I actually started this one before the last one i posted but I ended up “finishing” it later. 

Its the same from guy from the edgemasters thing I did, (I personally dont like he moves in this,doesn’t feel ferocious enough and i think id want him to not really “jump” to get around., but rather run cause its more dramatic in chases.)

**I was over by 0.1 mb ugh.

13 miles DONE. my legs feel destroyed, but in that happy YAY WE ACCOMPLISHED OUR GOAL way.

not as fast as I wanted, and my watch died halfway through but I’m so glad I got the mileage in. I’ve really been struggling to feel good about training and this run really added some weight to the happy side of things!

now: shower and nap time. I think I definitely earned it.

Chicago Wk 6 Friday

Am I doing this right? Switching from Nike to Garmin is kinda like moving to another country, but I think I figured out most of the functions on the watch. At least the ones I needed. Watch was nice and lightweight with a more slender profile. If I wasn’t so interested in how it was performing, I might even have forgotten I was wearing it.

I was particularly interested in the auto-pause, which the SportsWatch did not have. It did stop the two times I was stuck at an intersection and seemed to track the mileage around that well. Should make life a little easier.

Garmin Connect and all the settings on the watch are a little overwhelming, but I’ll try to go through everything and set it up properly. Over the next week, I’ll do a long run, track workout, and tempo run all in different places. Should have it all sorted out by next Friday.

I made it through five tough miles before allowing myself to walk the last one. Like last Saturday, I went out too late to find a rhythm or comfort level. No biggie. I’ll get another good sixer or more in the next two days!

Off to cook - I’m having a tumblr over to lunch, someone who has never been here. More later!

Five miles with two friends! It’s humid here like it is every where else, so I’ll hold off on complaining.

I’ve been running 6 days a week and am ready for my Hal Higdon plan to start on Monday. I’ve spent a lot of time this morning figuring out my goal times and related training paces. That’s something I do all the time for other people and it’s fun to go through the numbers for myself for a change. 

It feels good to be following a training plan again!