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favorite albums of 2017 so far:

1. Father John Misty - Pure Comedy

2. Fleet Foxes - Crack-Up

3. Feist - Pleasure

4. Dirty Projectors - Dirty Projectors

5. Roger Waters - Is This the Life We Really Want?

6. Spoon - Hot Thoughts

7. The xx - I See You

8. Kendrick Lamar - DAMN.

9. Sampha - Process

10. Max Richter - Three Worlds

11. Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 3

12. Bonobo - Migration

13. Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me

14. Gorillaz - Humanz

15. alt-J - RELAXER

16. King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Murder of the Universe

17. The Mountain Goats - Goths

18. Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog

19. Slowdive - Slowdive

20. Forest Swords - Compassion

21. Algiers - The Underside of Power

22. Ryuichi Sakamoto - async

23. Arca - Arca

24. Bleachers - Gone Now

25. Drake - More Life

Katie’s Graduation Present

Katie’s Graduation Present | Phil Lester has missed the majority of his daughter’s high school years because he’s spent the last four years in the military. When Dan finds out he’s going to miss her graduation, too, he throws a fit, and doesn’t even say “I love you,” before hanging up on him. So who’s the military guy in blue at the bottom of the bleachers? | Phan | Teen and Up | Reunion fic, light angst, happy ending, Parent phan | 1,849 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

I may have spent a good portion of the morning watching military reunion videos and I cried so hard I wrote a fic with my tears.


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The Playbook- Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead x Reader

Description: Chuck asks Reader to homecoming, Jughead thinks its a bad idea. Turns out, he was right.

Warnings: Swearing, reader has sort of a mild panic attack, but nothing too serious. This was a request from an anon who liked one of the headcanons in the non-asexual Jughead list. Hope you guys like it!!!


I sat at a table in the student lounge by myself, waiting for my best friend Jughead. I had my sketch pad out, messing around and trying to keep myself busy.I didn’t really like sitting alone, because usually Reggie and his gang of man-children would take the attention of the student lounge, and I would be subjected to the torture that is their awful and offensive banter.I glanced around the room, uninterested, until my eyes caught the gaze of another, Chuck Clayton.

Chuck was caption of the football team, formerly co-caption with Jason Blossom before he was killed. I had never heard anything bad about him, and he sat next to me in my math class. I helped him out a bit with his schoolwork once in a while.He was actually a really kind person from what I could tell.
Chuck stood up, walking towards me. I froze, wondering why in the hell anybody like Chuck Clayton would give me the time of day.

“Hey, y/n.” Chuck stood in front of me, smiling brightly.

“Uh, hey Chuck, are you having any trouble with the geometry homework?” I asked him, beginning to pull out my textbook from my bag.

“No, uh, I actually wanted to ask you something.” Chuck stopped me.“I was wondering if, maybe you’d like to uh, go to homecoming with me?”
I froze again, taken back at his question.

“Me?“I looked around the room as if he may be confusing me with someone else.

“Yeah, you.” Chuck confirmed, chuckling a bit.

“Uh, o-ok, yeah, I’ll go with you.” I blushed, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. I didn’t see the harm in saying yes, he was a nice guy, and it wasn’t like anybody else would ever ask me.

“Great! Uh, are you free tomorrow? Maybe we could meet up after school and hang out or something?” Chuck offered.

“Alright, yeah, I can do that.”

“Cool, I’ll see you then.” Chuck grinned, walking back to his group of friends.

“Hey, Juggie.” I smiled warmly at my friend, sliding in to the booth next to him. I laid my head on his shoulder, his screen open as he typed.

“Hey, y/n.” Jughead pressed a quick kiss to the top of my head before returning his attention to his novel.

“How was your day?” I asked him, looping my arm around his and scooting closer to cuddle in to his side.

“Oh, same old same old.Nothing interesting.” Jughead hummed, leaning his head against mine. Jughead wasn’t huge on showing affection in public, but he put up with me always cuddling in to his side.“How was yours?”

"Well, it was…interesting, to say the least."I sighed, taking a sip of the Jughead’s root beer.

"How so?”

“Well, Chuck Clayton asked me to homecoming.”

I felt Jughead tense before looking down at me with a shocked look on his face.

“What did you say?”

“I said sure.” I shrugged, taking another sip of his root beer.

“Are you feeling alright?” Jughead placed his hand over my forehead, as if he was checking to see if I had a fever. I swatted his hands away and slid over to the opposite booth seat.

"Quit it, Jug."I warned.

"This is a big deal!"Jughead fired, his hands waving wildly.

"It’s not!” I shot back.

"It’s the captain of the football team!”


And?Y/n, he’s only one of the biggest players at our whole school!You know about The Playbook!”

“Jughead, that’s just a silly rumor."I argued.Jughead slammed his laptop shut.

"I can’t believe you’re actually going to go to homecoming with that….that….that imbecile!”

Jughead!Just because “that imbecile” is on the football team, doesn’t make him a bad person!“ I stood up, grabbing my backpack.

"Wait, y/n."Jughead reached for my wrist but I pulled away.

"I won’t be here tomorrow, I’m seeing Chuck after school.“ I paced out of the diner, ignoring Jughead’s protests.
I hadn’t talk to Jughead all day, or Betty, or Veronica.The girls, Jughead, and Kevin seemed to be on some kind of mission, and I wasn’t going to talk to them anyways. I was sure Jughead told them all about Chuck asking me to homecoming.

When school was over, I waited in the library, where Chuck had texted me, asking me to meet up with him. I sat at a table in the corner, working on a book report until he showed. 10 minutes passed, which turned in to 20, then 30, then an hour, and I soon realized that I had been stood up. I gathered all my stuff and compiled it in to my backpack neatly, before zipping it up and swinging it over my shoulder. I pushed the bridge of my glasses up my nose and began to make my way out of the library. Jughead was going to gloat in all of his glory when I told him about what happened.

