running gear


28 & 29 April 2017

I just read about a 12-year-old Australian rock climber, Angie Scarth-Johnson, who is already the best junior in the world and is set to eclipse the world women’s competition as well. Not your average tween girl! To have the mental and physical strength to attempt Grade 34 climbs is remarkable.

I, on the other hand, was screaming after a 00:02:30 wall-sit haha! (I might add it was deeper than the high-angle photo shows - 90° or nothing lol - and I was still jolly at the 30s mark. 😂) This was a Healthy Challenge Group flash challenge - I also did bicycle crunches and pushups - but that has been the extent of my exertions, other than client demonstrations. (I try to make those count; not just go through the motions.)

I have been suffering with my bowel disease as a result of the (truncated) antibiotics course for persistent facial dermatitis. I have been getting up many times in the night and was late for work every day this week. Such is the life of a spoonie with an invisible illness because, of course, I look perfectly normal, but my reality can be extremely painful and messy. The worst part is the fatigue.

In my work, I listen to the difficulties others are experiencing and help them improve their lives by building their strength and fitness. One thing that makes me good at my job is empathy and understanding; I do know how hard it is to find the energy to exercise - do anything - when you are struggling to put one foot in front of the other. When I feel low, I think of what I tell my patients and try to practice what I preach. I can be bright for them, so I should be bright for myself! I inspire them but they inspire me too.

Last night was particularly bad so this morning I passed up the Autumn Liv Ride (such a beautiful day too) and started my day with a 15 minute meditation. I am pretty pleased that I am showing perseverance with the meditation because I think it might be a keystone for improvement, and, as I’ve noted before, the science concurs.

I also plan to get a bit more running in this winter so treated myself to the humorous SunFrog leggings and their ‘Ohhhhhh Shift!’ tee-shirt, which pretty much sums me up on hills.

The food porn is smashed avocado at Doric Street Café, my new favourite place.

I went clothes shopping today for more workout clothes because some of my running gear is so loose on me it’s literally falling off of me now. And also came across some clearance racks at a department store so I perused like a madwoman because…come on… who can resist a cute shirt for under $10 or a dress under $20? It’s so weird to not be in large, xlarge, or double digit clothing sizes any more. EVERYTHING I tried on today that fit was a medium, or under a size 10. It’s awesome, but just not something I’ve ever experienced before now!

Guess what I did today..??

went on a running gear shopping spree! Oh payday how I love you!

First I went to Varisty Sports, which is pretty much the best running store in the city..I have an unhealthy obsession and always end up spending more then I intended to everytime I go in there. 

What I bought:

  • 1 pair of Brooks running shorts with the store’s logo “run hard live easy” on them.
  • 3 pairs of Nike running shorts (In my defense 2 of them were 50% could I resist!?)
  • a logo t-shirt “run hard live easy” in LSU colors..hoorah.
  • a Run hard big easy shirt because really…how could I not??

And I may have bought this bad boy today…

Excited is actually an understatement and I’m totally geeking out about it right this minute. It’s probably really sad how excited I am about everything I bought today considering it’s all running related, but hey..I don’t mind.

How was everyone else’s Saturday?? :)