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Good morning.

When you accept that a chapter in your life is finished, it’s good to remember that you are also starting a new one. Nothing like a fresh cup of coffee and a chat with your girlfriend to remind you of that.

Happy Sunday ❤


Run streak day: 81

Miles for the year: 347.26

Now that was a good run!

I finally hit thw trails again, and everything clicked i felt amazing and it shows in my times.

This is why I love trail running so much, it makes me feel like I’m flying, the freedom and beauty of nature makes running so enjoyable, hopefully there will be manny more runs here soon!

Happy running everyone!!

There’s a fairly new park within the city limits that has all kinds of hiking trails. They are used for cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. The snowshoe trails are longer (up to 7 km or 4.35 miles) while the longest skiing trail is 4.5 km or 2.8 miles. Running there would be so much nicer than just running in my neighborhood but apparently (I haven’t actually been there yet), the snowshoe trails are not very stroller friendly. I guess I could do the shorter runs there. I might have to actually check it out for myself.


Ok so here it is. 2 weeks ago vs today. I gained 6 pounds while away in Mexico (worth it tho the food was bomb) and here is the difference in my body. I am more bloated than anything, and maybe because of that my back and side rolls are more pronounced. Other than that, the weight should come off this week and I’ll take another pic next week to compare. Going to start putting the dates on my pics so that way I know where I used to be on a certain date. And people can just read it and know a week went by between pics lol


I received my MRI results today and got the OK to start back running (slowly and steadily). I sped home and immediately threw on my shorts. I tied my hair back. I put on my running shoes. And I set out in the rain.

I didn’t care about my pace.

I didn’t care about my mileage.

I closed my eyes and smiled and I thought about all of the dreams I have had about this very moment. Complete and utter gratitude.

And you must, you really must. Because there will be days, weeks, months, maybe years when you can’t. And every day that you say yes is the making of a ritual that builds force like the tide, pushing further up the sand to smooth its wispy chaos into something solid you can build a castle on.” -Lauren Fleshman

10 things I wish I knew about running before I started...

First and foremost… welcome, don’t be afraid of other runners, sure, it’s a solo sport, but it’s a big support community.
Secondly, don’t worry about how far & fast you go, we are all cheering for you to keep going.
3rd, starting is the hardest part, if that’s done, then keep going.
4th, goals are golden. Set as many small goals as you can and keep crushing them.
5th, drink more water.
6th, do post-run stretches.
7th, a couple weeks from now you will look back and see how much farther you can go now.
8th, if you’re injured then REST! Don’t power through a bad injury and make it worse. Running with pain is different than running injured.
9th, keep going. If you feel tired then take a break, but don’t stop.
10th, you’re awesome and every run will keep making you more awesome.

Anyone else have something to add? 🏃🏼

Treat yo self

Spoiled myself to some new shorts to motivate me for my first week of early morning runs. I’m not a morning person, so I’m a little anxious about this. Any tips??