running away midnight hour

infinitecirclecirclecircle  asked:

Ok so I've written and rewritten this a few (haha) times over the past half an hour because I get a physical pain in my stomach at the prospect of speaking to people I admire, even through the safeguard of the internet because me talking to musicians I like has resulted in both me screaming right in their faux hawked christian rocker face areas and me crying and running away. Anyway! I bought your book on Amazon two hours ago (midnight) and I'm really excited for it to come!

I’m very excited for you to read it! I’m glad you reached out. Doing hard things is hard, but if people didn’t do hard things than we wouldn’t be anywhere or have anything, and instead of hands we’d have butts and no one would have the internet so there’d BE no safeguards and you’d THINK that my book would be full of words and some comfort so you open one of the pages but, nope, it is also butts..