and when you should use it.
  6. Fan: Good air circulation is very important; one or two fans dedicated to blowing air through the cage, but not directly on the ferrets, can help.
  7. Frozen treat: A bowl of ice cubes or frozen chicken broth is a cooling hot-weather treat.
  8. Heat sink: The best I’ve found is a thick piece of metal plate, roughly a foot square, but heavy ceramic floor tiles work, too. A water-soaked, terra cotta dish or low-sided pan also works. Store a couple of any of these items in your refrigerator and place them in the cage as necessary.
  9. Ice: Fill plastic soda or milk bottles with water and freeze. Cut down one side of a cardboard box, toss in a couple frozen water bottles, and cover with a layer of towels. You can fill a resealable plastic bag with ice cubes, which always seem to leak, or fill a hot water bottle with ice.
  10. Misting spray: This is especially good used in conjunction with a fan. Just spray a mist in the air stream and it will drop the air temperature several degrees. 
  11. Shade: Car window reflectors can be attached to the sides of the cage facing a window to prevent the sun from directly heating the cage and its contents.
  12. Small A/C unit: A small window unit costs about a hundred dollars, but a vet bill for a sick ferret can cost more. Just perch it in a window and push the cage near it, but out of the sun’s rays.
  13. Splashing pool: About an inch of water in a low-sided pan or child’s plastic wading pool works well if the ferret is open to water play. If not, mist it with a water sprayer.
  14. Water: Don’t rely on just one water bottle for your ferret to drink from; it can leak or run out. During hot weather, add extra water bottles and even water dishes.
  15. Wet towel: A wet towel in a plastic tub is a great approximation of a mud wallow. I’ve only had a few ferrets that didn’t enjoy the experience — and they don’t track up the house with mud when they leave.

I hope this helps!

Heroine from the future (part II)

[Hi guys!! I’m so sorry for the late about this update, but I’ve been really very busy in this last period. Luckily, I was finally able to write this second part here, which I hope that it would be a bit more intriguing than the first part! As always, I apologize beforehand about grammar mistakes or similar things, because I’m not a native English speaker.

Fandom: BnHA, Pairing: Izuocha

Words: 1140

Rate: T

So….Here we go!!]

Summer was definitely approaching and that was easily noticeable by the fact that the people walking by the streets were, at this point, all wearing light clothes in order to deal better with the warmer weather that was already testing the tolerability of a few of them. Some were in fact already complaining about the hotness while drinking cold drinks or eating ice creams to cope with it, while more optimistic ones were enthusiastically planning with their friends to go to somewhere good like the beach or the pool to have fun, especially the young ones, who rightly wanted to enjoy their youth to the fullest.

Some heads turned at a certain point because a figure ran past them at a very high speed without stopping, a very odd vision to see in that hot weather, but nonetheless, she kept on running anyway. The girl had noticed by now that she was already sweating very much and that her legs were about to give up, but she knew that she didn’t have any time to spare for her to rest, so she kept going on with her fast pace.

Thankfully, her kind saviour give her a very fresh dress and shoes, so she had been handling the warm pretty well till now. She regretted very much for not being able to thank the middle-aged woman for her precious kindness more appropriately, but she couldn’t do anything about it even if she wanted, because she really needed to reach her destination as soon as possible.

While she was still thinking about all of this, a sudden thought crossed her mind.

”Wait a minute…..Now that I think about it, how much did I go back in time?”

Dread began to envelop her entirely, because she didn’t think about this at all  and only now she understood how much importance this held in her situation. She needed to know this now.

So she finally stopped herself from running and, while panting exhaustedly, she began to desperately search for something that could help her to figure out if she went back in time for just a few hours, days, months or (in the worst case scenario) years. She fervently hoped that she was lucky enough to have come back for just a couple days at most, because she absolutely had no idea of what to do otherwise.

She was still scanning the whole area when suddenly something caught her attention; it was a very huge billboard that was standing at the top of a very high building near to where she was now. It showed an advertisement of a new shopping mall that was about to open, but when she looked at the reported date of its inauguration she couldn’t believe her eyes.

She had come back in time exactly in the same day of seven years ago.

Seven years ago.

Of course it was just her luck that it was precisely the worst case scenario that would happen to her. Her hopes were meaningless from the very start.

But before she could start to seriously panic because of all this absurd situation, she forced herself to take a very long breath and, when she felt a bit more calm, she begin to concentrate so that she could reflect upon everything much more straightly.

“Ok so I came back to seven years ago, so….what was I doing in that period of the time?…..If I remember correctly, by this time we had just gained our provisional hero licences so we might have just started to do our internships with the pros….So this means that we of Class 1A were already staying all together in the UA dormitories…….If that’s the case, maybe this could make things much more complicated than I thought.”

