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“She is bare-faced, naked, and horny,” would’ve been a better description…

Lavellan: Solas get back here! I even removed my vallaslin for you! It’s time for sexytimes!

Solas: No, ma vhenan! We cannot!

Based on Cole’s dialogue, this gif, and the thirst of the Solavellan fandom.

Please come home

Imagine: Having been on the run for six months thinking that the Winchester’s were hunting you now that they knew  how you always got your case leads.

Characters: Sam X Reader

Story time:
You were feeling more anxious than usual; it was like you could feel them closing in, but you checked and re-checked every spell and card reading. According to everything from the spirits to runes the brothers were about five states over, but it did nothing to settle the knot firming in your stomach.

You were so torn; half of you wanted to launch out the door and run to another country, and the other half wanted to sulk back to the bunker with your tail between your legs and face judgement. You knew they wouldn’t accept you, not now that they knew you were a witch. A natural born witch without allegiance to demons, but you knew the Winchester’s wouldn’t care. To them you weren’t human, which was made clear as they followed you all over the country. You were being hunted. After half an hour of lying in your motel bed and huffing constantly, you stood up and started hastily packing; there was no use sticking around to rest if you weren’t actually going to rest. That’s when it happened. None other than Sam Winchester zapped, out of nowhere, in front of you. Had your eyes not been locked onto the door, that was now obscured by his broad chest, you would not have believed your eyes.
“Samuel Joseph Winchester, what have you done?!” You all but screamed at the apparition in front of you, dropping your rucksack and hoping he was solid enough to pinch as you reached out to do so. His hand caught yours, knowing you well enough by now, and held it away even if it wouldn’t hurt him in this form. His mouth caught in a smirk as he dropped your arm, your skin had already started to rise with goose bumps due to the chill he produced.
“Y/N you can’t just come up with middle names for me when you’re mad.” He protested with a smile. Your heart leapt before you could stop it. He didn’t seem mad, but it could all be a set up.
“Can, and will. One day you won’t correct me and that will be the day you let me know your true middle name.” You said, defiance dripping from your words. Sam’s face fell, and his body flickered momentarily. You were struck back to your original worry. “How are you here? You better not be dead Moose.” You scolded, pushing him halfheartedly.
“You disappeared. I had to. I had to find you.” Sam’s voice was sad but before you could ask why, he rose his hand to stop you from talking. “A psychic put me under to astrotravel. Don’t worry, Dean is guarding me back at the bunker.” He continued, and you tsked working out why you couldn’t pinpoint them.

There was silence as you both searched each other’s faces; neither of you daring to talk. You had expected to see that same betrayal the next time you saw Sam but also anger that just wasn’t there. The longer you looked the more confused and upset his hazel eyes looked.
“Why did you leave Y/N?” He asked, voice loaded with emotion. You felt sudden confusion.
“To save my neck of course. Why did you hunt?” You brought up the hunting because Sam looked gob smacked.
“You didn’t listen to a single message we left did you?” He answered, deflecting.
“I’m not an idiot Sam, I threw out my phone the moment…” You hung your head, ashamed. “The moment I saw you two had seen me do that spell. The second I got to my car. I didn’t want you to track my gps.” Your voice was quiet, no longer driven by self preservation. You heard what distinctly sounded like a muffled sob from the man in front of you, and looked up slowly to see tears in his eyes.
“You… You actually thought we were hunting you? We thought someone had taken you when you never called us back. All this time you’ve been terrified of us?” It was only then that you realised your extremities and shoulders were shaking, tears streaming down your face. Leaving had been a flight response but now you were daring to believe the man before you meant nothing but good for you.
“B-but I’m a witch S-Sam.” You got out with a trembling lip. Your arms wrapped tightly around yourself in a desperate attempt to hold into what you had thought you had known.
“And no demon owns your soul. We checked with Crowley. Apparently he knew from the moment he met you by the way, could smell it or something.” Sam grimaced at the thought and shook the memory out of his head.
“So… You weren’t hunting me? You… Were just trying to find me?” You asked tentatively with wide hopeful eyes. This seemed to break Sam’s heart, like he really had no idea you would ever believe he could hunt you.
“Y/N please. Please just come home. We need you…” He paused and bit his lip, eyes brimming with tears. “I. I need you.” Uttering the sentence was all it took to send one tear rolling down his cheek.
Your cheeks flushed and you leant up to his ear, and whispered the incantation to send his soul back to his body; but not before kissing below his ear and muttering “I’ll be home soon Sammy. I missed you. I’m so sorry.”

That was the first time you ever used your powers for avoiding speeding cameras and dangers on the road.