running challenge

its freezing and the heater is broken so im gonna run the most challenging-to-render thing i own (minecraft) and make my pc so hot itll warm the room up

Personality prompt #20

“I could run a marathon. Right now. I’ll do it.”

“Its literally 2am.”

“I peak at 2am you should know this.”


Back from the void, it’s that great time of the year again, when people have fun and enjoy holydays and I decided that it would be great if I spend that joyfull summer working. At least I have air conditionner, and this is wonderful. Have some alien hunters ~ 

My brother and I have decided to accept this challenge - run 100 miles by Halloween. Totally doable. Right? ;)
Even if we ran only 1 mi per day, we can make at least 68 miles before Halloween. That’s over half! So if we can run longer runs on weekends and before school starts? Doable.
Who’s in?? 😄🎃🎃


This is what the Internet is for. 🔊 (by Mike Diva)

Hogwarts House Challenges

Gyrffindors- Running at that Whomping Willow and trying to touch the trunk, legend has it that a 6th year grabbed a leaf once.

Ravenclaws- Every year during the last week of school before break the 7th years attempt to stay awake. for. the. entire. week. There have been hallucinations. 

Hufflepuff- They write small notes of encouragement, then proceed to try to slip them into others pockets without anybody noticing. A student who was having family issues once emptied his pockets to find 20 different notes from random Hufflepuffs.

Slytherin- They will hold a conversation and every so often say a word that is complete gibberish but keep going. For every person that doesn’t notice they get a point.

Shield-maiden Within

Summary: Reader is a Saxon woman who doesn’t like the whole ‘a woman can’t do what men do’ thing and so she runs away… with the vikings, and Bjorn trains her.

Characters: Reader, Bjorn Ironside, Ragnar Lothrbrok, Floki

Fandom: Vikings

Word Count: 1936

Disney Movie Writing Challenge, @that-was-not-supposed-to-happen 

AN: I think this is the longest thing I have ever written but I hope you guys still like it even thought the ending is crap…

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Morning cardio session complete with a side of chest cause I want to be sexy and swoll! 😊💪😜

My cardio felt good, ran slightly inclined at first and then brought it down for the second mile and some change! Jumped on the bike for 20 minutes and then decided to see if I could do some hard chest work. I started low and worked my way up to 80s. I haven’t been lifting much so I was surprised I could get them! I still want to do 100s bad! 💪😁

I am excited for this 90 day challenge and really hope to push myself to the max! I want to be fit and healthy! I want all the things that come with it! 😊😊

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend and as always thanks for being awesome and supportive!

Sometimes I Don’t Run

Characters/Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: Smut, slight angst maybe, little bit of fluff

Word count: 906

A/N: This is my contribution for @megansescape ‘s 300 challenge and @iwriteaboutdean  Amanda’s 200 Follower 90′s Baby Challenge I now realize I never asked you guys if it was okay to combine your challenges, I’m so sorry!! 

Songs promps: 

  • Runnin’ by Adam Lambert
  • Sometimes by Britney Spears

Sometimes I Don’t Run

He turns around in your arms, silently, knowing how much you like to be the big spoon and you wrap one arm around him, slipping under his heavy arm in order for your hand to rest on his strong chest. Your other hand, the one trapped between your bodies caresses his naked back, sliding under the waistband of his boxers.

Your fingertips dance over his chest, drawing shapeless lines, curling the already curled soft hairs. unconsciously, or not so much, you grace the soft tissue that is his nipple and rejoy at the feeling of his muscles tightening under your touch.

He hisses when you do it again and immediately you press your lips against the taut skin of his broad back, inhaling deeply the scent that is all him. Your own lower stomach coils. Forefinger and thumb close around the hard little pebble, twisting and turning, earning softs whimpers from him and an involuntary thrust of his hips.

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