runnin away


but until that fateful day, i’m grateful / i got a destination /  i’m runnin’ to make it home / and home’s what vanessa’s runnin’ away from (x)

featuring Joseph Morales, Manoly Farrell and Anthony Ramos Martinez @ Pioneer Theatre Company (2012)

the signs as things my friend anna has said
  • Aries: He dumb but I like him
  • Taurus: me, everyday: what the hell sebin
  • Gemini: im layin in bed its 9:30pm time is wild
  • Cancer: "u look like a guitar"
  • Virgo: i, too, am switching lanes when i see that pic
  • Libra: i impulse bought a 16 pack of face masks off amazon earlier
  • Scorpio: dont ever spend $$$ on me fool
  • Sagittarius: she runnin away w/ ur $$$
  • Capricorn: i cant stop him from being beautiful if thats what ur suggesting
  • Aquarius: i cant do this im going 2 sleep bye
  • Pisces: wgat tg efock,,,, my hear t is screaing

Tony creating an arc reactor capable of beating that mimics a heartbeat and when Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass starts to play he throws it at the first person he sees right as the bridge “boy, you got my heartbeat runnin’ away, don’t you hear my heartbeat comin’ your way” happens. Most of the reactions he receives consist of freaking out, looking annoyed or looking confused. 

When he throws it at Steve Bucky and/or T’Challa their responses are to keep it and say they hear it and tuck it away under their pillows to always fall asleep while listening to Tony’s heartbeat. 


omfg u have to do an imagine where y/n’s on the plane with the team and accidentally plays their music out loud and it’s a reall bubblegum bitch kinda song that’s y/n’s guilty pleasure song and gets really embarrassed and apologizes and after everyone’s done giggling about it, Hotch says that he likes that song and out of the corner of y/n’s eyes, they spot him mouthing the words to himself.

Aha!  Brilliant, @pornnotcorn.  Hopefully the length is alright.  Here is your one-shot, comin’ ‘atcha!

Boom badoom boom!  Boom badoom boom, baby!  Baby!

Scrambling for your phone as it collides with the airplane floor, the song you are bee-bopping to starts blaring in the middle of the conversation.

Boy, you got my heartbeat runnin’ away!

Letting out a string of curses as you finally get your phone in your hands, you press pause as quickly as you can, the red of embarrassment painting its way across your face as you slowly turn towards the team, their faces scrunched up as Rossi’s eyes widen.

“How’s the bass in those headphones?” Rossi sasses.

“It’s just fine,” you retort, wrinkling your nose at him as Morgan begins audibly chuckling.

“Do you know all those lyrics, baby girl?” he asks.

Shooting him a death stare, you see Reid in the opposite corner, peaking over the chair as he eyes you curiously.

“You like that stuff?” he asks incredulously.

“Everyone has a guilty pleasure!” you yelp as you try to place your earbuds back into your ears with your trembling fingers.

“Ain’t that the truth,” Morgan mumbles as he wiggles his eyebrows at Prentiss, who punches him in his arm with her fist.

Sighing as you sink back into your chair, you take a deep breath as you turn your music back on.

This one is for the boys in the polos, entrepreneur n****s and the moguls, he could ball with the crew, he could solo, but I think I like him better when he down low.

Bobbing your head as you turn to gaze out the window, you feel a tap on your shoulder as you huff, ripping your earbud from your ear as you whip your head around towards J.J.

“The music is still a bit loud,” she whispers, pointing over her shoulder at Morgan and Rossi who are still snickering your way.

“Thanks,” you mumble as you flash her a weak smile, bending your head over your phone as you turn the volume down a bit.

And just as you went to shift yourself in your chair for the trip, throwing your legs over the arm of the seat, you catch Hotch sitting behind you.

Away from the team.

Bobbing his head.

Excuse me, you’re a hell of a guy you know I really got a thing for American guys.

Feeling your eyes widen as you keep your music paused, your eyes drop down to Hotch’s lips as you begin to recognize the lyrics he is mouthing away.

