running back


i was tagged by @jacqll to do the 6 selfies of 2k16 

this made me realise i much i miss curling my hair i want it to be that long again :c

i tag: @casscainistheloveofmylife @timmydrkes @magicspacegays @biharpersrow @bisexualharperrow @thegalacticpope @midniter @kalreyno @sweet-buttercups @oxhe @crgtckr @scriddler @dickgraysoninabox @deadtimdrake @auri-p @littlebluewing

that’s a lot more people than i planned to tag at first lmao, but listen,,,i love my friends a lot,,my pals are great

i probably forgot to tag a bunch of you as well D: if you wanna do this do it and tag me i wanna see youre beautiful faces<3

ofcourse if youre not comfortable with doing this or simply dont want you you dont have to <3 also if you would prefer not to be tagged in thigns like this let me know 

“Tonight we had two little kids come in to the store wanting to buy games. They had no money. Shortly after a very stout looking man comes In looking for a video game I had a short convo with him and what not. As I’m ringing up the game he starts talking to the kids. He asks them what game they wanna buy and they showed him. He looks at me and says put it on mine. I said seriously?? He said yeah man. So I did. As per regulation I take down his name and number into the system and he drops the money and leaves. So I googled him turns out it was Demarco Murray running back for the Dallas Cowboys. I’d classify someone of his stature in 1% category so anyone that would wanna bitch about rich people and greed. I refer you to this story.”

My running back is so glorious.