running a 5k

The things I get talked into…
Closed out the 2017 season with the Reindeer Run 5K this morning. I treated it as a tempo run and despite a really snowy/icy last mile, I kept the effort consistent and finished 22:38 :D
My geeky soul was also super excited that I won my AG and got a trophy with Han Solo on it! (Oh, and peanut butter too)
Had a really nice cooldown with @littlebean-jellybean afterwards, and breakfast at one of our favorite places. She kicked ass too by the way ;) Best kind of Saturday morning!

anonymous asked:

I never have the motivation to workout and it really sucks, I was wondering if you could give me ideas on how to get motivated and start doing it

Okay so I’m really just a runner. Like I do other things but I def run everyday.

Download the app 5K runner!! It’s life changing!! It paces you so that over time, you can build up the stamina to run 5ks everyday!!

It really motivated me because I’m goal-oriented and it had an itinerary for me to follow. It was super cool :-)

i’m going to download one of those apps that helps you build the stamina to run a 5k. i always walk, but can’t run very far so hopefully this will help. i’m going to start it monday at the park and maybe my mom will join me!!