As I turned opened the door of the library, cold liquid was thrown in my face, drenching my front from head to toe. I gasped loudly, my eyes burning as I wiped the slush-like substance from my face.

"How’s your slushie, freak?!” I opened my eyes to Reggie holding a slushie cup, with about 5 or 6 guys laughing at m, one of them being Chuck.One of the jocks was holding a phone, recording the whole scene.

“Do you really think Chuck would ever ask a weirdo like you to homecoming?"One of the jocks laughed.

"News flash, nobody would ask you out even if you were the last girl on earth, you frigid bitch.”I looked at Chuck, hurt in my eyes.Chuck just smiled, before opening his mouth.

“Don’t take it too personal, y/n, it’s just-” Chuck kicked off the wall he was leaning against, strolling over to me.He leaned down so he was eye level to me."Nobody would ever waste their time on you.You’re not worth it.”

I shoved past Chuck, tears falling down my face. I ran down the hallways of the school, shoving the front doors open and running home as fast as I could.I swung my front door open, running past my mom and up the stairs.I heard my mother shout for me, but I just wanted to take a shower and crawl in to a hole and die.

I stripped off all my clothes and got in, rinsing the sticky drink out of my hair. After I was finished, I threw on some comfy clothes and wrapped a blanket around me, sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Honey.” My mom knocked on my door, opening it slowly.“You’ve gotta get ready, the football game is soon.” She took one look at me and knew something was wrong, sitting next to me on my bed.“Sweetheart, what’s wrong?"My mom rubbed my back soothingly.I fessed up, telling her everything, from yesterday when Chuck asked me out, to Jughead and I’s fight, to the slushie incident.

"Oh honey, I’m so so sorry."My mom pulled me in to her chest, embracing me tightly."If you don’t wanna go tonight, I completely understand.” My mom ran her fingers through my hair while my tears stained her shirt.

“No, I have to go, I promised Josie I’d sing with her tonight.” I wiped away my tears, taking a deep breath and calming myself down. After a few more minutes and my mom making promises to call the principal and “kick Chuck where the sun don’t shine”, she left my room so I could get ready for tonight.

I threw on the outfit I was wearing tonight and grabbed my coat, setting it on my bed with my purse and doing my hair.I did only a little bit of makeup, enough to cover up the fact that I had cried alone in my room for 3 hours, and then I slipped on my boots and went downstairs.

Archie was sat on my couch, swinging his keys around his finger. I loved on the other side of Betty, so he always offered to drive me to games, since he would be heading there anyways.

“Hey, Arch.” I smiled. Archie looked at me sadly before getting up and hugging me tightly.

“Okay, who died.” I joked, hugging my friend back.

“I know what Chuck did to you.” Archie whispered. My fingers clenched around the fabric of his varsity jacket.

“It’s okay.” I moved away so I could look at Archie.“Arch, it’s ok.”

“It’s not ok, it’s-” Archie began to yell and I caught his face in my hands, turning him to look at me.

“I’m.Ok.See?” I stood back and twirled a bit.“ No bumps, no bruises, just a stupid boy who thought he could get to me.” He had gotten to me, but I wasn’t going to let Archie, or anyone for that matter, know.

“Alright, well, Jughead and Betty are doing stuff for the blue and gold with Veronica and Kevin. They said they would meet us at the game, so…”

“Alright, well let’s get going!” I hugged my mom goodbye before leaving out my front door and climbing in to Mr. Andrews truck.
It was the third quarter of the game and the rest of my friends still hadn’t shown up, contrary to what Archie had told me earlier. I had long since performed on stage with Josie and was sitting alone on the bleachers.
“Wow, you’re pathetic!” A girl called out to me, laughing with her friend while she pointed at her phone. I saw a video playing of me getting slushied, except on a loop, and Chuck’s words repeating in the background.

Nobody would ever waste their time on you
You’re not worth it
You’re not worth it
You’re not worth it

I stood from the bleachers, running down the steps as fast as I could. Apparently, Chuck humiliating me in front of half the football team wasn’t enough?

I started hyperventilating, feeling everybody’s eyes on me as phones started to beep, the same video being sent to the whole school. People started laughing and whispering as they looked at me and I couldn’t stop myself from bursting in to tears.My vision was blurred and I started to feel trapped in a hole that was just getting smaller, and smaller, and smal-

“Y/n!"Somebody gripped my shoulders tightly, and I saw Veronica standing in front of me. she looked at me with concern on her face, her eyebrows raised as if looking for answers.

"Chuck…he…he…oh god, Ronnie, the whole school knows.” I wrapped my arms around her neck, collapsing in to her arms.

“Shhh, I know, I know.” Ronnie hugged me back, running her hand down my hair gently to calm me down as my body racked with sobs.

“We gotta go, ok? I don’t think Kevin can hold off Jughead much longer, and-”

“Wait, what?” I gave her the concerned look this time.

Listen, the reason we’re late is because we found the playbook.Its real, and it’s got almost every girl in it, you and I the newest victims.”

“Who put you in it?"I asked her.

"Chuck and I went on a date last night, and he sticky mapled me."Veronica explained.

"Sticky maple? What’s a sticky Ma-”

“Listen, I can tell you all about it later, but right now w-”

“We gotta go, like, now, Jughead is pissed.” Betty came running up the stairs.“I’ve never seen him like this, like, ever.”I followed Betty and Veronica down the bleachers, to the football fence where Kevin stood, his back facing us and his hands wrapped tightly around Jughead’s shoulders.Jughead himself looked like a raging bull seeing red, his nostrils flaring and his jaw clenched.When he saw me, he shoved Kevin out of the way, jogging towards me.

