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What I’m going to pretend is the end of Gilmore Girls

It’s Luke and Lorelai’s wedding reception, everyone is laughing, Luke and Emily dance. And Jess shows up and tells Rory she looks beautiful and congratulates her about writing the book. Then he says he knows a couple of people in New York who can help her once she is ready to publish it. They smile at each other. He takes her out to dance, mirroring the scene of Luke and Lorelai dancing at Liz’ wedding.

Fast forward to a year or two later, Rory comes back home from her book tour, it’s a best seller, there’s even talk about a movie. Luke is super proud, he has copies of the book everywhere and a whole shelf on the diner. Andrew wants to have a book signing, everyone wants to name a street after the Gilmores. Emily is running the spa alongside Michel and surprisingly getting along with Lorelai better than ever.

Rory and Jess have been dating. Lorelai sees how much he’s changed and they get along so well. Most importantly, he makes Rory happy. No games. No lies. 

After saying hi to everyone in town, Rory and Lorelai go back home to hang out alone. They’re sitting outside, coffee mugs in hand, looking to their lives. Their house, their porch, the chuppah, the Jeep… 

And then 



“I’m pregnant”

Whataburger with the boys.

To be honest we’ve had this idea for a couple cons but since this was the last Texas con we figured we had to bust it out finally. So we had empty bags and cups and we just told the to pretend they were stealing fries out of the bag. My cup is almost upside down and idgaf .. Jared is hella close to Valerie and it’s my favorite and this is actually the re-take cause we blew the first one. It’s ok cause I like Jensen’s face better in this one anyways. But yes, after this Jensen looks at me and says “well now I want whataburger …” and hands me the cup and I told him “you’re welcome!” Valerie followed me out and she accidentally left the cup with Jared and I turned around when we were leaving and I see Jared running up alongside Valerie like leaving the op room and he drapes his arm around her and goes to sip from the cup and says “is this for me?” …legit they make the cutest fucking pair. 💖💖


> From afar he thinks you’re being hurt by the dog and he rushes over ready to boot that evil mutt off to another hemisphere

> When he realizes it’s just being very friendly to you, he suddenly has no idea what to do

> (Save this man he has no idea how to deal with dogs)

> Thankfully the dog takes a liking to him instantly. One minute Hanzo is standing, the next minute he’s pinned under the big dog. 

> The only reason that he’s letting this huge mutt dribble all over him is so he can see you laugh out of the corner of his eye.


> Genji is unfamiliar with dogs, but he loves watching you play with it.

> You play fetch with the dog, and he runs alongside it trying to jokingly catch the ball before it could.

> He’s just jealous that you’re paying attention to the dog and not him

> The dog loves its new playmate and showers Genji with big sloppy kisses after your little play session

> Genji smells like dog for days after


> Has the same thought as Hanzo and thinks you’re being attacked.

> She probably scares the dog somewhat, though. The poor pupper sprints behind you as she comes up.

> You have to introduce Widow to this poor dog, and show her how to pet it.

> Her eyes light up when she feels just how soft the dog’s fur is. The dog licks her hand and she gets so surprised that you can’t help but laugh.

> You two take a walk around and let the dog follow you around

Soldier: 76

> He’s seen more than his share of big dogs, having grown up on a farm and all.

> The dog takes to him instantly, rolling over on its belly and letting him scratch in all the best places.

> Soldier76 starts talking about his dogs a little. It’s the most sentences you’ve ever heard him say in a row.

> He gets a bit choked up when he talks about his first dog and how it grew old and passed away after he joined the army.

> Admin GK


Rich || Jaebum

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Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 1980

Warning: suggestive but so much FLUFF OMG

note: this is it. the last chapter of rich. i’m may be crying inside because i will miss writing this lovely series. i’d like to thank everyone for giving this series so much love, i cannot explain how grateful i am! i love you all very much and i hope you will anticipate for mayday next! happy reading and take care :) -admin

one year later

I ran down the long hallways of the Paris airport, dragging my small suitcase along with me. The flight to Paris was delayed due to weather conditions hence why I was late for my very own fashion show. Security guards running alongside with me, pointing me to the direction of the exit. With Rose running behind me, I could feel the pressure weigh on my shoulders as we found the exit into the wide open area of the Paris airport. Cameras everywhere, flashing at my face while I tried to pinpoint a way to get out of this place. As fast as I could, I walked alongside security guards as they led me into my car and closed the door, shutting out the paparazzi.

