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Running Flat

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Lance, like all the other paladins, is finally getting used to the “mind meld” they all have to indulge in when controlling their lions. Until someone’s uncontrollable crush comes in and knocks them all back in surprise. It’s a crush that circles persistently through their thoughts and only gets stronger as time goes on, until they begin to realize this might be a bit more serious than the term “crush” implies. 

Meanwhile, the unfortunate paladin behind it all is trying desperately to bury the feelings away, yet failing at every turn. 


Part 2

Part 1

The mind meld, as Lance (because he was a genius) had deemed it, that the five paladins were quite forced into when they were in their lions was something they’d all been initially uncomfortable with. But as their battles with the Galra and practice days had worn on, they’d grown quite accustomed to the whole thing. The mental connection wasn’t overly invasive, after all. More or less, it was about intention.

Not intention as in they could control what was projected and what wasn’t, but more as though their thoughts and feelings had to be intentionally severe. For example, Pidge’s irritation when they were cornered by the Galra was always very obvious, or Shiro’s deep desire that they all stay calm and collected. Hunk was known for, well, panic, but that usually faded pretty quickly in favor a deep thrumming determination and focus (as well as hunger when they were practicing boring formations). Keith had less constant interjections and was more inclined to shoot them up with irritation or rage (depending on the situation) for short bursts of seconds. Lance was also pretty sure that, when things were dire, the fierce desire to protect came from Keith too. He’d thought it was Shiro at first, until their head’s steady kind of acute protectiveness had come to the surface.

Though everyone was flattered at these rare displays by Keith, no one said anything. Probably wouldn’t have gone over too well and, honestly, making Keith feel embarrassed by the bonds he’d formed with them probably wasn’t a good idea when considering how he kept to himself most of the time.

Because, yes, even Lance knew when there was potential to go a step too far. He liked to bicker and poke and prod at Keith, and be a general annoyance to everyone, but he wasn’t out to hurt feelings. Not intentionally anyway. He was a people person, after all, and spent a great deal of energy feeling others out and learning their boundaries. Sure, his fellow paladins probably didn’t realize as much (he knew they thought he was slightly ridiculous and maybe even a little stupid—most people did), but it was true. He was generally thoughtful and only pushed as far as he was sure someone could take.

His supposed intellect (or assumed lack) and knack for being annoying aside, he brought his own degree of Lance to the mind meld mud pile of feelings. Optimism, that was what he generally projected in battle or practice. After all, they had to have faith they were going to succeed in order to do so. Maybe optimism wasn’t as important as Hunk’s determination, Shiro’s steady hand, Pidge’s irritated analyses, or Kieth’s adrenaline inducing rage, but it must have been good for something. Otherwise there’d be problems. Allura was always going on about how they had to be balanced, how it was important that their own thoughts work well with everyone else’s.

And since no one had been complaining, Lance could only come to so many conclusions. Either his optimism was useful or, well, simply wasn’t a hindrance, worst case scenario. Not like they really talked about each other’s mental brain waves, after all. They’d all pretty much deduced who was who—it was pretty obvious—but so long as things were going smoothly, there was no need to call any of it to attention.

That was what Lance told himself anyway. Even if his fluffy, hovering over their heads optimism was as much use as a lawnmower in space, at least he wasn’t causing problems. That in and of itself was enough to keep him positive.

Maybe he was a fifth wheel, but at least he wasn’t running flat.

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Running Flat

Lance, like all the other paladins, is finally getting used to the “mind meld” they all have to indulge in when controlling their lions. Until someone’s uncontrollable crush comes in and knocks them all back in surprise. It’s a crush that circles persistently through their thoughts and only gets stronger as time goes on, until they begin to realize this might be a bit more serious than the term “crush” implies.

Meanwhile, the unfortunate paladin behind it all is trying desperately to bury the feelings away, yet failing at every turn.


Part 1

Part 2

Keith… Keith was panicking. Like, hardcore panicking. Like, freaking out.

Just… hopefully nobody could tell. He was pretty sure no one could. Maybe he couldn’t control his feelings when they were in their lions, but he damn sure was going to when they weren’t.

