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“I’ll protect you… no matter what” 

theres some beardy blond lumberjack running around in the cap costume and i cant find steve

i fundamentally get why someone would be uncomfortable around a bunch of people in kinky gear or half naked or furiously making out or interacting with lots of sex themed objects but ultimately, lgbt people are never allowed to be even slightly sexual anywhere and it fucking sucks and if you want to forbid lgbt people (& especially same gender attracted people) to publicly express their sexuality in any way because it makes you uncomfortable, that’s shitty! and selfish as all fuck.

the hets get to run around in penis costumes and eat penis shaped lollipops in public and wear shitty shirts with half naked women on them during their hen and stag dos but gay people can’t snog at pride or at a gay bar without being accused of being sex crazed freaks or some shit.

like. i get that seeing a dude strip and a bunch of other scantily clad dudes cheer and applaud and be obviously turned on can be weird and uncomfortable but pride and gay bars are one of the few places where this stuff is at all possible! and if you stopped dehumanising these people because you’re so uncomfortable, you’d probably realise that many of them are absolutely lovely people.


Daenerys Targaryen’s Fashion 

“I always put trousers underneath because in her psyche anything might go wrong and [she’s always thinking], ‘I might need to run away,’ Even with the longest, most beautiful gowns, she always wears a pair of boots and trousers. I like that sense of, 'I can play this [queen] but underneath, I can run.’“ - Michele Clapton on Dany’s Costumes (insp.)

Okay so I keep reading posts where the kids go out to buy Eri new clothes, which is great, but consider this:

Momo can make all sorts of stuff right? Including clothes. So what if she makes Eri some clothes?

Specifically: Momo makes Eri a copy of everyone’s costume because she saw the class training in them and thought they looked really cool. With that being said, may I present for your consideration:

Eri sticking her tongue out and playing leap frog in Tsuyu’s costume. (Tsuyu hugs her on sight and spends like an hour playing leap frog with her. Eri going “kero kero” is the highlight of her day.)

Running around in Bakugou’s costume going “Boom!” at random things and people. (He tries very very hard not to smile when he sees her doing this, and fails miserably. Then Eri yells out one of his “Bakugou-isms” and he runs over to get her to stop before someones hears her and he’ll get a lecture on controlling his mouth around her. Again.)

Sneaking around in Denki’s costume and zapping people with static while giggling. (Denki thinks this is the best thing ever, “Why didn’t I think of that?” He gets his answer when he tries it on Bakugou. He decides to leave the static zapping to the pros, like Eri.)

And a bunch of other cute stuff I can’t think about right now but imagine, Eri in every student’s costume.  



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Leaving New Mexico today…

My weird idea turned out to be really fun!Grateful I have friends who are just as weird and always willing to try. I LOVE sandboarding and will definitely do it again– and againandagainandagain!

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Miraculous class headcanons!!

So I gave the Miraculous class a few thoughts and I came up with some cute and/or funny headcanons for them! I love all the characters so much and I couldn’t wait to give them a little background!

By the way, I have a prompt list and you can feel free to send me an ask, maybe connecting one of the prompts with these headcanons!

