runnin' bare


The Origins of Runnin Bare

Art by Runnin Bare (Jess Anderson)

Story by Jess Anderson:

(In 1971), I had a hunting partner who had a CB radio, and it really hooked me in.  He mentioned that people sometimes made cards that they gave to those they met or talked to and talked me into doing the artwork for a card for him. 

That was “Double Eagle”.  I made one for him and one for me.  In order to get them printed, I needed to do at least 8 at a time, so I started asking around.  I finally got enough and printed them.


Red Squirrel & Bubbles (with Pepsi Kid) - North Highlands, California

Cards by Runnin Bare

I had been saving the Runnin Bare cards for a future project. However, I’d thought I share some of the cards so you can see the progression and some of the great artwork by Jess Anderson (Runnin Bare). There are over 3,400 cards in the collection in numerical order and people the like Perkins’ show up multiple times.