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  • Posts about Skam I have seen on my dash in the past few weeks: easily 1000+
  • Posts I have made or reblogged in the past few weeks about not particularly wanting to have my dash dedicated to Skam/non-1D content: about 6
  • People I have unfollowed for their excessive Skam posting: 0
  • People who have unfollowed me because of my mild complaints about Skam being my entire dashboard: 50+

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What are you going to do when the fame of undertale is over? ...

I”m a digital artist

I don’t live for Undertale, i live for art

I will run the blog for as long as i love to do it, and when i don’t enjoy doing it anymore, i’ll do something else that i love.

Stories have endings, but writes keep writing.

are you trans? nb? angry at the cis? still run a band blog in 2016? i guess this might be the net for you.

♥ fill out this typeform
♥ follow chubbypete
♥ reblog this post
♥ must be trans, nonbinary, or literally any identity other than cisgender.
♥ understand that this is more so a safe space for trans and nonbinary people. please dont send unnecessary hate to people inside or outside of this net. that will result in your immediate removal from the net.

thats pretty much it! if you have any questions please send them to my inbox! applications will close when i feel fit. results should be posted shortly after the TBA deadline.

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I mean...everything is so weird in this fandom! Like I don't need some "big Larrie" telling me what to believe or giving me reasons to believe that Larry is real because I have my own two eyes and common sense and critical thinking! Like of course I have doubts sometimes but then I see some things, moments, and yeah, I'm convinced in what I believe! It's so frustrating that antis and ex larries think that we, small blogs, can't think for ourselves!! Anyway, thx Cris for being so nice!

You’re welcome!

And yeah, they seem convinced that Larries are a couple dozen older fans and thousands of 14 year olds that follow us because they can’t think for themselves and that’s just absurd!

Some popular Larrie blogs are run by teens and a LOT of the people that have smaller blogs are well into their 20′s, 30′s, 40′s and beyond.

And when people are constantly saying, “think for yourself” and “your opinion of the situation is what matters, not mine” that’s literally the opposite of being manipulative.

Not to mention that so many of us disagree about the details and can get rather heated about it.

But we’ll never convince those people of that, so I mostly just ignore them and let them live their bitter lives focused on people that could not care less about them.

Also, everyone should take a moment to block and report aphroditelesb-ians (without -) the blog is run by revolting, ugly ass terfs and spread their ugly all throughout the wlw tag and are getting alot of attention. Please be cautious

Stenopelix valdensis

By Jack Wood on @thewoodparable

PLEASE support us on Patreon! We really do need all of your support to keep this blog running - any amount helps!

Name: Stenopelix valdensis

Name Meaning: Narrow Pelvis

First Described: 1857

Described By: Meyer

Classification: Dinosauria, Ornithischia, Genasauria, Neornithischia, Cerapoda, Marginocephalia, Ceratopsia

Stenopelix is an enigmatic dinosaur from the Wealden Formation in Germany, dating back to about 127 million years ago, in the Barremian age of the Early Cretaceous. It is known from a partial skeleton that completely lacks the skull, which is where the problems surrounding this little dinosaur lie. It has been thought to be an Ornithopod, a Ceratopsian, a Pachycephalosaur, and an indeterminant Marginocephalian. Though it has been recovered as the sister taxon of Yinlong, this is still up in the air; for now, it’s best to say that the jury is still out, and will be until better remains of this animal are found. 


Shout out goes to @itstimeversusyouandme!

Aaaaaaaa!!! I’m Sorry for being so inactive and keep disappearing all the time guys! 

I was… well, not doing so much well and….some…. stuffhappened-lol NeverDerpingMind I am fine now ok? ok. ;)

I actually did check tumblr on my phone, but this tumblr app was so soooo awful! It did not load for the love of God and after a hundred years of waiting for something to load I couldn’t like it or…, it just came back like I did nothing. 

And right now I just finally got to use my pc, so I’ll start checking over again.

Thanks for tolerating me! I’ll tryyyy to draw something this in week or the next one, I hope. But in case I didn’t, I’ll just update with some old phone doodles? whyamilikethis?

