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I have been TRYING to not get my hopes up for S7, and TRYING to not obsess over the countdown.  

THEN, they go and release that trailer, starting with my beautiful baby girl walking slowly and dramatically (FROM WHAT?  Murdering little creeper?  Kissing Jon?) and showing shots of my beautiful son Bran Stark back in Winterfell in a brand new wheel chair, and badass action shots of Jaime fucking Lannister about to duel with a dragon, and then they END it with Sansa SAYING STARK WORDS over footage of Jon killing some wights like it’s goddamn nothing with his freaking perfect shoulder to waist ratio and I DIE.


I had to get a new Metrocard, and every time I swipe it, the machine flashes the date the card runs out.  GUESS WHAT DATE THE MACHINE FLASHES AT MY STUPID FACE, TWICE A DAY!?


The Reality of Dating

Another AU I will probably never write. If you want it, have at ‘er: 

Griselda and Plum run a match-making dating service that has it’s own Reality TV Show. 

Dawn, eager to get her sister back in the dating game signs up Marianne to be on the show. 

After much swearing and a few broken plates Marianne is interviewed for the show and set up on her first of three blind dates. 

Bog works as the chauffeur and he and Marianne get to know each other pretty well as he drives her to and from her first two dates, both of which are disasters. They bond over wrestling/ fencing/ the idea of how ridiculous it is people go on TV looking for love. 

“I didn’t sign up for this shit”- Marianne at some point, probably… 

*throws hands up in the air*

Griselda and Plum have never failed to make a match yet but Marianne is giving them a run for their money. After reviewing the tapes from the scenes in the car they realize Bog and Marianne might be good matches for each other. 

The day for Marianne’s third date comes around and Griselda tells Bog she needs him to stand in for someone else who backed out last minute. 

He’s not happy about it, especially because he knows today is the last day he’ll get to see/ talk to Marianne but he puts on his best face and slumps off to the restaurant (or wherever) to meet the poor unsuspecting client who will have to endure a date with him. 

Marianne who is eager to talk to Bog becomes quite and moody when she finds out he’s not driving her today. She feels the two of them really connected and would have liked to talk to him once more. 

She’s completely downcast by the time they reach the restaurant but she can’t even fake a smile for the camera’s that she knows are rolling.  

As she’s led through the maze of tables Marianne starts to think the figure waiting at her table looks kind of familiar. She’s really only seen Bog’s face in profile from the back seat, or in glances in the rear-view mirror. Her pulse races as she realizes it’s really him. 

Meanwhile Bog is sure there has been some kind of error on his mother’s part, why would she set up two dates for the same day at the same restaurant. Not only will he have to sit here with another person and mike polite small talk (shudder) he’ll have to do it knowing Marianne is in the same room chatting up some other man.  

That is until Marianne sits down across from him and they have they best (not a date) date ever!

I think older men are attractive but if one of them ever gave me the green light I’d just

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 Post-Reveal Superhero team with Nino ‘the normal human bestfriend’ Lahiffe

  • Nino having to make excuses in class all the time whenever the other 4 need to make a quick get away. 
  • “Girl’s travel in packs to the loo Sir, Adrien’s just got a weak bladder,” 
  • Their school has an unusual amount of fire drills, but no culprit is ever found 
  • Nino loosing count of the number of free deserts he’s been given when Alya’s had to run out on a date. 
  • Nino becoming pretty good friends with Sabrina as Chloe seems to just deposit her with him when they need to rush out. 
  • Nino becoming a pretty decent amateur photographer due to the fact that Alya makes him take photo’s of the four miraculous holders for the Ladyblog
  • Nino carrying around supplies in his backpack just in case anyone needs anything. This includes a first aid kit, snacks and drinks and a supply of tampons (because grumpy badass superheroes are not one to be messed with if they need something) 
  • Ladybug’s superpower may be to save the world with everyday objects, but it does help that Nino carries them around with him.
  • He also has an emergency makeup bag for Chloe so she can fix her face and hair before heading back to school.
  • Also carrying emergency supplies for all the Kwami (he smells of cheese a lot - damn plagg)  
  • Nino has a lot of casual selfies of all 4 of them on his phone, just in case, someone asks for proof that they are with him. 
  • Nino, who has never been very academically inclined, suddenly taking lots of very detailed notes in class and helping them catch up and study. 
  • Nino keeping spare clothes for them all at his house, just in case they end up all transforming there and feeling too tired to head home again afterwards. 
  • Just Nino being the ultimate bro, and defending and supporting his best friends as they save the world, with no complaints. 
Haikyuu!! Characters As Things My Boyfriend Has Done : Part One
  • Daichi: Made pizza at 10:30pm bc he was hungry
  • Sugawara: Done the Hanzo voice before proceeding to die due to a coughing fit
  • Ennoshita: Talked casually about naming one of his kids Mistake in a different language
  • Asahi: Said he looked like a twenty-five year old man and then mentioned that I looked twelve despite the fact of him being nine months older than me — we were holding hands; people stared
  • Nishinoya: Stood over the seat of a seesaw, forgot that I was short and needed to pull the seat down to sit on it and proceeded to get hit in the balls
  • Tanaka: Offered to beat up anyone who ever insulted this blog and call them out
  • Kinoshita: Yelled that he wasn't going to take Hanzo's dragon and proceeded to die
  • Narita: The high pitched noises he makes whenever he dies or is panicked in video games
  • Kageyama: Him saying, "When I was coming out, you were being made." When I said we were only a pregnancy apart age wise
  • Hinata: Laughing at the look on my face when I realised I'd never be over 5-foot
  • Tsukishima: Said he'd like to see me in his blazer and then proceed to make a short joke
  • Yamaguchi: Saying that he liked the smell of Fanta upon me saying my face wash and moisturiser smells like Fanta
  • Kiyoko: Made a 19 step plan for our relationship and then forgot most of it
  • Yachi: Threatening to drive me to the doctors despite not being able to drive
The Signs As Beautiful Foreign Words Associated with Love

Aries: Meraki- Greek // doing something with soul, creativity, or love

Taurus: Onsra- Boro Language of India // loving for the last time; that bittersweet feeling you get when you know a love won’t last

Gemini: L’esprit de escalier- French // the inescapable feeling you get when you leave a conversation then think about all the things you should have said

Cancer: Yuanfen- Chinese // a relationship by fate or destiny

Leo: Saudade- Portuguese // the feeling of intense longing for a person or place you love but is now lost; a haunting desire for what is gone

Virgo: Kilig- Tagalog // the heady-sublime rush you experience right after something good happens, particularly in love/dating. Like running into your crush, kissing someone for the first time, hearing someone you love tell you they love you too for the first time

Libra: Forelsket- Norwegian // that overwhelming euphoric feeling you experience when you’re falling in love

Scorpio: Ya’aburnee- Arabic // this phrase translates to “you bury me” ; the hope that the person you love will outlive you so you can spare the pain of living without them

Sagittarius: Mamihlapinatei- Yagan // a wordless, yet meaningful look between two people who both desire to initiate something, but both are too scared to initiate themselves

Capricorn: La douleur exquise- French // the heartbreaking pain of wanting someone you can’t have.

Aquarius: Kara sevda- Turkish // meaning “black love” this is a lovesick term for when you feel that passionate, blinding love for another person

Pisces: Koi No Yokan- Japanese // the sudden knowledge upon meeting someone that the two of you are destined to fall in love