running and dogs

I kind of like the idea that one of the Arrior kids gets the heaviest combination of Tiz and Agnès’ more introverted traits and is just like NOT DEALING WITH PEOPLE, NOT DOING IT, and Tiz and Agnès are pretty worried about this as the kid gets older because yes they understand needing time alone sometimes, they both are like that, but this seems a bit too much and their kid is obviously not happy and has very poor social skills, what did they do wrong, and then they realize

the kid is perfectly happy with the barn cats

and they go back and forth between themselves a bit about whether it would be horrible enabling or just helping their child be happy and then they decide screw it, if it makes their kid happier maybe it’ll help them grow a little more out of their shell, or maybe it’ll just make them happier! that’s not bad either! and they give their kid the catmancer asterisk.

for some reason I just really liked the idea of a catmancer in the next generation who didn’t grow up deprived but just gets along with animals more easily than humans. Also maybe the mental image of a five-year-old leading a small band of cats.

Jungkook: Nah, Miri hasn’t met Cloudie yet. But I hope I get a chance to bring him here though. I’ll ask Namjoon hyung if I’m allowed to bring him over next time. 

Miri: ??????????


Scarlett’s run… by Cees


Because sometimes what you need most is an impossibly cute floof og a doggo who looks like an anime character magically brought to life running along like the happiest creature that ever lived.

According to his Instagram account, this adorable doggo’s name is Kobe and he’s a Pomeranian living in South Korea. But we strongly suspect he’s secretly a miniature cloud

[via /r/Zoomies]