“Why didn’t you tell me what happened right away?!?!” Jughead cried.His palms went to my cheeks, wiping away the tears still falling down my face.

“I-I don’t know, we had gotten in to a fight, and I had left it off bad, and I-”

“Y/n, it’s ok, it’s ok, alright?I’m always here for you, always, I-”

“Well, well, well, looks like you can’t keep the freaks away from each other.Let me guess, it was you that helped him hide the body, right, weirdo?” Chuck leaned against the fence, helmet resting between his hip and forearm.

Jughead wrapped his hands around my shoulders and moved me gently so I wasn’t in front of him anymore before walking calmly up to Chuck, pulling his arm back, and clocking Chuck right in the jaw. Chuck went tumbling down, falling on his ass.

“Hey, freak show, wanna tussle?” Reggie came marching over, seeing the commotion.

“Listen, we all know you get your sexist views from the 50’s, but can you not use their lingo too? It kinda makes you look like a-"Reggie punched Jughead and I gasped. Jughead wiped the blood now coming from his mouth, spitting the rest at Reggie’s feet.

A tool.” Jughead finished.

Reggie shoved Jughead and I came running forward, trying to block Reggie from Jughead. Reggie pushed me out of the way and I fell on my back.Jughead was already knocking his fists in to Reggie’s face, Reggie trying to block him. I began to go in again and was lifted in the air by Chuck, being thrown over his shoulder.

“Time to take out the trash!“Chuck laughed, hauling me off.I started screaming and thrashing in his arms, kicking my legs and waving my arms.

"Put her down!” Veronica screamed, shoving Chuck’s chest. Chuck pushed her down and Betty yelped, running over to help Ronnie up.

Archie began pulling Reggie off of Jughead, and he turned around to see me thrown over Chuck’s shoulder.Jug ran towards Chuck, doing anything he could to grab me from his arms.He kicked Chuck in the stomach, which caused him to stumble backward, and took the opportunity to grab me from his arms and pulling me away from Chuck.

“You’re fucking insane!” Chuck screamed.

“Says the one who tried to haul off with y/n!” Betty screamed back. Betty, Jughead, Kevin, and Archie now stood protectively around Veronica and I.

“What the hell is going on?” Principal Weatherbee hollered from the football field gate, Coach Clayton and the Mayor behind him.

“Chuck, you are in serious trouble!” The coach spoke to his son in a loud tone.

“Dad, they were the ones who-”

“Son, I know about the playbook.” The coach interrupted.“ And I’ve seen the video of what you did to that poor girl.Come on!” The coach grabbed Reggie and Chuck by the shoulders, dragging them back inside the football field and towards the school.The mayor and principal Weatherbee followed.
After the whole commotion at the game, Archie was benched, because he had a bloody nose after the fight with Reggie. Jughead had it way worse, a black eye now adorning the right side of his face and a swollen lip, as well as a busted nose to match that of his best friends. He had a few cuts and bruises on his upper body, but nothing a little first aid couldn’t help.

Jughead now stood in front of me in his pajamas. Archie had drove everyone back to Betty’s, and I immediately dragged Jughead to my house to clean him up while the girls and Kevin set up an impromptu movie night/sleepover to make up for the shitty events earlier on in the night.

“You’ve been eerily silent."Jughead broke the silence as I wiped the cut on his chin with hydrogen peroxide.Jughead hissed at the discomfort.

"I’m just-” I sighed, setting down the napkin in the counter next to me.“I’m an idiot.”

“Y/n, you’re not an idiot.”

“I should have listened to you though.You were right about Chuck and I still went through with it anyways and-” I trailed off, not wanting to relive this afternoon.

“As much as I love hearing you say I was right.” Jughead smiled proudly. “What you need to know is that, everything Chuck said about you is a lie.”

“It’s wasn’t, Jug, he was right."I shook my head, beginning to cry once more.

"No, y/n, don’t say that.” Jughead rested his hands on the counter by either side of my thighs, capturing me in his lean and firm frame.I looked up at him, my eyes red and puffy.

“Jughead, I’m not worth it. None of this was worth it. You getting a black eye and a busted lip and a bloody nose wasn’t worth it!I’m pathetic! I’m a freak, I’m-” I waved my hands around wildly, and Jughead caught my wrists with my hands, holding on to them firmly but gently.

“Hey, hey, hey!” Jughead spoke softly, yet loud enough to get my attention.I stopped, looking at him.“You are worth it, ok? In my mind, in everything, you’re worth it.You have always been worth it and you always will be worth it.” Jughead’s hands went around my cheeks, his thumbs stroking the sides of my face lovingly.

And then I was kissing Jughead.

My fingers were tangled in his hair, his beanie cap knocked off and long forgotten on the tile floor somewhere, his arms pulling me flush to his body. My legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him even closer, and the only time we stopped was to catch our breath for a second before kissing again.

A muffled shout was heard and I tore away from Jughead, to see the girls standing at Betty’s kitchen window, their phones in hand, taking pictures of us. Archie appeared behind them, two thumbs up being thrown in the air.

“We have an audience.” I hid my face in the crook of his neck, my nervous laughs muffled.

“I noticed.” Jughead flipped them off and they giggled, shutting the curtains quickly.

“When we get over there, they’re in for it.” Jughead mumbled, dipping his head back down to kiss me again.

Like a River Runs
Like a River Runs

I woke up thinking you were still here
My hands shaking with regret
I’ve held this dream for such a long long time
And I wanna get up
To the rhythm of a wild, to the rhythm of a wild heart
That beats, that beats like a rolling drum


Brett Talbot x Werewolf!Reader

Requested by Anon

Part 1

Word count: 1 826
Warnings: Sexual content, public sex, smut y’all.

