I love this quote because of how much truth it holds. I’ve wasted these last few months, even years just making up excuses as to why I don’t have to/want to/need to change. No, I don’t have to. Yes, I want to. Maybe I need to, but that depends on whether my health is affected, which I wouldn’t know because I haven’t had a physical since I lost 50 pounds my senior year of high school (2 years ago). Since then I’ve gained back 40.

I finished my second day of couch to 5K and, let me tell you, I’ve missed running. No drug can give me the same high as a runners high.

Haven’t been eating very healthy (too many carbs). But I’ve come to a conclusion that I’m sick of working out so hard and not eating healthy.

This is why I run..

Today as I started the treadmill at 8am, I had a goal of 7 miles.
Around mile #3, my body was sore and I lowered my goal to 6.2 miles (so at least it was 10k)..

Around the fourth mile I was really questioning if I was gonna make it much longer, so I came to a fast walk for a minute to hydrate and wipe off.

Then I started again.. Determined to make it to 6.2
I was exhilarated at this point, and decided to keep pushing to my original 7 mile goal. I haven’t ran distance of more than 3 miles at a time in over a week and was on the verge of throwing up when “7.00” showed up on the screen.

I immediately had to leave the gym because I had tears rushing down my face. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be capable of running 7 miles, and someday be able to reach 13.1…
I run to feel empowered.
I run to outrun my previous self.
And I run because it proves to me that my body is much more than I ever thought it was.


My first Marathon has been completed! Oh, what an experience it was! Of course it didn’t go as I had planned but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

I started the race with my friend Van (his first marathon as well) and we found ourselves in a comfortable pace for the first half which seemed to fly by! Our half time was 1:53 which is just a few minutes slower than my half marathon PR. Then…it happened. I am usually super talkative and Van noticed I wasn’t myself and asked what was wrong. I admitted my hip flexor area was feeling really stiff. I told him to keep going at mile 14 and I was going to slow my pace down for a bit. By mile 16 the pain was pretty excruciating. I let myself cry for a minute or two while running and dug deep and found the strength to finish. The last 6 miles weren’t pretty! Thankfully at the last mile a guy “picked me up” and talked me through the end. When I told him it was my first marathon and have only been running since January he told me I had nothing to cry about and “I don’t know you but I know you don’t want to finish like this. The pain will be over in a matter of minutes”

I finished at 4:12:53. It could have been better but it definitely could have been worse! My friend Van finished 4:03 and our friend Kathy BQ yet again! Of course Jim (runningintshirt) was a rock star placed 5th over all in the Half with a 1:15! Thank you Jim for being the first person I recognized after my finish and for letting me cry to you! I was so proud of everyone and was happy to share the moment with them all! We ended our adventure with a much needed dinner full of carbs and laughs!

Instead on focusing on my disappointment I have been reflecting on the things I did right! My hydration and nutrition were not an issue at all and I never “hit the wall.” If it wasn’t for the hip flexor pain I knew I could have had a pretty strong second half!

 I would definitely recommend Niagara Falls international Marathon! It was a flat and scenic course and being able to run over the Peace Bridge to Canada was a pretty neat experience! I definitely see many more marathons in my future! This marathon was a perfect way to celebrate all of my accomplishments this year!

September has been simply amazing running wise! I am so happy I  started my minimum of 100 miles challenge (77 so far!) It got me out of the same old boring routine I found myself in, which in turn allowed me to experience some of the greatest runs I have had yet!

I ran 11 miles this morning with a few friends in a complete downpour! It was so much fun and went by so fast! Rain is not an excuse, it just makes it a little more interesting! Tomorrow I will be running 16 miles, my furthest distance yet!

The top article was written by a friend for our local running group’s newsletter. At first I was a little embarrassed by the thought of a lot of people reading it but now I feel like it perfectly captures my little journey that I am very proud of! I’ll definitely be putting that newsletter away with all of my race mementos!

When I first read the bottom right quote I immediately thought of all of the amazing runner friends I have made, especially those that run in the Thursday morning group. I am so thankful to be around such accomplished runners who are so positive and want everyone to be successful! They have been great motivators for me and I can already see the improvements I have made since joining them. I have tried to pay it forward by helping the friends that have reached out to me who are interested in running and/or weight loss! If any of my Thursday morning friends are reading this, thank you!!

Super Women and her side kick

So Gwen and I went for a run and a bike ride today.  We were both on an exercise high.  I bikes 6.5 Miles and she ran 8.5 Miles.  I call her Super Women for a reason. I can’t wait to feel the runners high, but I sure felt a bicycler high today.  We both still feel like we want to continue but don’t want to injure our bodies.  OH my Goodness!  I feel like we need to reward our selves but feel like the fact that the numbers are high is a reward in itself.  What is up with this?  I am not sure how to deal with it. AHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!  I can’t believe that we actually did it.  We are so sore and will be tomorrow.  Actually you know what I CAN believe that we did it.  We are Super Women and Her Side Kick!!!!