It was… It was embarrassing, what had happened. Beyond embarrassing, but he really didn’t want to think about it long enough to measure the level of embarrassment. That would probably have him blushing at the dinner table and that wasn’t acceptable. Blushing and burying his face in his pillow and whining was for private Keith time only. As far as everyone else needed to know, he was stoic and cool.

And definitely not in love with Lance.

Okay, he did lose his temper… sometimes. He knew that. But that didn’t automatically mean he was guilty of the ridiculous crush he couldn’t keep from his thoughts anymore. Not as far as his teammates knew. No, he probably wasn’t handling this whole “being in love with Lance” thing in the healthiest way, but he’d never been in love before and, well, the whole predicament was honestly stressing him out to the point where—so long as he wasn’t in his lion—he all out refused to seriously entertain it. Easier to ignore. After all, they had far more important things to be worried about than… feelings.

Ugh, why had this happened?! What was even so great about Lance anyway? He was loud and obnoxious and… and even as they were eating dinner, he was trying to hang a spoon off his nose. Him and Coran both, actually.

And yet, despite how ridiculous Keith wanted to find the whole thing, all he really registered was a sense of endearment. How could Lance be so… what he was! But also so… everything… all at the same time?

The spoon fell off Lance’s nose and splattered in the food goo. Keith rolled his eyes.

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Charity Match - One Shot

In which the girlfriends play football against the boyfriends for another charity match.

Requested? Hella.

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Today was the day. It was warm, extremely sunny, which is typical for it being mid-July. Simon and I were running around our little flat, trying to grab all of our things and stuff them in our sports bags.

‘Let’s hope all my pre-match training will pay off.’ Simon said, grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge and tossing it into his bag.

'Yeah,’ I said, folding a spare t-shirt neatly into my own bag.

'What do you mean, 'yeah’? You didn’t prepare anything!’ He chuckled.

'That’s the thing. I don’t have to. I’m just talented.’ I boasted at him with a smirk. I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist from behind, and then Si’s soft lips pressed to my cheek.

'Yes, yes you are.’ He murmured in my ear, and then went to zip up is sports bag, leaving me smiling to myself. 'Ready?’ He asked.

I looked up at him, putting my bag strap on my shoulder. 'Yup,’ I said, fumbling around trying to find the keys to the flat.

'Off we go, then.’ He said, walking towards the front door with the keys to his Rover already in his hand.

'I love it when you wear sports clothes like this,’ Simon said. He had one hand on the steering wheel, the other resting on my thigh. I was wearing his Leeds FC jersey top, along with some skin-tight black leggings and all black Nikes. The top was white, so my black sports bra was slightly shining through. My hair was done up in a high ponytail so it would stay out of the way when we were playing football.

'Thanks,’ I giggled, keeping my eyes on the road. I could see a dimple forming in his cheek from the corner of my eye.

We were heading to yet another YouTube football charity match. Last time it was just the boys playing against some other guys from YouTube, which left all the girlfriends sitting on the side benches, complaining about how they should’ve been invited to play, too. This of course led to another charity match being held, except this time, it was the girlfriends against the boyfriends.

The girls I was closest to were Tara, Maddie, Asiah and Sarah. I was also good friends with Zoella though, and even she said she was coming, meaning we’d see the famous Zalfie on the pitch today. I’ve never seen Zoella play, so I hope she’s good.

Sometimes I tell Simon he brings out my competitive side. Simon was a striker in the last match, but because I’m so used to just playing with him, I was one of the two strikers on my team as well, the other one being Tara.

I met up with all the other girls outside the arena. We were here early, but there were already some fans waiting outside the entrance doors. Of course we couldn’t get away with it, so we stopped to take some pictures with them. Unfortunately, as more of them arrived, we had to tell them we had to go get ready in order to not get mobbed.

Inside the girls’ changing rooms, all of our kits were neatly hung on the wall. They were all a navy blue colour, and had our names on the back. The twist was that our boyfriends chose our names for us, and we got to choose their names. I quickly found mine, which had 'Si’s Baby’ printed on the back of it in big, white letters. I smiled and facepalmed at the nickname Si gave me.

'The name he gave me is so cringe,’ I said to no one in particular as I pulled the shirt over my head.