A/N: So I totally used the requests to make a part 2 of it. I hope you enjoy this one as well, it’s hard to make a sequel of something I never thought would turn out as good as it did. *blushes*

”What do you think you’re doing?” Malia growled as she caught you staring too intently and long at the field. Devenford prep were visiting Beacon Hills for a friendly game for practice. You flinched when she was just beside your ear and almost jumped up in Lydia’s lap.

”N-nothing.” you stuttered and Malia whiffed at you. ”Dear god Y/N, you smell like you want the whole team to take you, right here and now.” she cautioned and furrowed her brows as you sank down on the bench, hoping that you maybe could melt under the bleachers, just to avoid Malia’s gaze.

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Knight in Varsity Armour - Archie Andrews Imagine

Originally posted by debnamncarey

gender neutral pronouns || request “Hi could I request where you’re Archie’s girlfriend and he gets protective?” “Hi could you done an imagine about Archie please! I’m not really good with stories so you can chose how it goes. Maybe at a school game or something! Hope this isn’t too much trouble xxx” Thank you both for requesting :) You guys should check out @idkilovenashgrier, and thank you Rachel for helping me with this ;)

Soft rain showered down onto the field as the rally began. The River Vixens were warming up for their piece and the boys stood agitated in the cold breeze. After spotting Archie in the sea of men, (Y/N) made their way down from the bleachers, running up to Archie. Archie turned before they reached him,opening his arms as (Y/N) ran into them, embracing him tightly.

“Hey baby, I thought you weren’t coming today?” Archie asked, pulling back to look at their face. (Y/N) smiled, leaning forward until their noses were touching.

“I had to come cheer my boyfriend on, didn’t I?” Archie smiled, pressing a soft kiss to their lips. (Y/N) ran their fingers through the hair on the back of his neck, making him grin into the kiss.

“Good luck.” And after placing one last kiss to Archies lips, they returned back to the bleachers, taking a place at the bottom.

The game soon started, Josie and the pussycats began to perform and all spirits lit with passion. (Y/N) cheered for Archie as the game began officially. In the rucuss of the crowd, the loud cheering and fuss, (Y/N) failed to notice the jock who was not in the game come behind them, standing daringly close. Sensing a presence behind, (Y/N) slowly turned around, eyeing the jock as he smirked. Shuffling uncomfortably away, (Y/N) regained their focus back to Archie who had the ball. The game went on, until the same presence lurked behind them.

As the game drew to a close, (Y/N) looked over their shoulder to be met with the same jock, however as (Y/N) went to move away again, the boy followed their movements. Panicking slightly, (Y/N) continued to walk backwards in order to get away from the boy who was seemingly undressing them with his eyes. It wasn’t until (Y/N) backed into a hard chest that they stopped, looking up, they saw it was Archie, a look of pure hatred and anger in his eyes as he stared the jock down.

“Get the hell away from them you piece of shit.” Archie seethed as he stepped in front of (Y/N), pushing them protectively behind his back. The boy smirked once again, pushing his chest out and taking a step towards the two.

“What are you going to do about it, Andrews?” A small crowd had now taken notice to the situation, and many were staring in curiosity about what was to happen next.

“Archie come on, lets just go.” (Y/N) soothed, gripping his forearm. Archie however, continued to squint at the boy.

“Do you want to find out?” Archie sassed, beginning to advance upon the jock. The jock simply chuckled darkly before his dark eyes narrowed.

“Show me what you got, pretty boy.” The nickname caused Archie to lash out, throwing punches and kicks, the jock following suit. The crowd cheered but (Y/N) yelled at the two to stop, attempting to pull Archie away, which resulted in a firm knock to their chin from Archie’s elbow. Staggering back, Archie caught sight of (Y/N) who was holding their chin,drawing his attention away from the jock for a brief second, allowing the man to punch Archie in the face. The fight was going to continue had it not have been for the principle who was making his way towards the scene, causing everyone to flee.

“Come on.” (Y/N) urged, grabbing Archie’s hand and pulling him to the girls changing rooms out on the field. It was dark and out of school hours, so the two hoped that it wasn’t occupied as they stumbled in. Immediately, Archie grabbed (Y/N)’s face softly, looking at the bruise beginning to form on their chin.

“I did that, didn’t I?” He asked quietly, frowning. (Y/N) reached their hand up to caress his face, reassuring him with a gentle kiss.

“Archie, I know you didn’t mean to, it was my fault anyway.” Silence echoed throughout the changing rooms, before Archie embraced (Y/N) tightly, burying his slightly bloodied face into their neck. (Y/N) rubbed their hand up and down his back soothingly. “You didn’t have to do that for me, Archie.” They whispered, kissing his cheek. Archie pulled back slightly, looking into their eyes and placing his forehead on their own.

“Of course I did, what kind of boyfriend would I be if I didn’t protect you?” Archie asked gently, both of them breaking out into a small smile. (Y/N) pressed their lips to his, basking in the sweet feeling.

“Thank you, my knight in varsity armour.” (Y/N) joked, causing them both to laugh. Archie brought them back into his embrace, swaying slightly. A smile stayed on both of their faces, needless to say, no matter how many bruises it took, if he were to be their knight, that’s what he would be.


Brett x Reader

A/N: A cute idea from @supercarricat, thank you for helping me cheering me up when I had a shitty day. ♥


For the first time in days, you were able to go to school. You manage to beat the elongated flu you got and were now able to come along with Devenford’s lacrosse-team to Beacon Hills for a game against them. Brett had persuade the coach to get you to come and now you sat happily to said person and looked out through the window.

