running fit


Morning run out of the way with a side of biking! It was a decent cardio session this morning, pushed a little bit at the end which felt great!

Last night my keto breathalyzer came in! It test keytones in your lungs and whether you are actually I. Ketosis or not. I am going to use it to figure out when I have more and less keytones based on food and activities! I am excited to run some data with it!

Last night we had crockpot pork loin for dinner with green beans, it was tasty! The crockpot is seriously a life saver when I am running crazy!

Hope y'all have an awesome day!

I officially declare morning runs my enemy . As much as I love to run in the morning, my body doesn’t. It feels heavy and uncomfortable. I probably need to be warmed Up after a day full of activities. I struggled this morning. My legs were sore from yesterday’s pilates, every song that came up annoyed me but running without music was even worse, my garmin didnt measure the pulse correctly so I had no idea whether to run faster or slower… I felt like giving Up after 10 minutes but I forced myself to finish.
Not every run is awesome but those bad ones give us important lessons to listen to our bodies and work through the discomfort 🌞