She didn’t notice that she was muttering everything that was crossing through her mind in an almost audible way, so some people walking in her direction begin to stare at her, a mix of worried, confused and indifferent expressions all at once; when she came to this realization, she heavily blushed for the awkward situation and also because she didn’t even know that his featuring muttering habit rubbed off on her. Maybe it was some sort of a backlash for being always with him during all those years.

Since thinking about him alone would only bring sadness to her in these difficult circumstances, she quickly shook her head and started planning step by step what was best for her to do now knowing much better her current state.

She was now standing in front of a clothing store and she started focusing on her reflection on its window; she appeared like a normal girl, with a bit of disheveled hair and redder cheeks than normal, probabily due to her hasty running from before, but she suspected that if she did meet someone who knew her pretty well and that would look at her closely enough, according to her that person would probably be able to recognise her.

“I think that it would be the best if no one can recognise me, otherwise it will be really too much to deal explaining this whole thing…..So maybe it’s better for me to disguise my appearance a bit…..At least for the time being.” she thought.

So, with this newfound resolution, she entered in the store without further hesitation.


“Thank you for your purchase here!” said the saleslady with her ringing voice while the girl was exiting the shop.

She intensely prayed that wearing a big pair of (fake) glasses, having her hair tied in a braid and putting on herself less “cute” and more anonymous clothes (so that she could lower to the highest the probability to be picked on by some youngster) would be enough for her to conceal her appearance (and so with it, her identity) for the time being.

“Okay, now I have to move quickly again to reach the UA academy, hoping that I don’t meet anyone that I know along the way!”.

But she didn’t even had the time to finish this very thought that she almost instantly bumped against someone, who didn’t expect the impact too and fell hitting the ground at the same time as her.

Not believing her own clumsiness, she frantically begin to apologize: “Oh my I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking ahead of me at all, really I’m very sor-“

“No…..This can’t possibly be…..Not him, of all of people…”

A young boy, still distracted for the pain of the sudden fall, was in front of her, with a very curly dark hair, a bit of freckles on his face and some sort of a plain look that she knew almost too well.

Sitting on the ground was none other than Midoriya Izuku.

<<[Part I]

Also on now!

(P.S. I’m tagging @c-jay321 and @karanmamaeryl because I remember that you wanted to know when I would update this again, I hope that you’ll like this!)

I’m going to be honest and say that I am guilty of running on a fasted stomach for 9/10 of my practices at 3:45 in the afternoon.
I use my busy schedule as an excuse for saying I don’t have time to eat during the day.
But today I purposely didn’t bring my running clothes to campus so I would have to walk home and therefore eat something.
And guess what?
My run felt so easy and smooth. I ran 7:17 pace for 7.6 miles and I know that’s not breaking records or anything but that was one of my fastest runs yet after being injured.
My body responded to fuel and was happy!
it allowed me to run free and strong in the hot weather.
I was all by myself (as of most days I run alone) and I was so at peace and didn’t want to stop.


anonymous asked:

How much you wanna bet that if rey and kylo were ever napping during a super cold day rey would purposely shove her cold feet on kylos back or under his pants to warm them up. I can only imagine Kylo either shrieking or jumping out of surprise and accidentally whacking her on the nose or something lol

I wouldn’t even take this bet because that’s literally what would happen and we all know it. It’s not even a 50/50 chance but a 100% certainty, lmao. And she’s always running cold because she’s used to really hot weather so anywhere that isn’t desert-scorchingly-hot is “too cool” for her. 

anonymous asked:

hey, for any of my dudes feelin down/under the weather, try running a hot bath, turning all the lights out, and listening to some calming music. i like to listen to lo fi hip hop and just lay back and relax, but you can listen to whatever you like. also i like to take smoothies/ice cream/cold drinks in with me. if you want some light, try making it a bubble bath and dropping a couple glowsticks in. bam. warm self care cloud. stay cool my handsome bros.

Good tips, good tips


Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Day 3 of Soriel Week! And the prompt is hidding somewhere… Oh, well, I’ll just wing it. (yeah, I know, I’m not very funny)

An Undertale Fanfiction by: Topaz Shadowwolf
Undertale is owned by: Toby Fox
Relationships: Soriel
Rating: Everyone

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What was supposed to be 16 turned into 10 with a mile of myself wallowing in my own pity. I didn’t feel right when I got up and my pre run gel didn’t go down so easy. My stomach felt off from the start. So when I puked in someone’s front yard before I finished mile 1 I knew it wasn’t going to be good. I pulled back my pace a bit and just tried to push through. I was able to hold onto some consistent times and I feel good about that. Mile 10 hit and the 75 degrees and 97% humidity was killing me and I puked again. By this time I was cramping up and I couldn’t get enough water to keep me hydrated.