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Stay Pt.2 Harry Hook x Reader

Originally posted by evieshook

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(new) playlists for the songs pt. 1

here are the old playlists: 1 and 2







The Plan // Archie Andrews

Hi… me again sorry I have another angsty idea. Can you do an imagine where the reader is Veronica’s adopted sibling and she has a giant crush on Archie and Veronica knows it and the reader and Archie have been hanging out a lot just them and she thinks he likes her too but then the reader catches them kissing and she feels really betrayed and hurt and she won’t talk to either of them but then Archie like confesses his love for the reader in front of everyone during a football game or something.

Hey! Sorry this one was a little late but I’ve had it saved in my notes to do. But, here’s another Archie imagine. I’ll being having Cheryl and Veronica soon! 💕


‘Come on! Spill the beans lil sis!’ Veronica poked and prodded her few months younger sister, trying to provoke her to tell her who she had feelings for.

Y/N slapped her repeatedly playfully to keep her away from her. Y/N laughed, watching Veronica’s reaction to Y/N hitting her. 'I don’t like anyone and if I did I would certainly NOT tell you.’

'Oh, c'mon! Just admit it; you like Archibald Andrews.’

Y/N’s mouth dropped open, smacking her again. 'Say it louder please, I want him to know and completely embarrass myself.’ Y/N commented sarcastically, rolling her eyes.

'Oh, c'mon. I think it’s adorable.’

'Shut up.’

'No, because I’m right.’



'What are you two fighting about?’ Both girls turned their heads to see Archie, watching them in amusement.

'She’s pestering me, just like an older sister would.’ Y/N laughed, pushing Veronica away from her. She squinted at her, telling her to keep her mouth shut.

'I’ll save you from her since we’ve got to go study in the library, remember?’

'Oh yeah - I completely forgot!’ Y/N nodded, standing next to Archie. 'Catch you later sis!’ She smiled, waving and walking away with Archie.

The special thing about Veronica and Y/N about them being sisters is that they were by bond, not by blood.

Y/N was adopted into the Lodge family when she was younger after her parents sadly passed away in a fire, they made sure she escaped whilst a 9 year old Y/N watched her house burn down in flames. Hermoine and Hiram were family friends with her parents, taking no risks and adopting her straight away.

Veronica and Y/N grew a bond stronger than anything imagined. Veronica cared and watched out for her at all costs throughout their relationship, especially moving to a new town.

But, Y/N and Veronica managed to make friends with the same people, making it easier for Veronica to look out for Y/N.

'Archie - when did we plan to go study in the library?’ Y/N asked, walking beside the auburn haired boy.

Archie smirked mischievously, looking down at the Y/H/C haired coloured girl. 'We aren’t, I just wanted to get you away from Ronnie.’

'Wow, my hero.’ Y/N laughed that adorable laugh, Archie always loved it. It was like music to his ears.

'Hey - I did you a favour.’ He pointed out, pushing open the library door.

'Okay, I’ll let you off just this once.’

Y/N always attempted to be coy with Archie, trying her best to keep her emotions and feelings under wraps, with the fear of being hurt. She was already anxious enough with Ronnie knowing, she’d probably never leave the house if the likes of Cheryl found out, that would be a recipe for disaster.

'Right, well, since you’ve put us in this predicament, we’re actually going to study.’

'Oh, c'mon. What about the snacks? We always do that on our free period?’ Y/N rolled her eyes at the complaining teenager, opening her back and throwing a packet of skittles at him. He fumbled before catching it, glaring at Y/N playfully.

'You’re lucky I caught it.’

'You can eat the orange ones, it’ll help your hair stay the way it is.’

Archie snorted, shaking his head at the girl he sat next to, popping a skittle in his mouth as they began to study.


It was almost the end of the day and Veronica had a plan. Now, usually her plans worked, but, sometimes when she got to sure of herself, the plan would fall through. She finally found the auburn hair she’d been looking for, tapping him on the shoulder.

Archie spun around, seeing the raven haired girl smiling at him.

'Archie, can we talk? In private?’ Archie smiled and nodded, following her into the vacant classroom. He shut the door behind him, confused as to why he was in here.

'Ronnie, what’s going on?’ Archie asked, frowning in confusion.

'What do you mean?’ Her tone of voice changed, almost seducing. She took a few steps forward closer towards him, making him take a few more back.

'You’ve…you’ve never acted like this before, what are you doing?’

'Don’t you see it, Archikins? We were made for each other.’ Veronica was now so close to his face, he could feel her breath fanning his face. 'Just accept it.’

Meanwhile, Y/N was walking past, since Ronnie wanted to speak to her about something to do with home. She was confused. Ronnie was supposed to be here by now, where was she?

Y/N only simply turned her head before she saw her sister locking lips with the guy she’d liked since she first moved here. Y/N felt her face drop and emotions starting to show, looking around in the crowded hallway, she hopped no one was looking.

She didn’t even realise until Archie’s eyes widened at her that he’d been caught and he’d seen Y/N’s broken facial expression.

Y/N made a sprint for the girls bathroom, hiding away from her sister that betrayed her and the boy she loved and thought loved her in return. She put her hand over her mouth, trying to keep quiet in the stall she’d locked herself in, letting the tears fall freely.

Meanwhile, Archie had pushed Veronica away, glaring at his friend. 'Why did you do that, Ronnie?’

'What do you mean?’ Ronnie felt bad for hurting her sister, but she needed to know for her sake.

'I like Y/N, a lot actually and you’ve now ruined any chance that I have with her. I’ve never cared for someone as much as her and I was planning to finally confess my feelings for her, now I’ve completely ruined.’ Archie was furious, his face almost turning red like his hair.

'That’s what I wanted to hear.’ Ronnie smirked, standing back. Archie turned his head back to her, frowning in confusion. 'I knew you had feelings for her, I just wanted to see if you were good enough for her.’

'By what? Making out with me?’

