running back

the raindrop prelude

pianist au

pairing: yoongi | reader
genre: angst and fluff
word count: 14.859
warnings: implied smut, mentions of alcohol
author’s note: this is a revamped version of a story I wrote ages ago, which some of you might have read already (was simply titled raindrop back in the day). the plot remains the same, only the writing was heavily tweaked, almost entirely rewritten. If you did not read it before, I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Since music is a very important part of this story, I suggest playing the songs on this playlist whenever they’re mentioned. :)

You feel exhilarated.

You would never be able to describe such feeling properly, and you are sure other musicians would agree. Being up there, hands surfing above the keys while the music floats seamlessly, turns your body weightless and takes your mind away from it, faraway from the dullness of reality. It drifts and glides away smoothly, silently, towards a remote place where you can finally shine.

Your senses are still heightened and your heart is still pumping vigorously as you leave the stage, fingers starting to tremble. They feel numb and sore after torturing them for almost ten minutes, and the pleasing sound of applauses still rings in your ears as you trudge in the direction of the bathroom.

You did it. Be proud. The cutting words are deafening in your head, mixing with the echo of the melody your hands conjured up only a few minutes ago. That voice, both sharp and unrecognizable, faintly resembles that of your best friend, your colleagues and your teachers, but you are unable to believe them. You just can’t.

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A Day in the Life: Ravenclaw

o   5 am: Accidentally wakes up. Gets really angry because they think the day is starting already. Rolls over and sees they have more time to sleep. Cries real Jesus tears in relief when they realize they have another three hours

o   8 am: Slowly wakes up (again). Writes dream down in dream journal (usually something crazy and Oscar-worthy), Tries really hard not to fall back asleep

o   8:30 am: Rolls out of bed (finally) and gets dressed. Hums theme song from Indiana Jones for motivation.

o   9:00 am: Goes for breakfast which they have to eat really fast because they took too long to wake up and get ready. Makes sure they 100% have everything for the day because they don’t want to get stuck outside the common room for an hour thinking of the answer to a riddle.

o   9:30 am: First class starts. Transfiguration. Has a minor heart attack when they can’t find their homework in their bag to turn in, panic attack intensifies when they realize they didn’t do their homework, lies to the professor saying they forgot it (the professor believes them, holla @ reputations)

o   11:00 am: First lesson finishes, rushes to lunch. Furiously shovels food into their mouth while intensely focusing on finishing the homework they forgot to do, runs back to the professor to hand it in, saying they went and got it before their next lesson (professor is impressed—reputation upheld)

o   12:00 pm: Next lesson begins. Potions. Executes first potion flawlessly and turns it in, has extra time and begin experimenting with their leftover ingredients,  accidentally invents a hair growth serum, which they figure out the hard way by spilling on their arm. Has to go to Madame Pomfrey.

o   1:30 pm: Mid-Day break, which is usually spent in the courtyard with friends. However, that day they are in the hospital wing getting emergency hair removal.

o   2:00 pm: Third lesson of the day. Charms, is working on confundus charm, . partners up with their friend and keeps “accidentally” casting it too strong because they can’t “seem to get the hang of it.” Friend eventually catches on and hexes them with a freezing charm so their hand gets stuck to their wand. Both get into trouble and are assigned detention.

o   4:00 pm: Classes are let out for the day. Ravenclaw and friend stay behind to serve their detention, hand is still frozen to their wand. Professor quietly acknowledges that both charms, the confundus and freezing charm, were executed flawlessly. Their time gets cut in half and they only have to re-organize cabinets for an hour.

o   5:00 pm: Heads down to supper. The freezing charm finally wears off and they are able to eat. Days get recounted, dreams get told, human interactions get analyzed, homework gets discussed, books get shared. As an afterthought, food gets eaten.

o   6:30 pm: Heads back up to the common room. Ten other students are stuck outside the door: this riddle is difficult. A fight breaks out, a piece of pie is ruined, someone cries, the knocker opens the door. Students spread out immediately, claiming the best chairs and floor space for homework.

o   7:00 pm: Homework and ensuing experiments begin. One seventh year wants to test what would happen if they put the hair-growing serum that Ravenclaw developed on a rat.

o   7:30 pm: A funeral is held for Cheese, the best rat a House could ask for. He is honored with a full memorial and whatever flowers they could manage to conjure. Everyone in the house attends. Music is provided by the piano someone enchanted to play the theme from Ratatouille. They plan on burying him by the lake tomorrow

o   8:00 pm: The house gets quiet as everyone goes back to doing homework. This lasts for approximately thirty minutes until someone asks what would happen if they put the hair-growing serum on a dead rat. Cheese gets taken out of his coffin. He is re-buried with a lot more hair than originally.

o   9:00 pm: Ravenclaw crawls into bed with a book. Ends up staying way past when they should go to sleep.

o   12:00 am: Finally decides to sleep. Dreams about rats cooking up potions to make hair grow.

Better late than never.

Eggsy had invited you to a ball that Tilde and her parents were hosting for some charity event. You two were so close, even out of work you went everywhere together, and people always asked if you were a couple. Unfortunately your answer was always no, especially now he’d found Tilde, the princess of his dreams it seemed. Still, you stuck with him, being the supportive best friend you’d always been, even though it killed you a little inside every time you saw them together. You stepped on your long dress, the waist down made of black tulle, with a black short dress underneath it, and cursed underneath your breath as you held on to a chair to steady yourself. An arm snakes around your waist, another holding on to your wrist. Eggsy leant in to your ear, a little closer than he should have.

“You okay?”

