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“Well of course family is at the top. Gohan, Goten and Piccolo are always around so it certainly makes sense.” 

“ .. then .. we are going to skip that one.. that is just a t-terrible miscalculation .. Trunks and Puck, well, I gotta keep on eye on those two. But it’s better the future counterpart then her with the other one.” 

“ .. and …freeza ..umm  - Oh look then their is Gideon and Gohan! Those are certainly supposed to be there! Thank god. ” 

long mornings and longer thoughts

To the runners who are starting up xc training:

It’s difficult. Knowing that you’re body and mind are capable of these amazing paces and times, but you aren’t able to hit them right now. I know because I’m in that same uncomfortable position. Struggling to hit paces and times normally considered “easy running” is extremely frustrating. In order to have a successful season I need you to accept where you are right now. You aren’t any less of a runner just because it’s pre season and you aren’t at normal pace/time/speed. You are capable of amazing things, I know it. You haven’t lost everything, you’re body remembers what you’ve learned. You have to build up the tower of success brick by brick, workout by workout, day by day. You still have plenty of time to once again become the runner you are happy with. Now keep that head up and you’ll stand behind the line in September with pure confidence. I promise.

signs as seventeen eras
  • 아낀다 adore u:aries, virgo, libra
  • 만세 mansae:taurus, cancer, leo
  • 예쁘다 pretty u:capricorn, aquarius, pisces
  • 아주 nice:gemini, sagittarius, scorpio