'By seeing your reaction to me doing it. You’re mad, it worked. Now, for the next step in my plan; winning her back in the best way possible.’

'Winning her back? I wouldn’t have to do it if you didn’t kiss me!’ Archie exclaimed.

'Trust me, Arch. You have to make Y/N feel special and a big gesture is the way to go and I know exactly how to do it.’


'Y/N, come out of the stall, please?’ Betty pleaded, knocking on the door.

Y/N sniffled, wiping her nose with the cheap toilet paper in her hand. 'No. I can’t face the world.’

'Y/N, no one else saw it.’ Kevin reassured.

'Kevin, you’re not suppose to be in here and I don’t care, they would’ve heard about it. Why would she do that? She knew I liked him!’

'We all did,’ Kev said, Betty glaring at him. They found out about Ronnie’s plan before it happen, knowing it would cause Y/N to be hurt. 'But, I’m sure there’s something we don’t know.’

'She kissed Archie…I’m not going to the game tonight.’

'Yes you are.’ Betty cut her off. 'You are a strong, independent woman and you don’t need a man in your life. You’ve got this. Don’t let them ruin your fun and social outings.’

Y/N unlocked the door, slowly pulling it open. Betty and Kevin gave their friend a sympathetic look, her make up completely smudged, her face red and her eyes puffy. Y/N walked over to the sink, turning on the tap to try and fix her face as much as possible.

'Fine,’ she finally spoke up, 'I’ll go to the game.’


Y/N regretted this whole idea of going now, she absolutely hated being here and watching a game standing next to Jughead, who couldn’t care less about this sport and looking at the guy who made out with her sister.

'Why don’t you just go talk to him about it?’ Jughead suggested. She turned, frowning and glaring at him. He put his hands up in surrender, knowing he’d only made her more annoyed as the whistle blew, the game beginning again.

'Where the hell is Kevin? - I thought he’d be here, since Betty and she who shall not be named are cheerleaders.’ Y/N asked, looking around for them. Jughead knew they had a plan, whether it actually worked was a different story.

Archie was planning to announce his feelings at half time to Y/N, hoping she’ll give him a chance and forgive Ronnie for trying to be a protective sister.

Archie began the play again, the whole school starting to cheer his name in sync, Y/N beginning to feel like a sitting duck. She looked at the students and the cheerleaders who shouted his name, loud and proud.

Y/N felt out of place, she began to feel maybe Archie could do better, being a football star and a musician, he could do better and she was slowly starting to see it.

'Jug…I’m gonna go, okay?’ Y/ N gave him a half smile, standing up from her seat in the stands.

'Are you sure?’ Jughead attempted to not look panicked, trying to keep Y/N from leaving before half time.

'Yeah…I - I can’t do this, I’m sorry.’ She apologised, walking away from her worried friend.

Jughead messaged Betty, letting her know that Y/N was leaving now and Archie needed to do something quickly before he lost his chance.

Archie had been keeping an eye on her the entire game, stopped running completely to watch the love of his life leaving him.

'No…she can’t.’ He mumbled to himself, sprinting off the field, causing everyone to frown and call out in confusion. The coach screamed at him, asking him what the hell he was doing, but Archie didn’t answer nor care.

Y/N didn’t even realise she was the centre of attention for everyone, watching Archie run up the bleacher steps to stop Y/N from exiting.

Y/N looked up, shocked to see Archie standing in front of her, helmet off and sweat glistening on his forehead.

'Archie - what the hell…’

'No, listen to me.’ Archie cut Y/N off, wanting to tell her everything. 'I know Veronica kissed me, but I found out why; because she wanted to know how I’d react to a kiss from someone else, seeing if I was faithful. I then yelled at her and told her she screwed up every chance that I had with you because I love you and I can’t live without-’

'Wait - hold up; what did you just say?’ Y/N asked, feeling her eyes glisten with tears. Archie stopped mid rambling, looking into Y/N’s Y/E/C eyes. He showed a small smile, looking down at his feet.

'I - I love you.’

Everyone around them awed, watching the two young lovers. It was almost an episode from “The Days of Our Lives”.

'R-really?’ Y/N stuttered, stepping down more step, making her and Archie closer together. 'But, what about Ronnie-’

'She did this so I could admit my feelings to you.’ Archie explained. 'I love you and I want you.’ He repeated. Y/N smiled, but it soon fell.

'How can I trust you?’

Archie but his lip, cupping Y/N’s cheek before he leaned in, kissing her after so long of waiting.

Y/N felt like the breath had been taken out of her. The crowd cheered behind them, neither knowing if it was for the game that played behind them or them finally kissing, but, neither of them cared.

Archie pulled away, smiling at Y/N. Thunder echoed off in the sky, signalling it was going to rain. Y/N looked up to the sky laughing.

'Okay, you’ve proved it. But please, no more kissing my sister…or anyone else. How about if we have something on our minds we tell each other?’

Archie chuckled, nodding. 'That sounds good.’

Y/N felt the first drop on her cheek, smiling. 'Oh and Archie, I love you.’ She looked back at Archie, grabbing his face and pulling him in for another kiss, the rain beginning to pelt down on them.

But there was no care in the world when Y/N and Archie kissed each other. Jughead shook his head, chuckling at his friends.

Betty and Ronnie watched from their position on the field, giving each other a high five to finally have two people who loved each other together.

BTS REACTIONS to you playing Softball for a while | Reactions

Yoongi’s Reaction to you playing Softball:

Yoongi wouldn’t honestly care. Yoongi was happy that you wouldn’t nag him about being bored. Until you got addicted to it, Yoongi immediately regretted you being bored because you nag him more to play softball with him. Yoongi always shows up to your softball tournaments and is always supporting you. He always brings a bouquet of flowers for you whether you win or lose. 