'I know. To be honest, I was really tempted to just call him 'Dickhead’. Sarah, Callux’s girlfriend, said, already fully dressed in her kit. We both burst out laughing.

'Dammit, we should have done that!’ I laughed.

'Next time, next time.’ She said, wiping the tears from laughing from her eyes.

'I really wanted to call him 'Poo’.’ Zoella made her way over to us. I smiled down at her; she was so small.

'What did you call him?’ Sarah and I asked in unison.

Zoe shrugged. 'Just Alf.’ And Sarah and I nodded at her.

'Wait, what did you call Cal?’ I asked her, already starting to laugh again. I knew she had something funny in store.

'Sarah’s shit.’ She said in a serious tone.

'Did you actually?’ Zoe joined in, laughing hysterically as well, squinting her eyes. Sarah nodded,  getting us all in fits of laughter again.

'What did you call Simon?’ Zoe asked.

'The Tall-ass French Fry.’ I told them and we all sank to the floor, our abs already aching from laughing too much.

'You guys know that the commentators are actually going to use those names when they say who’s in possession of the ball and everything, right?’ Tara, Josh’s girlfriend, asked us.

'No way,’ I said, widening my eyes in disbelief.

'So I’m going to be called Little Shmuggle for the next hour and a half?’ Zoe asked, pretending to be disappointed.

'I’m called Beard Girl, I don’t think it can get any worse.’ Tara giggled and then walked out of the changing rooms.

'I actually think being called just 'Sarah’ is a little worse. Shows Cal’s creative side.’ Sarah retorted and followed Tara outside.

'She’s Madd(ie) passes to Harry’s Girl Asiah as the girl’s team nears the goal. Asiah passes to Si’s Baby, who controls the ball.. and then SHOOTS AND SCORES. WHAT A MAGNIFICENT GOAL. THAT MAKES IT 5 TO 2 FOR THE GIRLS, WITH JUST 20 SECONDS LEFT OF EXTRA TIME. LOOK AT SI’S BABY CELEBRATING WITH HER FRIENDS, and here we have the Tall-Ass French Fry jogging towards her to congratulate her as well…’ You could hear the commentator scream into the microphone as I hit the ball to the back of the net, through Callux’s hands for the second time today.

Simon ran over and picked me up so I could wrap my legs around his waist, quickly connecting his lips to mine.

'Oi, quit supporting the other team, Simon!’ You could hear Harry yell from somewhere else on the pitch.

'Maybe you should try supporting your girlfriend’s team, too, Harry!’ Asiah yelled back at her boyfriend sarcastically. Simon broke the kiss in time for me to see Harry dramatically rolling his eyes, and then making a disgusted face when we made eye-contact.

Suddenly a loud alarm rang signifying the end of the match, meaning that the girl’s team won.

I just pulled my jersey over my head when I heard the door to the girl’s changing room open, resulting in many high-pitched screams.

'It’s fine, we’ve all seen our girlfriends naked before! Josh laughed as the boys walked in. I clutched my jersey in front of my chest, spinning around to see Simon walking over to me.

'Just wanted to say I’m proud of you,’ He said. He was still a little out of breath, his chest heaving up and down. He wrapped his arms around my waist, connecting our lips yet again.

All of us went back to the Sidemen house for an after-party, which basically consisted of us hanging around, watching a movie and ordering pizza. Simon and I were cuddled up together on the couch, finishing our last mouthfuls of the Hawaiian pizza we ordered.

Being pressed up close to his body combined with all of my limbs aching, I felt very sleepy. I was struggling to keep my eyes open.

'Tired? Simon whispered, lacing his fingers through my hair. I nodded.

'You’re so cute and I’m so proud of you,’ Simon chuckled, pulling me closer to him and nuzzling his face into the crook of my neck. His soft, messy blond hair tickled my jaw and chin.

'I’m proud of my Tall-Ass French Fry, too.’ I laughed, stroking his hair out of the way.

'Hmm, stop.’ He whined. He dropped one of his arms and let it hang over my body protectively, where is slowly slid down to my bum and left it there.

'Simon,’ I said in a warning tone, my eyes flashing open again. He just laughed, shutting his gorgeous blue eyes.

