AHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m back! This run accomplished the following:

 1) I didn’t have back pain at all 

 2) I started this run thinking “man, it’d be so cool to get 7 miles in under an hour.” Done! 

 3) I ran in shorts for the first time EVER in California (did it in St. Louis because I had no choice, 100% humidity makes it impossible not to run half naked) and I think shirtless running is coming next. 

 Honorary 4th point: I stopped to pet a kitty. 

 I can’t wait till October so I can compare my 1st year of running times. I think my first long run was around 11 min/mi.

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racing tips? I'm super anxious for my first xc race next week.

1. Believe in your training, you train TO race

2. Channel the anxiety into excitement and adrenaline


4. Be grateful to be able to RUN at all

5. Believe in yourself

6. Don’t take it too seriously– serious enough to focus and race but remember that it isn’t life or death


Today’s jaunt: 4 miles in 37:21 at the park!

I rowed (a 20-minute session that felt tough today), did my abs workout, then ventured outdoors for my run.

While it wasn’t ungodly hot outside today, it was still quite warm, and I could feel my heart drumming very hard at certain points of this run, which unsettled me a little. I took a few quick breaks, one to dump water on my neck and shoulders, and two more to catch my breath and slow my heartbeat. I have to keep reminding myself that breaks are okay!

I am so proud of myself for this run, though. I wanted very badly to stop at 3.1 miles and call it a complete 5K. I was sweaty, eager to slip into my air-conditioned car, and tired. But I gritted my teeth at the last minute and pushed myself to finish 4 complete miles. Tacking on the extra 0.9 might not seem like a big deal, but it surely felt like one in the moment, and I finished my run with a big smile on my face, excited about my mental victory over my physical tiredness.

Honolulu Marathon Training: Week 3, Run #10-5mi pace

I tried real hard to push on this one and it was successful! I think my watch sorted itself and today’s data was accurate–10:55, 11:34, 12:06, 12:32, 12:06. I went out hard and tried to persevere, and it worked for the most part. I got progressively slower but still at the lower end of my times. 

Also, in an effort to get this 5 miler done in under an hour, I sprinted the end like my life depended on it. And I beat the clock! Official time was 59:14! Every other time I’ve done 5 miles this training round, I’ve come in at 1:05. So booom.

It was definitely hot because I waited for forever to drag myself out of bed, but it’s okay because it happened and I am proud of this run. It felt like I was really working for it, and sometimes I don’t chase that feeling in my runs to the best of my ability.

I’m currently freaking out because I’m getting on a plane tomorrow with the destination of Hawaii, and I am rethinking everything. I am so terrified beyond belief, I feel like I’m going to fail. Like I’m not going to have enough money to find a place to live, and I’ll end up overstaying my welcome at my friend’s house, like I’m not going to find a job, like I’ll make no friends, etc. I am honestly so scared right now and I’m trying to embrace that feeling like I’ve been doing all summer, but this is no longer an abstract idea, it’s in the here and now and I’m terrified.

I just don’t want to fail. Help.

(That wasn’t running related at all, whoops.)

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don't u love how things you learn while running translate so perfectly to life? I run not just because I love to push myself but also because running teaches me so many lessons about myself and life it's so wonderful, very few realize it

This brings me so much joy because I always say that running is so BEYOND running, it literally parallels life in SO many ways. YES <3