“I dont care if you win or not but always know that I’m there supporting you!”

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Taehyung’s Reaction to you playing Softball:

Taehyung would love when you nag him to play softball. When you texted if that you were bored, he would tell you to go to the park with him whether it’s midnight or morning and play softball with you. He was always the loudest one at the tournaments. Taehyung would always get you a handball at every tournament and you started a softball collection. 

“Let’s play now. I bought my softball with me!”

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Jungkook’s Reaction to you playing Softball:

Jungkook was very supportive during your tournaments. Jungkook would play with you from time to time. He was very competitive, that helped you a lot since he was trying to get your reflexes better. Jungkook would always ask how you were before a tournament just to make sure you were okay. He would cheer after half the game because he was too shy. 

“Don’t worry, your team is definitely gonna win!”

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Jin’s Reaction to you playing Softball:

Jin would always support you just like the other boys. When you used to get stressed over about the tournament, Jin would always cheer you up with his legendary jokes and windshield laugh. He would always make you a simple snack before you played in your tournament so you had energy. Jin would come running from the bleachers to hug you when your team won. 

“Jagi, eat this. It will refuel your energy.”

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Namjoon’s Reaction to you playing Softball:

Namjoon loved when you used to play softball during your free time. When he had some time to spend with you, he would play in his studio with you. He was very rough and ended up breaking up something. He would always do something fun with you after you would play in your tournaments. 

“Baby, remind me not to play in the studio anymore.”

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Jimin’s Reaction to you playing Softball:

Jimin being the little bear he is loves when you played softball. He would always offer to play with you but then end up being scared of the ball hitting him. Jimin would be at the bleachers during the games and would scream the loudest at first and then sit down being shy.

“Lets play. I promise I will try to hit the ball this time.”

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Hosoek’s Reaction to you playing softball:

Hoseok was so loud at your tournaments that he would have a sore throat at the end. He would always run to your place hug you and then dance on the platform whether you won or lost. He would hate it when you didnt win, you would blame yourself and then he would be very cute and weird for you. 

“Come on, dance with me!”

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Here When You Need Me

This is the Betty x Jughead drabble from the Betty’s First Kiss Series

tumblr prompt:
“A drabble of Betty’s first kiss. Whoever you want. Surprise me. :)”

541 words / G / AO3


Jughead’s leaning on a wall outside the school during lunchtime, checking his phone when a blonde figure rushes past him. He whips his head up to see Betty running towards the empty bleachers and moves to follow her.

He’s too far back to catch up to her, and he sees her collapse into a seat in the stands. Her head is in her hands and she’s fighting back tears. Jughead takes the steps two at a time until he reaches her in the center of the stands, in the section furthest away from the school.

He’s standing beside her when she says, “Juggie, I’m fine,” and he scoffs.

“No, you’re not,” he states as he straddles the bench next to her. He puts a hand on her shoulder in a show of comfort, “now what’s wrong?”


“I’m gonna kick his ass,” Jughead moves to stand, but Betty grabs his arm before he can move.

“No, it’s,” she takes a deep breath and wipes away the one tear that fell, “it’s just that I’ve liked him for so long, and for what? He doesn’t see me that way and all I’ve done is put him on a pedestal, and yeah I like him – he’s my best friend – but do I want to be with him or do I just like the image of us?” she gestures wildly throughout her monologue then turns to face Jughead.

“So,” Jughead looks straight in Betty’s eyes, “do you want me to beat him up for being an idiot or acknowledge the fact you finally realize you deserve better?” He asks with an eye roll, which makes Betty laugh, “because I would have to get off my lazy ass to do the former.”

“Just stay,” she says, and Jughead swings his other leg around so they are both facing out to the field.

“Alright, the almighty Betty Cooper has finally realized she deserves more than a man who always overlooks her- “

“Stop,” Betty says, but she’s laughing so Jug knows she doesn’t mean it.

“and will use her beauty, brains, and charm to get any man in the school she wants,” Jughead says in his best announcer voice.

Betty leans into Jughead’s side with her laughter, all signs of crying gone, and he loops his arm around her.

“I will kick any ass for you,” Jughead says, “if you get me a hamburger from Pops.”

Betty turns to him and smiles, their faces closer than she was expecting.

“I don’t think you’ll have to,” she looks down to his lips, then back up at his eyes, his eyes following the movement of hers, “because the guy that I like that made me realize I don’t like Archie is kind of a sweetheart,” she tilts her head up to catch his lips in hers, a quick questioning kiss.

Jughead shakes his head softly, “I’m only ‘sweet’ to you,” he brushes his nose against hers, “so don’t go telling anyone I’m a softy,” he leans down to capture her lips in his once again, moving their lips together and gently sliding his tongue across the seal of her mouth, making her gasp, but he pulls away as she chases his mouth with hers, “ha,” he says, “told you.”

I didn’t expect that (Brett Talbot x Reader)

Prompt #10- “It’s okay, I didn’t expect you to love me.”

A/N- Reader has elemental powers. Also, I feel like this kind of drags towards the end, but I was determined to get another post out so um… oops? :) x

The game between Beacon Hills and Devenford Prep was going well, until it wasn’t. The Beast had been attacking for a few weeks now, and things were getting scary. Having elemental powers was cool, but you could only use them for a limited amount of time, because they drained you of so much energy. That limiting factor made you feel like you weren’t as helpful to the pack as you could be, so you kept pushing yourself during each fight- to the point of almost passing out. This fight though, you went too far. 

Scott called everyone who was already on the pitch over to him, and any pack members in the bleachers came running over. Surprisingly, Brett Talbot, a werewolf from Satomi’s pack, and the boy you were secretly in love with, joined you all. You were pretty sure that everyone thought you hated him, it was easier that way; if you got hurt, it would be one less person to be overly upset about it. You knew all too well that any fight could be your last, given the limitations of your powers. 

