do you have a stuffy nose?? it sucks right? well I hope this post helps.

  • what is a stuffy nose anyway?
  • it’s when your nasal membranes become inflated, so it blocks your breathing 

  • there are ways you can get rid of it though
  • DON’T BLOW YOUR NOSE! it’ll only make it worse. it’ll make your nostrils more inflamed. use a tissue only when you have a runny nose. 
  • you can use steam to help your nose. inhale steam from a boiling pot of water
  • stay hydrated, drink plenty of water
  • you can use a dropper to gently place a couple drops of salt water up your blocked nostril, and then gently discharge the mucus and water
  • you can always try over the counter nasal decongestants 

(sorry i was too tired to make this…………good lol IM SICK AS HECK)

ANYWAY what if gon like. like he wants attention and killuas busy or whatever. so he says something embarrasing to get killua flustered

Loving someone should be hard and active, not easy and passive. When you sign up to actually love people – no fakers allowed – then you sign up for a life of runny noses, awkward car rides, hugs that last too long, pauses that demand no noise, and admitting you were wrong. If you want to actually love people then you have to be willing to be wrong.

Love is forgiveness. And it’s atonement. And it’s basically like putting your soul in a washing machine – it’s not some gentle cycle, it’s a fierce whipping that rings you out good.

It makes the stains fade.

Best of all, it fills the holes.

Everything we write, everything we’ve ever written, everything piece of art or film ever created, it’s all about the same thing. It’s all to fulfill the same purpose, the purpose of everything we know, it’s all just a hand grasping into the void, reaching out to fill the same hole in the soul of humanity that has been there since the beginning, and will be there until the end- except during those few moments when a story plugs the wound like a cork on a wine bottle, to serve the one purpose of keeping us whole, if only for a second.
—  J.R.P.
karasuno @ the beach
  • Daichi:surfing?! i get all the ladies this wa- *falls off board*
  • Suga:*swimming around* wow i feel so relaxed so at peace hey it's a wave hey it's- dAICHI NO
  • Noya&Tanaka:*intense sand castle building*
  • Hinata:yeahhhh flying a kite!! and imagining i'm the kite and i'm flying and- *trips*
  • Kageyama:volleyball! at the beach??? beach volLEYBALL!?!!! *heavy breathing*
  • Tsukkishima:*probably has a crab clamped onto his butt or smth*
  • Yamaguchi:sunscreen! lots of sunscreen! bc frecklesss