PS: I also noticed I don’t get any notifications when someone tags me! ;__;

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I know you're not doing stimboard request but if you know any accounts that are more audio based (tapping scratching stuff like that) then could you write em down? Heck if you're feeling more generous than usual than maybe you could "reblog" some audio stuffs thank you! Sorry I'm bad at doing text stuff because I'm not smart :/

(Nonsense, you’re plenty smart!! >:3)

You mean stim blogs that are more asmr-based? The only one that comes to mind right now is @stimsound, they post a lot of videos with a whole variety of noises!

Besides that, I can definitely try to find more posts with scratching/tapping! But in the meantime you can try looking through my “asmr” tag, there’s not a whole lot there so far but hopefully it’s better than nothing! ^^ (also idk if this is the kind of scratching you mean, but it might also be good to look in my “calligraphy” tag, there’s a lot of videos with pens scratching on paper!)

(On a side note, if anyone runs/knows of any more asmr-based stim blogs, could you please like/reblog/reply to this post? It would be a big help for future reference too!)

it’s that time again

Overworst is looking for new members! If you are interested in running a shitpost rp blog for any of the following Overwatch characters

  • Jack Morrison/Soldier 76
  • Lena Oxton/Tracer
  • Jesse McCree
  • Fareeha Amari/Pharah
  • Mako Rutledge/Roadhog
  • Angela Ziegler/Mercy
  • Satya Vaswani/Symmetra

then please give our Rules page a glance, and then send a message telling us which character you’d like to reserve! Thanks!

Heads up!

So the blog that’s currently called @pegboard-nerdnation used to be a fan blog for Pegboard Nerds fans, but I’m going to be changing it into a blog for Face The Music since I no longer want to run the PBN blog… literally due to the fact that Face The Music is my biggest focus right now… or at least Epimoni is. You can see more stuff about Face The Music on @epimoniproductions !

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Kyoko Kirigiri runs a blog that's usually a very serious and grim aesthetic blog but she had chihiro help her so every now and then the entire blog becomes neon colored and filled with shitposts so she can take in her baffled followers. Also, Junko is absolutely thrilled by her gf's prank



Mike here. 

Things have been very up and very down a lot lately. We’ve had some in real life troubles for our members and some other troubles here and there. That being said, there’s some BIG news on the horizon. 

For starters we are actively looking for NEW MEMBERS

The following positions are open for sure.

  • Disciple
  • Mindfang
  • Dualscar

Other positions may open as developments arise. 

We are very open to different interpretations of these characters although there are some guidelines that would need to be discussed on a mun to mun basis if you were to apply. Please keep in mind this is a sci-fi/cyberpunk AU, focusing very heavily on in-universe political wrangling, technology, and personal character development.

We are looking for people who are good with managing this (admittedly run down) timeline group blog. We are also looking for someone who can contribute to art skills to a super secret planned xmas event. These are not requirements, of course, but can bolster your standing if you apply. 

Please keep in mind that we are in the process of a sburb session and that god tiers have already been assigned, but that the rest of session info (lands, consorts, quests) are completely up for your own personal interpretation. 

If you’re interested, please either contact @bullflight or submit an application here on this blog. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

it seems like no one has ever been to highschool, because people fuck around so much, and yet “b-b-b-but MINORS!!!”

people would date older kids all the time? i feel most of these minors are just sad they never got laid and decided to make “not getting laid in highschool” the norm, and if it happened it was problematic or “young people arent able to consent”

like, theres a difference between an adult (what, 23 years?) molesting a middleschooler, and two highschool kids an year apart in age having consensual sex. like, i feel people on tumblr dont get that.

then again, probably is the reason why they complain on tumblr so much. never got laid, and had to make some kind of excuse why they didnt. (because they dont realise that sometimes things happen? you dont HAVE to do either thing. but its so much easier to demonize one thing over the other)

all the anti kink and anti ship blogs are run by minors, notice that? ho all stems from trying to find a reason for their own insecurities, when the easiest answer is “you dont have be laid to fit in, jeez” why demonize things when people can do whatever they want?