The signs as types of shoes

Aries: ballet flats

Taurus: converse

Gemini: flip flops

Cancer: running sneakers

Leo: slippers

Virgo: combat boots

Libra: rain boots

Scorpio: stilettos

Sagittarius: sandals

Capricorn: short heels

Aquarius: cowboy boots

Pisces: crocs

  • Bucky: I come in here, and the first thing I'm doing is I'm catching the sightlines and looking for an exit.
  • Tony: I see the exit sign, too. I'm not worried. I mean, you were shot. People do all kinds of weird and amazing stuff when they are scared.
  • Bucky: I can tell you the license plate numbers of all six cars outside. I can tell you that our waitress is left-handed and the guy sitting up at the counter weighs two hundred fifteen pounds and knows how to handle himself. I know the best place to look for a gun is the cab or the gray truck outside, and at this altitude, I can run flat out for a half mile before my hands start shaking. Now why would I know that? How can I know that and not know who I am?

Me: -puts on makeup for confidence and mood elevation, then exits flat to run errands-

Neighbor: -opens the door for me-

Me: Hey, thanks! Have a good one!

Neighbor: -grins and murmurs something extremely rude after me in Spanish-

Me: -having none of that, replies in Spanish- You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Neighbor: -just about drops his teeth-

Me: -stares his down just long enough for it to be uncomfortable, then goes to car and heads out to take care of business-

Moral of the Story: Don’t be a sexist asshat, in any language, and especially not to a witch who knows how to destroy your entire life with one of your discarded cigarette butts.

The lipstick is not for you. But this lovely jar of piss and pins very well could be.

I could see the future. It stretched away in front of me, flat, bare, running on out of sight. Never a plan, never a wish. […] What an emptiness within me—all around me. […] I was shattered. I wondered how people managed to go on living when there was nothing to be hoped from within.
—  Simone de Beauvoir, from The Woman Destroyed, transl. Patrick O'Brian (Pantheon, 1987)
White Chocolate Kisses

Summary: Sometimes Phil needs to be taken care of.

Warnings: Smut/// Tags: sub!Phil, top!Phil, powerbottom!Dan, NSFW, cock cage, edging, fleshlight, praise, all that jazz

Beta: @emywright-funpics


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Normally, Dan and Phil don’t do anything special for Valentine’s Day. Going out to dinner just isn’t them, and they can get discount chocolates the next day. This year though, Dan has plans. Lately he’s seen the way the exhaustion and stress is weighing down Phil’s shoulders. For the first time in forever, Dan gets up first and runs out of the flat to get some things for the day. He makes pancakes and wakes Phil up with a kiss on the nose and the plate, alongside of roses.

“Dan, I thought we weren’t doing anything,” Phil complains sleepily, fumbling for his glasses.

Smiling, Dan cuts up a piece of pancake and feeds it to Phil. “Yeah, but it’s okay. I’ve got plans for you tonight, sweetheart.”

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things about Barbican Hamlet
  • immediately being hit with a crying bby Hamlet, Ben why
  • hipster Horatio (that elbow tattoo though)
  • Fucking awesome ghost effects 10/10 spoopy factor
  • The Bowie Shirt
  • Ben’s face is wet like the whole play that sopping man (also arms??)
  • Benedict marching with that drum like pls slay me
  • “Words. WoooOOORRDDSSS.”
  • Greaser Gildenstern
  • “my uncle father and mother aunt”
  • Ben just running around???? like just flat out sprinting around the stage
  • bby Hamlet marching in the castle like he’s on stairs Ben why
  • Wes Anderson Ophelia
  • Dancing after Claudius shows himself to be guilty
  • “of one flesh so goodbye to my mother”
  • Slow motion bkground during soliloquies 
  • pink sparkly cap with traditional Shakespearian costumes? slay mama
  • The set change after Act I
  • Grave digger aka real MVP
  • Ophelia’s case of photos ??? holy shti im sobbing :((((((((
  • Ben trying to get into the fencing jacket and his moment of ???where is the sleeve
  • Super cool shadow of Claudius
  • The thing stuck on Ben’s nose during curtain, just clinging for dear life on his face
  • this cast
  • this show
  • wow