I think running really changes the way we interact with the earth. It shapes the way we connect with people. I know my personal history by places I have run. I know my injuries by the routes I first felt them. I will always associate a place with the experiences I had training there. When I get close someone, when I form a connection with a new person, I think about how I want to take them running in my hometown. To show them the roads, the trails, the landmarks that shaped my adolescence. Or I’ll be on a new trail, and think about someone in my life, and want them there with me. I don’t know, I think it just has changed the way I shape my relationships- with earth, with people, with places, with myself.


Why is she running ? 😝


I need to do a better job remembering that sunrise runs by the lakefront are one of my favorite things. Now that I’m not really training for anything and the mornings are getting darker and colder, it’s hard to find the motivation to go out for a run. But I forget that I don’t run just because I have to keep to a training schedule but because it’s freeing and I truly do love it.

Let’s take a second to appreciate my progression. Think I’m finally getting a hang of this whole negative splits business. Starting slow, getting into a rhythm by the middle, and flying by the end. It feels good to be so in control of my pace.

I thought I was getting this running thing down. Then week 4 of couch to 5k happened.
Holy. Balls.
Less breaks and more straight running. I thought the 5min times were gonna kill me.
But I powered through!
I have definitely never made it this far in the program before.
And while my legs feel like jelly and my face is bright red, at least I did it. No stopping. No breaks outside of the program.
Slowly but surely. I’m gonna get there.
I’m gonna break my weight loss plateau.
Please please let me break the plateau.