running in hot weather


first run of the year in just shorts and a sports bra (SOS it’s only march and i’m already dyin’) - “winter” here is so short that my sports bra/shorts tan never had time to go away and now it’s building again lol. i hope all of you in the northeast are enjoying your blizzard because i’m super jealous. but. there’s something magic about running in hot weather, sweating buckets your first mile in, having to squint to be able to see, and returning home completely drained. the floor never felt so good.

anonymous asked:

what are your favorite character(s) from each part?

All of them.


Phantom Blood: Jonathan, Speedwagon, Erina

Battle Tendency: Caesar, Joseph, Lisa Lisa

Stardust Crusaders: Kakyoin first and foremost, with Jotaro close behind, but really I love ALL of the crusaders (aside from Iggy), N’doul, Hol Horse, 

Diamond is Unbreakable: Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi, (and Jotaro)

Vento Aureo: Mista, Giorno, Bruno

Stone Ocean: JOTARO. God, I love pt6 Jotaro. Jolyne, Foo Fighters, Hermes, Weather Report, Pucci

Steel Ball Run: Gyro, Lucy, Hot Pants, Diego

Still haven’t read Jojolion but I think I’ll like Yasuho and Gappy.

Tip for hot phones!

If your phone keeps heating up while you’re playing Pokemon Go bring an ice pack with you! Placing the pack under your phone will cool it off and help it to run faster. (Also if you’re in a place with hot summer weather YOU might benefit from it too!)

The Whiniest Run Ever.

It’ll be fun”, they said.

“You’ll feel great afterwards”, they said.

“Bah! BAH! BAH!”, I said. 

You know what I didn’t miss? Gnats dive bombing towards my face, only to die a watery death in the pool of sweat on my hairline. GROSS X 1000.

Also, my thighs are FURIOUS. I didn’t bring Body Glide with me, so chubrubchubrubchubrub. Yeeeeaaaahhhh, NO. 

The good things:

  • It got done. 
  • It got done. 
  • It got done.

It was slow as F**K. I couldn’t make my self move any faster, partly due to not hydrating properly, partly due to it being hot even at 7:30pm. Tomorrow will be better, I just need to remember that if I can suffer through 80-90 degree weather, I will KILL a race in 50 degree weather. 

Now that I’m done whining, I’m going to go wash the gnats right out of my hair, then EAT.

Let the runs begin!

3 miles/38:47/12:55 pace

How to Train in Hot Weather: Advice for Triathletes

Ways to Avoid Heat Illness

Staying cool during long outdoor training sessions becomes an important concern for triathletes during summer. Overheating can lead to dehydration, decreased performance, heatstroke or even death. Follow these tips to prevent heat induced illness. 

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