“Drive to the hotel and straight to the venue, please.” Rose demanded the driver once we both settled inside the car.

“No, just the venue.” I stated, waving off Rose’s request.

“We need to get you changed and ready for the show. We don’t have time to stop by the venue.” Rose argued.

“Tell them to meet me at the venue and I’ll get ready with the models. I just need to if everything is planned out perfectly.” I argued back. I heard Rose sigh beside me, knowing that she can’t win against my decision. After all, I am the boss here.

Rose pulled out her phone and started to make last minute phone calls, telling my stylists to meet me at the venue. I pulled out my phone and pressed the home button to face myself with my lock screen background. It was a picture of Jaebum and I with his hand around my waist and his wide smile, dressed up fancy from when his parents threw a party for winning in court against Mr. Park.

With that my mind wandered to Jinyoung. After moving back to Korea, we finally settle my problem with my father’s debt in court. I provided the lawyers with enough evidence to defend my position with Jaebum helping me by my side. In court, I met up again with the Park family and thing time, Jinyoung was there alone and no one else. As usually, he looked strikingly handsome in a suit with his hair swept to the side. I forgave him a long time ago, realizing his actions were to protect me from getting hurt. When Jaebum told me that he got married with the same girl that ruined our relationship, the news kind of tugged my heart. I couldn’t help but think that could’ve been us if we weren’t in this situation. But then I told myself I had a great boyfriend who treated me like a princess.

I let out a breathy sigh as I felt my phone buzz in my hand, interrupting my thoughts. Looking down, I saw three new messages pop up from Jaebum himself.

Jaebum: Good luck today, baby girl. You’ll do great like always. I love you and don’t stress too much.

I smiled to myself, suddenly feeling fuzzy inside. When I started dating Jaebum a year ago, I realized that he never had a proper girlfriend that treated him right in awhile. So going on dates or doing coupley things was something Jaebum wasn’t used to. He told me specifically, on our first date, that he wasn’t use to holding hands with a girl in public because most of his girls were there for enjoyment, not for relationship. Of course, he told me he was willing to change his habits just to have a stable relationship instead of a steamy relationship. But I wasn’t complaining about the steamy part.

“We’re here at the venue ma’am.” The driver spoke up, interrupting my thoughts. 

“(Y/N), we don’t have time to check out the venue. The show starts in three hours!” Rose started to panic.

I waved her off and smiled at her, “Relax, Rose. We’re here and that’s all that matters.”

“I swear, you boyfriend is having an influence on you. A year ago you would be panicking in this situation. Now, you’re all laid back.” Rose scoffed, hopping off the car as I following closely after her.

“Don’t blame this on him.” I laughed at my best friend’s comment. “Jaebum has no influence on me whatsoever.”

“Sure.” Rose rolled her eyes as we entered the venue. “You’ve become more dominant, if you know what I mean.”

I smacked my best friend on the back and gasped, “You’re unbelievable.”

“Ah, Jaebum. Oh my god, right there. Ye-” Rose teased quite loudly, making the people hanging in the long hallways turn their heads to look at us.

“Shut up otherwise I’m firing you.” I snapped at Rose, feeling my cheeks rise up in color.

“Next time, if we’re staying in the same hotel, I’ll have to request a room far away from you two.” Rose stated. I gave Rose a mean look before entering onto the runway. I stood there, looking at the sight in front of me and smiled to myself. After coming this far in life, I could say I was pretty proud at myself. I worked hard, didn’t take any money from any man, and ended up with a nice life. Not mention a hot boyfriend.

