runners world challenge

06/04/17 ~ 5 miles!!

Took the day to relax and let the legs rest, but I’m doing the runners world streak challenge so I had to go out for a light 5-Miler on the roads! Still managed to get in some hill training, but the miles were slow… feeling virtually no DOMS after yesterday’s race :)

Celebrating another awesome week with Futurama and some running journal writing! I’m really enjoying chronicling each run in a notebook, it’s nice to see how much can happen in one run!

~ also, I RAN 50 MILES THIS WEEK (plus 2,533 ft elev gain total)!!!! ~~ HOLY CRAP 😮
I’m feeling this mileage soooo much! I cannot wait to run some more and hit even higher weekly mileage!

P.S. I’ve run 25 days in a row!!