  • Everyone wants to steal Nino’s cap. It started with Alix who wanted to take his cap for a little dare Kim came up with while Nino listened to some music but he swatted her hand away without even opening his eyes. Alix, being her competitive self, tried to repeatedly take his cap from then on and Kim eventually started joining in, as well as Marinette. They could never get their hands on his cap even as the whole class started joining the mission but Nino always seems to sense their hands and either dodges them or ducks away. At some point, Alya even starts scheming and creating “Battle plans”, as she calls them (for example they distract Nino and someone else tries to take the cap but he always somehow escapes), but they never succeed. Rumor has it that even Chloé tried to steal his cap once but she vehemently denies that.
  • Adrien is the cinnamon roll of golden sunshine and must be protected. Period.
  • The other classes are considered mortal enemies. If they interact with them in any way they either get stares or asked if they were threatened. Alya has a free pass for some reason.
  • Chloé is part of the class and gets invited to everything (birthdays, parties, class meetings). Nobody questions that and secretly, Chloé is pretty glad about that.
  • Usually around six months before Halloween everyone slowly starts running to Marinette for costume ideas. She’s a little busy over the summer then because everyone in class (even Chloé but she bribes Marinette to stay silent about that. When Halloween comes around and Chloé’s wearing her costume she boasts that a designer made her costume and Marinette just silently grins) wears her designs.
  • Kim always starts lashing after other boys with his towel after PE. It ends in a pretty intense fight between Nino and him with practiced moves and parkour over the lockers and Adrien is a cute lost cinnamon roll in the middle of that. At first, he hides together with Nathaniel but after a while his Chat Noir starts showing and he owns Kim and Nino.
  • Max constantly takes over math class. The teacher (Ms Mendeleiev) doesn’t question that.
  • Nathaniel keeps a collection of portraits of his classmates. He hangs them above his bed and has a whole sketchbook of his friends, like a journal with their personal preferences of food, clothes, free time activities and little habits in lessons like:
    • Juleka loves sitting with her legs folded underneath her bench but only her feet are crossed.
    • Mylène always taps her pen against her head when she’s thinking hard.
    • Nino bops his head in a certain rhythm while his fingers do a completely different one on the table. It’s driving Ms Bustier absolutely crazy but he just won’t stop.
    • Alix likes sitting with one leg folded beneath her while her other swings freely in the air. She never ever touches the floor during a lesson unless she has to get up and nobody knows why. Including herself.
    • Rose can do pretty cool tricks with her pens and swirls them in her fingers when she’s bored.
    • Ivan likes to prop his head up and even though it looks like he’s bored he’s actually genuinely interested in every subject.
  • They have a system and assigned jobs when a teacher is too late for a lesson. For example, Sabrina is corridor supervisor, Marinette is worrywart, Max keeps the class relatively silent and together, etc.
  • In music lesson they aren’t really taught (like in math or something). They instead listen to Nino’s music and generally just chill while the teacher goes along with it and discusses with Nino about his own songs.
  • Rose is the top hairdresser of the group. Mylène and her always dye Kim’s and Ivan’s blonde streaks. They try to find out about Alya’s secret but she claims her hair is natural that way.
  • Everyone ships Julerose. They created a Julerose day, every year the day after one saw the first rose of the year fully blooming. It’s always Marinette. The day after that they collectively wear a shirt with a violet rose (design by Marinette) and only the class knows why.
  • Most of the times when they plan a class meeting Adrien is the most euphoric even though he most likely won’t be able to go because of his father. But he loves planning it and is always really happy when they tell him about the meeting.
  • One time the class collectively held Adrien back from going to a scheduled meeting with colleagues of his father to enable him to have a class meeting together with them. As Nathalie appears at their location in a park to pick Adrien up she gets a protesting group of teenagers while they hide Adrien. She just smirks and claims in front of Gabriel that Adrien was “class-napped” and that she couldn’t do anything.
  • They occasionally “class-nap” Adrien. Every single parent is involved and helps them hiding Adrien for a free evening.
  • It’s a running gag in the class that Adrien and Marinette are “face sucking” when they vanish (obviously for an Akuma attack but nobody knows). Neither of them understands the suggesting looks they get.
GOT7 as Pet Owners
  • Jaebum: cat dad. if given the opportunity, he would own more cats than societally acceptable. pets every stray he sees regardless of hostile nature. smiles and gets teary eyed whenever he thinks of kittens
  • Mark: generic pet guy. the kind of guy to name a cat 'cat' and a dog 'dog'. likes to cuddle his pets even though they're struggling to escape his grasp. regardless of excessive cuddling, their favorite pastime is still taking naps together
  • Jackson: so many fish. started with a single goldfish and thought it was too lonely. purchased an extra large tank and filled it with lots of fish friends and one too many overpriced decorative rocks. names every fish and knows the differences between them
  • Jinyoung: self aware hamster owner. spends all of his money on cage extensions and tunnels to impress said hamster. said hamster does not care, they just want to escape and run away. HE JUST DOESN'T UNDERSTAND. learns a valuable lesson about freedom
  • Youngjae: puppy extraordinaire! his entire camera roll is pictures of his dog(s). will delete family photos when his phone storage is full just to take ONE MORE PICTURE of his pet in a cute costume. runs a successful dog blog. everyone goes to him for animal advice
  • Bambam: an inconvenient pet. probably something designer that he impulse bought because it looked cool. requires more upkeep than his ever growing YSL collection. purchases ONLY THE BEST accessories. owns a fancy carrier that he barely uses
  • Yugyeom: owns a pet rock. most likely either forgets it exists or ends up dropping and breaking it. mourns his rock for days until Jaebum picks him out a newer, better rock. (he took it from Jackson's fish tank) ((don't tell Jackson))
Give me all the Dami and Cass friendship Headcanons

- Give me Dami and Cass sparring together and Cass winning quite easily and Dami demanding a rematch but in reality he just likes spending time with his big sister.

- Give me Cass teaching Dami to dance, teaching him to express his anger and hate and misery through movements of the body. Give me Dami and Cass doing ballet when they get bored on patrol and give me them beating up a criminal while humming Swan Lake.

- Give me Cass being the Batgirl to Dami’s Robin (except they don’t fall in love, because ew). Let them run across rooftops together in costume and becoming more fearful and respectful then Batman.

- Give me Cass and Dami as the Batmen of Gotham City. Give them monitoring different areas of the city only to meet up at the end of patrol and go out for their favourite ice cream, still in costume.

- Give me Dami teaching Cass Arabic once she learns English. Give me Cass becoming good enough at Arabic that she and Dami sometimes forget others can’t speak it and end up explaining a plan to only the two of them while everyone else watches, extremely confused.

- Give me them becoming friends over their love for fighting. Their similar backgrounds and how they see the Batfamily as their only family. Give me them going to each other when they have nightmares. Give me them then going to someone else when they have nightmares together.

- Give me someone waking up to find Dami and Cass curled up like kittens on their bed.

- Give me Dami talking very highly of his sister, Cassandra Wayne, to his friends because she is the best dancer and one of the best fighters in the Wayne family, and that’s much better than any of his brothers.

- Give me Dami’s pets loving the extra attention they get when Cass is around. Give me Dami teaching Cass about all his animals and what they do, and telling her proudly how he came to save them.

Just give it all to me!