Rose and I stayed on the runway, fixing a few problems and making slight adjustments for about an hour. It was until then I heard screams coming from outside the venue, indicating that my models have arrived. I looked at Rose as she flashed a terrified look on her face. Grabbing my arm, she rushed me out of the stage area and into a private change room where my stylists were ready to do my makeup. Rose forcefully pushed me down onto the chair as the girls did their work as quickly as they can on my hair and face.

“About an hour and thirty minutes until show time!” Someone yelled into the change room. I sat up from my chair and took a good look at my beautiful curly hair and simple makeup on my face. Thanking the stylists, I ran to get fitted into a dress Jaebum bought for me a while ago but I never got the chance to wear it. A black ruffled mock-neck cold-shoulder dress fitted with a gold belt and heels was very expensive to get since it was a limited edition. But knowing Jaebum, he got whatever he wanted right under his fingertips.

“Hey, I’m just going to meet with the models and organize a few things.” Rose said, popping her head into the fitting room. “You look great by the way, (Y/N). Jaebum would’ve been happy to see you in that dress.”

“Thanks, Rose. You look good too.” I smiled at her through the mirror. Rose returned a sweet smile before running off to handle the show. Looking down at the ground, I noticed a silver necklace that must’ve fell from my neck while I was quickly changing into my dress. Bending down, I grabbed the necklace and stood up just to suddenly fell arms wrapping around my waist, startling me slightly.

“What the f-” I cursed out loud, my heart racing from the sudden actions until I looked at the person who stood behind me in the mirror.

“Surprise.” Jaebum chuckled, his face resting on top my exposed shoulders. The famous signature smirk plastered on his face as I took a good look at him in the mirror. A classic suit and tie look with his hair swept back made my heart melt. I could never get tired at looking at this handsome man. The sight I fell in love with years ago.

“H-how?” I stuttered, slightly shocked by his appearance. “You texted me three hours ago and there’s no way you could’ve gotten here. The flight I took was the only flight to Paris.”

“I sat at the very back of the plane, same flight as you. It was a rough flight here since children and babies were crying their head off, interrupting my sleep. But I couldn’t sit in first class because you were there.” Jaebum smiled, kissing my exposed shoulder before he took the necklace out of my hands and helped put it around my neck. My heart started to warm up as I gave Jaebum finished putting on the necklace and sent a charming smile through the mirror.

“My poor baby,” I cooed as I turned around, grabbing Jaebum by the face, “The things you do for me.”

“The things you make me do, baby girl.” Jaebum smirked, pulling me closer to him so that our lips were inches away from each other. “Can’t believe I do all these things for you.”

And with that, Jaebum pushed me against the wall of the fitting room and connected his lips with mine. My arms wrapped around his neck as his lips perfectly molded against mine, leaving me breathless. Jaebum broke the hot kiss as his hands pulled down the fabric on my neck. He moved his lips to the sweet spot on my neck and sucked on it slightly, earning a soft moan coming out of my lips. Jaebum brought his lips up again to my mouth with full desire, his hands wandering up and down my waist.

Pulling away, Jaebum gave me another peck on the lips and smiled, “You’re not going to walk the red carpet?”

“No,” I sighed as I fixed my hair in the mirror, “How can I when I’m already inside the venue?”

“You sneak out the back, get a driver to drive you to the front, and then walk.” Jaebum stated, leaning his body against the wall.

“I don’t have a driver.” I pouted at him through the mirror.

Jaebum chuckled under his breath as he got off the wall and stood beside me, “Already taken care of.”

“You planned this out, didn’t you?” I laughed at him as I turned my head to give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes, and I planned something special for tonight too.” Jaebum smirked before grabbing my hand and leading me outside the fitting room.

“Oh an what’s that?” I raised an eyebrow at him, knowing full well what he had in mind tonight.

“That’s a surprise for later.” Jaebum winked at me.

I laughed out loud, leaning onto his arm as we walked down the hallways and out the exit in the back. A black car parked on the side, waited for us both as I felt a cold air rush through my body. Jaebum, being a gentleman, opened the door and made way for me to enter the car. It was a short ride to the red carpet as we both prepared ourselves for the cameras.