I called it.

I couldn’t go any farther. This was peak week and I had good runs all through training but this hot cold hot weather change in a week killed me. It was 50 a couple of mornings and then in the 70s the rest. Tomorrow the high is only like 65. Get your shit together Texas weather!

I know I have the endurance to do this and stay with a pace group. I think I just need to start the taper and believe in myself.

Run streak day 272

Getting his internal body temperature down was proving to be not as easy as he wished it was. He’d always run hot but between the weather, the attack and his own emotions it was harder to keep himself under control. So he was back to the tried and true method of cold water. There was still too much to do with the security system and the damage. And he knew he should open the labs so that the students who wanted to be there could have the place. Hauling himself out he wrapped a towel around his waist and nearly jumped when he realized he wasn’t alone. “Shit, I didn’t see you there,” he said, just barely managing to keep his own innate fire from lashing out, “sneaking up on people, might not be the best idea. We should get you a bell or something.” 

Headcanons about Daughters #2


  • Law’s daughter is probably into medical field too. But if her passion lies in something else, she will be really perseverant in learning it.
  • Will probably turn out as that studious and quiet girl with a hidden fierceness.
  • Law could be distant sometimes, so his daughter is pretty used to solitude and just being by herself. But she still loves him a lot because she knows her dad actually cares.
  • People seen as a threat to his daughter mysteriously disappears. Their bodies were never found……
  • Law’s daughter likes to sneak into his bed at night and snuggles against him. He never complains.
  • Law’s favorite moments are when he reads her to sleep (not the usual bedtime stories though. He reads his medical journals to her omg this dork) and he gets to enjoy the peaceful times late in the night with his daughter sleeping in his arms.
  • She takes the habit of her dad calling people’s name followed by -ya. Except Bepo. She calls Bepo “Teddy Bear”.


  • Precious dork will dote on his daughter for sure.
  • His favorite way to cheer his daughter up is by using his Devil Fruit power and creates fireworks-like display. Sometimes Marco helps out too.
  • Ace’s daughter will be doted upon everyone in Whitebeard crew. Try to harm her in any way and there’ll be war.
  • She’ll be almost immune to hot temperature for being around her dad so much. When everyone is complaining about how hot the weather is, she’ll be running around the deck like a hyperactive squirrel, laughing and poking fun at the nearly-fainting crew members.
  • Steals her father’s hat for fun and cuddles it on nights Ace can’t sleep with her.
  • Her deadliest attack is the puppy eyes. It gets her excused for almost literally anything. Oh, and it’s effective for the whole crew.
  • She gets really shy when Ace introduces her to Luffy. After an hour though, they’re running and jumping around Sunny’s deck like siblings. If she meets Sabo, he will dote on her so much and will be the one she confides in for girls’ talk.


  • Let’s face it, he would spoil his daughter with lots of things and unlimited amount of money. Designer bags? Buy it. Jewelry? Got it. A nice unhabited island just near Dressrosa with fantastic looking beach? Begin the construction process of Donquixote private villa now.
  • Will also teach her that she’s someone who is ‘above’ others and not just any average woman ever since she’s young.
  • Mingo’s daughter will probably turn out to be a spoiled brat, but she would take no shit from anyone and will be a strong & independent girl.
  • Also very badass and has a whole lot of skills since she has the resources to learn anything she wants to do (I mean, her dad’s a king) from sewing to shooting a target a mile away on bullseye.
  • Zero fashion sense. Someone please teach these dad and daughter a thing about fashion omg
  • Pink everywhere. Her room, her clothes, her lipstick, her bedspread, you name it. As her father taught her, ‘pink is a fabulous color befitting for a future queen’.
  • She probably keeps a pet flamingo.
Explaining POTS

I have studied medical for a few years, and out of every physical disease I’ve so far come across, I’ve found the two hardest ones to explain to a person who has no medical experience is fibromyalgia and POTS. Other diseases seem to either have a simple physical explanation or are so well known and common that the average person knows someone with the condition and therefore are aware of the symptoms. Fibromyalgia I find is one of the hardest to explain. I’ve talked to many doctors and patients with it and the only explanation they are ever able to explain is that is an all over, widespread pain that flares up and goes down. So without actually experiencing the pain, the average person has no idea what is expected of the condition. I feel the same goes for POTS though. How is it easy to explain to someone that “oh yeah my heart goes fast and I get dizzy and nauseous when I stand up but also sometimes when I’m in too much heat or don’t drink a ton of water or don’t eat a lot of sodium and sometimes I pass out but not all the time and I have these attacks that feels like my hearts going to explode and I can’t sleep properly and eating makes my digestive system feel like its knotted but I hardly get any help with it because no ones ever heard of it”
That’s kind of a little too much for people to handle or process.
But I find people adapt. They figure out ways to describe it that is relatable for people. Here’s a couple examples:

tell people its like having a terrible hangover. Half a bottle of tequila and a case of 12 kind of hangover. That time at one in the afternoon the next day when you wake up from your bed, stand up too fast, and collapse to the ground on your knees dizzy and almost throwing up.
That’s pots. Every. Day.

