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Cardio c25k wk5d3…. D.e.a.d! No, I did NOT jog 20min straight. I got to like 8 :23 near Denson before I said fuck this shit and started walking. And know what… I’m ain’t mad neither. Not one damn fucking bit!!! Wednesday I was doing 3x5. Yesterday was 2x8. And now you want me to do 1x20???? I don’t fucking think so!!! Not yet. I’m not ready. I’ll TRY to do a 20x1 in 7 days. Maybe 14 day. Let me make 2x8 easy. Then I’ll throw in a 2x12. Then a 1x20. Let me adapt. Humans just can’t go full on into it… gotta have some foreplay.. shit… Lol

ST: (upper) - cable belts
1x15 standing curls
2x20 standing curls
1x15 barbell pull up
2x20 barbell pull up
3x20 military press
3x20 tricep pull down
3x20 lateral pull down

Fyi: I’m on 75 (10, 25, 40 belts). I need a a stronger belt or suck it up at the gym. Ugh… Idk. In my zone. Chillin. That’s all that matters right now.


Run streak day: 170

Miles for the year: 685.52

3 hot but awesome miles done!!!!

This run wasn’t particularly fast, it wasn’t super long, but it felt special none the less, sometimes running can get monotonous especially when you do it everyday, but on this run I felt free!!!

Good music and not caring about pace goes a long way toward making an amazing run I guess, maybe I should do that more often lol.

Happy running everyone!!

dear body,

i feel like i fight with you a lot. i overstress you. you balloon up. i feed you too much dairy. you tighten up the calf muscles. i take three hour naps after my shorter shifts. you don’t wake me up at 6am like i want you to. i don’t always wash up right after a run. you break out in tiny pimples all over my face.  i scream at you internally whenever you release the monthly surge of hormones. you kick back at me with awful cramps, mood swings, appetite spikes, & bloat. 

but i have come to see that i mistreat you sometimes. i give you too much caffeine. sometimes i’m too lazy to wash my makeup off. i don’t exfoliate you as much as i should. i pick at scabs when i should let them heal. and most of all: i tell you you’re wrong. that you look too this or you don’t have enough of that. that you’re functioning poorly. that you aren’t doing your job. but perhaps the reality of it all is that i am not doing my job. 

but days like today, we work together and run. we run in the summer heat. i keep the skin healthy by applying lots of sunblock. you keep me cool by sweating like a maniac. i hydrate– you do millions of cellular energy conversions and muscle fiber contractions. and my mind? my mind says to you “hurt is inevitable. suffering is optional.” 

together, we can do what i once thought was impossible. 

and so i’m sorry, my dear body, for how i may mistreat you. but most of all thank you for persevering nonetheless. 

thank you. 


Today was my first time ever running in a sports bra. I was halfway through my run and I was winded and extremely hot and sweaty and ready to give up. I took a breather and decided to take off my shirt to cool off and it made a world of difference. I felt like a new runner afterwards. I’ve been self conscious my entire life about my stomach but I just had to keep reminding myself that most people don’t care what my stomach looks like because they’re too busy worrying about their own shit than if my stomach jiggles or not!! A big part of recovery for me is recognizing that my inner world and thoughts aren’t those of others. People don’t notice every little thing about me because they have their own lives and insecurities, so I should not let stupid worries stop me from living my life comfortably!!!