running back


Running Man members trying to report the weather

“Tonight we had two little kids come in to the store wanting to buy games. They had no money. Shortly after a very stout looking man comes In looking for a video game I had a short convo with him and what not. As I’m ringing up the game he starts talking to the kids. He asks them what game they wanna buy and they showed him. He looks at me and says put it on mine. I said seriously?? He said yeah man. So I did. As per regulation I take down his name and number into the system and he drops the money and leaves. So I googled him turns out it was Demarco Murray running back for the Dallas Cowboys. I’d classify someone of his stature in 1% category so anyone that would wanna bitch about rich people and greed. I refer you to this story.”

My running back is so glorious.

cactwerk  asked:

Because of you reblogging that thing about dinosaurs, I can't help but think of Noctis being really into them. Like especially as a kid, having lots of little toy dinosaurs but still seeing them in museums grown up and being like "holy shit" and Prompto captures his face lighting up... Just a passing thought. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


like i bet he’d absolutely love plesiosaurs and tylosaurs and other extinct marine reptiles, too. and, of course, all the fish too like dunkleosteus (imagine trying to catch THAT bad boy)

bet he used to go into the citadel gardens and dig up huge patches trying to find dinosaur bones there, much to the dismay of the gardeners and the servants who had to clean up both the gardens and the very dirt-stained prince. ignis can’t even bring himself to discourage this behavior when noctis and convinces the gardiners to let him have a small plot of ground to bury authentic pieces of preserved flora and fish so that noctis can find them without destroying all the plantlife

also the prince of lucis has glow in the dark dino shoes no one can tell me otherwise. he still has them, too, buried in the furthest corner of his closet in his room at the citadel. it’s one of the things he treasures most because it was what regis bought him when his father had time to spend with him at the museum

chocolatequeennk  asked:

I just saw a post labelling Jyn as Gryffindor and Cassian as Slytherin, and thanks to your meta explaining the sorting, I seriously cringed.

Hahaha, I saw it, too.

Gryffindor Jyn is legit (she’s a Slytherdor, I just weight the Slytherin motivations more than Gryffindor temperament), but Slytherin Cassian makes zero sense. And, I mean, it’s not just the Houses thing, but that entire concept of his character. Being slippery and ruthless is his job, not his personality; that’s why it fucks him up so much. He’s motivated purely by his desire to do something about the awful shit in the galaxy and to fight tyranny. He’ll do anything to carry through his work for the cause, but personally he has all the ambition of a pet rock.

IDK, it doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s like his entire character has to be reduced to “cinnamon roll” or “assassin” without regard for his motives or feelings.