I mean, sigh, sickenin’ eyes I can tell that you’re in touch with your feminine side, oh…yes I did, yes I did, somebody please tell him who the F I is…I am Nicki Minaj, I mack them dudes up…

Feeling a smile etch itself across your face, you lay your head down on the window of the plane as you continue to watch him through the crack in the wall, his head bobbing to his own rhythm as his eyes suddenly flicker up to yours.

And as the two of you watch each other, his eyes darting back and forth as your smile grows wider, he leans forward ever so lightly and parts his lips as you strain to hear what he is going to say.

“…back coupes up, and chuck the deuce up,” he murmurs as he raises his hand, throwing a “deuce” sign your way as your jaw hits the floor.

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I'm real smal right now Coul you write bout a little neko Josh or Ty that's real regressed? I love you lots an lots

josh runnin around the house away from tyler giggling as they play, ears perked up and jumping on all the furniture and on the couch and tyler catches him before he falls off, holding him close to his chest “now you have to be careful, little one” but josh grins all wide up at tyler as he pets his ears “i know daddy!!!”

psychic: *reads my mind*

me: sometimes, i hear her name when the wind blows. shane this is jess, she’s my, uh, my room-friend? nick is the type of guy who breaks things - BREAK - he’s not ruining this-not getting in the way (we doin this? let’s do this) last night you said you want me - i want him, i want him bad - you said you wanted me, you put your hand in my pocket, hand in my pocket - I’M NOT A GOLD DIGGER - you’re a freaking gold digger, jess - I’M NOT A GOLD G-G-GOLD DIGGER, (1, 2, 3, 4) IF I WERE A GOLD DIGGER I WOULD BE THE WORST GOLD DIGGER IN THE WORD why are runnin away? (why are you runnin away?) I DO IT FOR KENYAAA there’s only one way to solve this - not like this - one kISS! KISS! KISS! kiss me like a man! just kiss me I’M A MAN, JESSICA, I’M A MAN he just took me, he just grabbed me, and he was a man and i was a woman - i like this feeling you guys, i’m liking the vibe we got going - i got my mojo back, my mojo back, i’m the mojo man - pretty good - i don’t want some fresh water bitch fish, i want a lion fish - WHAAAAAT - i’ve never been a home wrecker, and i liked it - it’s not you, it’s the way that you paint, the things that you say, the look on your face - i’m not a gold digger - why are you runnin away? (why are you runnin away?) I DO IT FOR KENYAAA there’s only one way to solve this - not like this - one kISS! KISS! KISS! kiss me like a man! just kiss me I’M A MAN, JESSICA, I’M A MAN he just took me, he just grabbed me, and he was a man and i was a woman

psychic: what the fuck

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🚻 (adoptive parents), how was Mundy like when he was a child?

@red-boston-batter [ Send 🚻 and a question to be answered by my muse’s parent(s)!] [acc.]

“Bloody hell, son, the boy wasn’t easy growin’ up. A little wildling’s what he was. Always gettin’ into trouble with the other kids, runnin’ away and climbin’ into trees to shoot’em with that slingshot I made him. Was a big mouth too! ‘course he’d get into trouble, callin’ all the bigger kids names I didn’t even know he knew. He was proud, insolent, restless. Tough to handle for his teachers too. Dropped outta school when he was fourteen or so. But I s’ppose there’s no dwellin’ on the past now. He was difficult, but he was a good kid.”

“Oh Jonathan, ain’t ya bein’ a little tough on our boy, here? Sure, he was a bit wild, but who d’ya think he took after, dear? You always raised him to be a tricky one! He adored you, naturally he listened and took all the good and bad advice you gave him, especially the bad ones. But more to the point: he was a sweet child, always willin’ to lend a helping hand ‘round the farm, doin’ his share of the work and more without ever complainin’, eager to learn, great with the animals… A tough cookie in the makin’, but with a soft heart. He’s always been a good son, even if he wasn’t an easy one. But who said bein’ a parent was supposed to be easy?”

I saw this wicked awesome lady the other night while I was out and about, she looked exactly like Harleyquinn. That’s when I realized that was who she was. I panicked, gushed that she is an amazing woman and that I hoped she pulled one over on the batman one day before runnin away.

#onlyingotham can you meet one of your favorite villains and freak out #onlyingotham can you diss batman and possibly become the jokers next target at the same time