Jaebum stuck out his arm once we exited the car and I took it as we walked down the red carpet, smiling brightly at the cameras. Stopping in front on the backdrop, Jaebum’s arms snaked around my waist, pulling me to his side as we smiled for the camera. I was too focused on the bright lights to notice that Jaebum’s hand made its way down to my ass, giving it a good squeeze.

“Jaebum, no.” I hissed under my breath, still keeping my sweet smile on my face.

“Can’t help it if your ass looks good from behind.” Jaebum said under his breath, remaining calm in front of the camera.  

“Fuck you, Jaebum.” I hissed, turning my body towards him and looking up at his handsome face.

Jaebum looked down at me and flashed me his famous smirk, his eyes shining in the bright light. His fingers brushed a few stands of my hair to the side, since it covered my face and leaned down to kiss my forehead.

“Fuck me anytime, babe.” Jaebum smirked, pulling away from my forehead. “My rich ass can take you anytime.”

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I regularly see people in my town ride their bikes with their dogs running alongside and that worries me, especially when they're riding in the road! But I saw someone riding on campus and the dog running alongside had a "training" vest on. Is that legit training?

Aw bikejoring is great exercise for your dog! You just gotta have the right gear. Perhaps the dog is training to be a service dog, and that’s just part of being desensitized? I’m not sure.

IMAGINE: Helping Nancy and Jonathan take down the Demogorgon.

Lights above your head start flashing at an alarming rate, your breath hitches in your throat unable to make a sound. “Where is it?” Nancy screams, her arms outstretched ready to shoot the monster at any given moment. You clutch your knife in your hand so hard it trembles, fear runs through your veins alongside adrenaline.

“Come out you son of a bitch!” Jonathan screams, bat held high. The house begins to rumble, the ceiling splits and crumbles as the monster crawls out of wherever he’s coming from.

“Nancy, shoot!” You scream. The monster screeches at the bullet’s impact and charges after you down the hall. You stand ready by the door ready to slash if it enters.

Suddenly, the house goes silent. 

The Baker on the First Floor is currently  running right alongside Killing Stalking on the same website and it is so wonderful and absolutely 0 people are drawing pictures of it and I am MIFFED.

Today was my last day with my students before our Presidents week break! I’ve been keeping them up to date with my marathon training, which is kind of funny because they’re always so amazed when I tell them how far I run! They’ve been really supportive so I decided to give them a small assignment to help me on marathon day! I gave them each a card with a different mile on it, and I told them to write down some words of encouragement, inspirational quotes, or just a funny joke to take my mind off the race. I have 26 kiddos so i ended up with a card for each mile. I told them I wasn’t going to read any of them until I was running each mile of the race, that way it’s kind of like they’re running alongside me and and cheering me on. Obviously I read the first mile already, but I’m really excited to read what they wrote while I’m out there tackling a marathon. Being a teacher can be really hard at times, but sometimes it feels like you’ve got your own personal gang of supporters. I can’t wait to come back after break and show them pictures from my run! Sharing this experience with them is definitely making it extra special.


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Request: ( @hannahkate352I have a weird request. I’ve recently been working out and I’m already losing motivation for it, can u do a Barry imagine where he is like sweet and cute and tries to motivate her. I just want something else to think about while I run other than running, if u don’t want to That’s fine, sorry this is weird and I’m bothering u about it. If u want to do it, then great and thank u, if not I understand and it’s fine

Notes: Hi okay sorry this took forever I’ve just been really busy. Also it’s a little short, sorry. Anyways, hope you like it!

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No more training, no more 5a wake-up calls, no more worrying “can I do this?” or “should I be doing this?” Just 26.2 miles to go. The TCS New York City Marathon is tomorrow and I couldn’t be more excited to be running alongside my buddy @twheat. Thanks so much to TAGHeuer for sponsoring my entry and special thanks to my family for supporting me and being my biggest cheerleader throughout this 16 week training process.