“I’m fine,” you gulp, your hand automatically resting on top of his on your waist, “just this silly dress.”

You laugh it off and sort yourself out, then he slides his arm away.

“I don’t think it’s silly. You look stunning,” he smiles as he walks away, back into the crowd and to an angry looking Tilde. You smile back at him and let out a breath you didn’t realise you’d been holding since he put his hands on your body. Tilde’s eyes bore into yours, her face scrunching up as if she’s sucking on a lemon, and you can’t help but laugh out loud at the sight. You carry on circling around the room, talking to various diplomats and other members of royalty from different countries. With each movement you make, you can feel someone watching you, and every time you turn around, it’s Eggsy that’s looking at you, his eyes suddenly darting around the room to avoid your questioning gaze. You start to move towards each other, pausing for conversations along the way, both of you checking how far the other is away from them. Whenever you catch each other’s eye, you can’t help but smile across the crowd. The small talk with these people was killing you, and Eggsy knew you’d be hating it, but he desperately wanted to keep you here all night.

“So, when are you going to get engaged?” One of Tilde’s uncles asks Eggsy.

“Umm, actually, we haven’t spoken about that,” he says, looking around the room to check where you are, “(Y/N) and I are taking things slow at the moment.”

“Who’s (Y/N)?”

“Oh, sorry! Tilde, of course!” Eggsy corrects, still scanning the room as he looks around Tilde’s uncle’s head.

“Are you okay? You seem distracted,” Tilde’s uncle frowns, unimpressed with Eggsy’s behaviour.

“Yes, sorry, um,” Eggsy starts, then suddenly sees you, nearer than he thought you’d be and his eyes light up, “I must go, I’ll catch up with you later.”

Eggsy pushes his way through the crowd, reaching out to touch your arm when he’s close enough, but is stopped by Tilde standing in front of him, eyes like daggers.

“Oh! Hey!” He smiles, snapping his hand back to his side.

“Come with me, now,” she orders, storming off through the crowd. You turn around just as Eggsy runs after her, and your heart drops into your stomach. There he goes with the woman he’s sure to marry after all this. And here you are again, enticed in by his cheeky smile, working your way towards each other through the crowd, and now completely dejected, stuck talking to some distant relative of the Swedish royal family. You make your excuses and slowly wind your way back through the crowd, not paying any attention to the people you pass.

Out in the hall, Eggsy stands with his fingers pressed firmly against his forehead frustratedly.

“I need to get back in there,” he says exasperated.

“No! You need to explain to me why you’re staring at her all the time!” Tilde yells.

“What are you on about?!”

“Eggsy, you clearly have feelings for her. I’m not putting up with this any longer. It’s me or her. You need to decide now,” Tilde frowns, hands on her hips defiantly. Eggsy looks up, his hand falling down from his face as your name immediately pops into his head, no hesitation about it whatsoever. How had he been so stupid? He’s probably lost you now if you’d seen him running after her. Tilde’s eyes widen at his silence, and the realisation that now covers his face as his mouth opens a little to try and speak.

“Don’t say it. I know. Get her and leave as soon as possible, or I’ll call security,” Tilde orders, stomping away to the toilets. Eggsy takes a deep breath and runs back into the ballroom to find you, pushing people out of the way without care. He spots you, head hanging down as you slowly walk towards him unknowingly. His hand reaches out and grabs yours, pulling you towards him, and you bump into his chest with the force.

“Woah!” You breathe, looking up at his face.

“We need to leave. Now,” he says seriously, dragging you through the crowd and out into the hall.

“Eggsy, what are you-?”

“You’re welcome to him, bitch!” Tilde then shouts out from behind you, as Eggsy doesn’t even look back, pulling you out of the venue as quick as he can.

“Eggsy, why did she-?”

“Just hold on,” he says, bursting through the front doors and looking around for his car.

“Eggsy! Stop! What the fuck is going on here?!” You call out, stopping in your tracks, and pulling on his sleeve to slow him down.

“I love you, okay?!” He yells, turning to face you, his heart skipping a beat when he takes in your wind swept hair, figure hugging dress, and shocked face. You feel as if you’ve had the wind knocked out of you as you stand there looking at his worried face, his suit lopsided from running with his arm connected to yours behind him, face slightly red from his outburst.

“Eggsy,” you whisper, closing the gap between you both as your heels crunch on the gravel, trying to keep your balance. You fix his suit, straightening out his jacket and tie, then smooth the arms down and look up at him with a calm smile.

“That’s better,” you sigh, “now, what did you say before?”

“I love you,” he exhales, feeling instantly calm from your touch. You smile wider, reaching a hand up to his face and placing it gently on his cheek, your thumb stroking over the soft skin just beneath his eye.

“Tilde told me to choose between you or her, and it was only then I realised that I couldn’t live my life without you. I’m so stupid, I wouldn’t blame you if you walked away right now, it’s taken me so long to realise this. I’m so sorry,” he explains, voice barely above a whisper.

“Don’t be sorry, Eggs. Better late than never, right?” You smile, his face now mirroring yours, “and for the record, I love you too.”

*loses Steve in a store*

Dustin: don’t worry I got this guys

Dustin: *uses hand as microphone* “oh Steve’s hair? Yea he uses-”

Steve: u little shit I will disown u right now

why do i constantly wanna change everything about myself and my surroundings

Can I just say how intensely proud I am of Shia LaBeouf for taking all the crap, all the criticism and abuse, from the media, from the legal system, from FUCKING NAZIS, that he does and still getting the fuck back up again. He’s not a perfect person obviously, but he is a good one and I wish I had even half his courage and fortitude. He astonishes me and I love and support him and his message.