running back



After winning the 1981 Heisman, running back Marcus Allen went on to star with the Raiders and Chiefs. He was the first to compile 10,000 rushing and 5,000 receiving yards. A six-time Pro Bowl back, he finished with a then-record 123 rushing touchdowns among his 145 total. The Hall of Famer turned 55 years old today. (Richard Mackson, Peter Read Miller/SI)

I miss this so much I used to look so bloody bad ass!

Kylie out in West Hollywood

so i work for a pizza place & one time our driver was sent to to the business section of an empty warehouse. he was met by a ~9 y/o kid in the dimly-lit entrance who, when asked if their parents were around to pay for the order, quietly said “they’re upstairs with the aliens. my mom will be here soon.” 

he (nervously) waited a couple of minutes until an older person walked downstairs, smiled as they greeted him, & cheerfully paid for the pizza.

"Tonight we had two little kids come in to the store wanting to buy games. They had no money. Shortly after a very stout looking man comes In looking for a video game I had a short convo with him and what not. As I’m ringing up the game he starts talking to the kids. He asks them what game they wanna buy and they showed him. He looks at me and says put it on mine. I said seriously?? He said yeah man. So I did. As per regulation I take down his name and number into the system and he drops the money and leaves. So I googled him turns out it was Demarco Murray running back for the Dallas Cowboys. I’d classify someone of his stature in 1% category so anyone that would wanna bitch about rich people and greed. I refer you to this story.”

My running back is so glorious.