The Alpha quickly began to put everyone into groups, so that everyone could effectively target the Beast (who had just been spotted near the lacrosse pitch), and return it to its human form. Scott, Stiles and Lydia went to make sure everyone was okay- and to be the ‘Beast bait’. Corey, Kira and Malia went to get ready in the woods, for the first stage of the fight. That left Liam, Brett and you to cover any grey areas in the woods that you spotted, and be ready to step in if it got nasty. You went over to Liam to speak, but he said the words before you could even open your mouth, “I know, I’ll let your parents know if anything happens, and I’ll make sure that they get your letters.” All I could do was hug him, he was the brother you always wanted. The two of you walked over to Brett, and headed into the woods.

You were walking into the woods beside Brett. There was a comfortable silence, and all I wanted to do was tell Brett how I felt. I looked up at him, about to start a conversation when he grabbed me, and pulled me behind him, “Y/N, stay behind me. The Beast is coming.” It was tense now. Liam and Brett had wolfed out, and you were ready to attack. It became eerily quiet, and then the Beast pounced. You put your hands up in a defensive position, which caused vines to grow around the Beast’s massive body, and threw him back. “Woah, Y/N. That was awesome!” shouted Brett, before he ran towards the Beast with Liam on his tail. They were making erratic swipes with their claws. 

The rest of the pack had made their way over to you all now, and had stepped in to help. You were doing your best, throwing boulders, and making vines grow to restrain it; but all the while, you were being drained of your energy, and the others were being pushed back together. You were at the edge before it happened. 

The Beast was getting ready to attack, it was moving towards Brett. You couldn’t let him die. You ran to step in front of him. You screamed and stomped on the floor aggressively, causing a massive wall of boulders to erupt from the ground, and make a wall big enough to protect the whole pack. After a few seconds you collapsed, only to be caught by Brett. 

He slowly lowered the both of you to the ground, and cradled you in his arms. You knew that you;d over done it this time, but it was worth it to protect the people that your pack. Your family. Brett. There were tears in his eyes, and you had to tell him how you felt. “Look, Brett. I’ve wanted to tell you this for ages, I’ve been too scared to tell you, but you know what they say, no time like the present,” you were rasping now, your breathing becoming shallow and laboured, “Brett, I love you. And don’t worry, it’s okay, I didn’t expect you to say it back. You should know.” Brett’s tears got heavier, and he simply said, 

“I love you too.” Then you blacked out…

Bright lights. Beeping noises. A hand gripping yours. A head on your stomach. Those were the first things that you saw, heard and felt when you returned to the land of consciousness. You fidgeted and the head that was on your stomach looked up, and you were both suprised and confused when you were greeted with Brett’s exhausted face.

“Oh my god, Y/N, you’re awake. This is amazing,” he rambled, with a massive grin on his face.

“Brett, what are you doing here?” you asked, trying really hard not to sound rude. 

“Because I love you, and I wasn’t just saying it. I’ve been trying to get your attention for months; then after that stunt you pulled, I knew for sure,” he finished.

“Y-you love me?”

“Yes, I do.” 

You slowly moved closer, and closer, until our foreheads were touching.

“I love you, Brett.”

“I love you too, Y/N.”

Then your lips crashed together against his, and all was well.

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Carrying / R. M.

The first time Reggie carries you, you’re in the fifth grade. Chuck was being a jerk, and pushed you down on the wood chips. He and Kevin carried you to the teachers bench. —————— ——————————————————————- In 8th grade, you both went to the formal, with your separate groups of friends. Your friend groups hung out together, and you guys hung out. When your parents asked for pictures with the girls on the guys shoulders, you jumped up on Reggies. He gave you a piggyback ride, and he liked the way your hot breath danced along his skin when he told a particularly funny joke. Your laugh was infectious. He didn’t know it yet, but he was falling in love with you. ——————————————————————- You both got invited to a pool party Freshman year. He thought you looked amazing in your bikini, but what he liked even better was the way your warm skin felt against his bare chest. He picked you up, threatening to throw you in the pool. You nuzzled into his chest, whining for him not to do it. He threw you in the pool, and then jumped in after your giggling and shrieking body. He picked you up again, and secretly loved the way your wet hair flopped on his shoulder. You laughed and giggled, pulling him out of the water. You walked to the side of the pool, and pull him in, causing him to land on top of you. You both collapse into a fit of laughter. ——— ——————————————————————- Junior year, he trys out for the varsity football team. You watch him tryout, and when coach tells him he made it, he immediately runs over to the bleachers and picks you up, throwing you over his shoulder. You whisper in his ear how proud you are of him, and he thanks you. Afterward, he takes you to Pops for a milkshake to celebrate. Little did you know this would be the first of many celebrations with Reggie. —————————————– ——————————————————————- Senior year, Reggie finally gets the courage to ask you out. He is playing the homecoming game tonight, but this time as the varsity football teams quarterback. You wear his letterman jacket and sit in the stands as he makes touchdown after touchdown. You jump up and scream every time he scores, earning a grin from him. At halftime, he climbs up the bleachers and pulls you in for a kiss. Everyone awwws. After he scores the winning point, winning by the largest margin in riverdale history, he picks you up bridalstyle and carries you around, celebrating. He lifts you with the same ease and care as in the 5th grade. You kiss his neck, and whisper into his ear, leaving a hot breath of air everywhere you go. He whispers into your ear how you are his and his one and only. He thinks back to all the times he wishes he could of done this, and he kisses you, while he holds you, as you wear his jacket, because you are his. He has the girl of his dreams in his arms, and he wasn’t going to put her down anytime soon.

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