Pots is like being forced to stand out in the sun, with no protection, on the hottest day of the year, with no water, and expected to keep standing until your legs give out.

Standing up with pots is like running a marathon, as fast as you can, in hot weather, with no stopping or resting until you reach the finish, throw up, and collapse.

Its like going on a really fast and long amusement park ride, like a roller coaster or one of those spinny things, or the ride that blasts you up super fast then super fast down again, after eating an eight course meal with your family.

Basically anything that has ever made a person dizzy to the point of falling or throwing up is relatable to POTS. Like spinning on one of those bloody tire swings, or those spinning metal death traps at the park, or when people spin in a circle with a baseball bat really fast and then try to run an obstacle course, or sitting on one of those spinny chairs as a kid and having your friend spin you as fast as you can.
…damn childhoods were dangerous.

Anyways, any other fun explanations you’ve given someone, feel free to reblog with your own experiences!

Worldbuilding Basics: Clothes and Fashion!

This is the sixteenth in a series of posts about important aspects of worldbuilding. You can find a compilation of all these posts under “Worldbuilding Basics” on my blog.

When you’re designing a world, there are bound to be different kinds of people and cultures. People usually wear clothes, and each group of people is going to have their own unique spin on what they traditionally wear. There are a lot of factors that influence this, and it’s important to consider why they wear what they do, and not just what they wear in the first place. Click the read-more, and we’ll begin!

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 Unnecessarily Detailed Dislikes
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  • Muse name: matsuda tane
  • Least favorite nickname: macchan, tacchan, any nickname that botches her surname.
  • Least favorite color: neon colors.
  • Least favorite season: summer, it’s way too hot and her make up runs.
  • Least favorite weather: dry hot summer weather.
  • Least favorite—hot or cold: hot.
  • Least favorite holiday: valentine’s day, she’s never once received a valentine.
  • Least favorite food: shitake mushrooms and broccoli.
  • Least favorite flavor: black cherry, it’s far too sour.
  • Least favorite drink: carbonated sodas, grape juice, energy drinks.
  • Least favorite scent: pungent cologne, pencil shavings, and cinnamon.
  • Least favorite sound: foot tapping, pen clicking, popping gum, loud music, cicadas chirping.
  • Least favorite book: not available. 
  • Least favorite movie: not available.
  • Least favorite tv show: game shows.
  • Least favorite school subject or area of study: japanese literature
  • Least favorite aspect of their job: speaking to others.
  • Least favorite fictional character: not available.
  • Least favorite person: her classmates.
  • Least favorite trait in others: pretension, obliviousness.
  • Least favorite place: mother’s grave.
  • Least favorite thing to talk about: emotions, relationships, her mother’s death.
  • Least favorite thing about themselves: she dislikes the stretch marks on her thighs and stomach.
  • Least favorite sexual position: still a virgin.
  • Least favorite daily chore: vacuuming and laundry.
  • Least favorite style of clothing: sweatshirts and baggy pants.
  • Least favorite activity: cleaning the classroom after school.
  • Least favorite superpower: not available.
  • Least favorite thing about humanity in general: the ability to lie.
  • Least favorite thing about being in love: emotional vulnerability.
  • Least favorite thing about death: not knowing what happens to you afterwards.

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Sodalite by gaixau
Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/his/him
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Romantic Orientation: Panromantic
Height: 7′1″
Weapon: Crystalized heeled boots: heel is extremely sharp; boots help with flight and kicks
Gem Type: Sodalite
Likes: ice skating, snow, Lapiz Lazuli, cocoa
Dislikes: his cracked gem, which contributes to his inability to generate ice along with walking problems, hot weather, dirt
Hobbies: He loves to ice skate, run, and anything that has to do with feet, even though he has problems with mobility. His weapons, however, allows him to walk properly, so he likes to train with them. He also enjoys ballroom dancing.
Talents/Skills: Before he cracked one of his gems, he was able to generate ice.
Personality: Sodalite is a prim and proper man, but is also pretty shy and introverted. He enjoys others’ company, even if he doesn’t speak up, as he has a soft voice. He has a habit of cleaning things, as he doesn’t like being messy.
Fusion Preference: Collaborate