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Playing a prank on the boys. Part 2

Part 1 here

***Deciding that the ring leaders of the group who were playing pranks on you need to suffer a little more***

Once the boys caught up to me and I returned their clothes to them. They were so tired that they didn’t realise when they slipped up and gave up the names of their “leaders”. Newt and Thomas. I should have known. 

“You guys are totally going to regret that you even started this.” I whispered at the time. 

Now it was time to give them a little more attention. Really get that message through. I’d spent all week trying to exact my revenge but it was harder than I though. It wasn’t like I’ve been trying to play pranks on them all week. No. I’d been trying to gather up the “ingredients” for my prank. It wasn’t easy, but I managed. Now I was waiting in the map room, I’d sent Chuck to go get Thomas and Newt.

While I’m  waiting I make myself comfortable and inspect my handiwork. I smile to myself as I hear foot steps approach. 

“(y/n)?!” Newt asks. Oh, this is going to be good. I get myself into position and face away from the door.

“In here, guys.”  I make it sound as if I’m weak. I told Chuck to tell them it was an emergency. I hear them bound through the door, but they stop there.

“(y/n), what’s wrong?” Thomas asks. I turn around to face them, their faces pale at the sight of me. I’ve seen enough Griever injuries in my day to make it look like I’m going through the changing.

“I’m not doing so well, guys.” I say as I make it look as if I’m going to faint. They both race towards me and as they do, they trigger the trip wire I set up. They look back knowing that something isn’t right. 

I watch as the spiders I’d spent the last week catching, fall. They were the biggest spiders I’d ever seen. Right before they make their marks, the boys look up. One spider lands on Thomas’ face and the other on Newt’s shoulder. Thomas screams at such a high pitch, I doubt that I could hit that note. While he does a strange kind of dance to get the thing of his face, Newt is frozen in terror; his face going another few shades paler. Thomas eventually gets the spider off his face and sprints out of the map room. Screaming all the way. I take the spider off Newt’s shoulder and put it on my own. 

“Don’t try and prank me again.” I whisper in his ear. Then I peck his cheek and make my way back to talk to Frypan.

Just Saw The Maze Runner Movie AND I HAVE PROBLEMS

1. Newt never calls Thomas “Tommy”*
3. Newt doesn’t say bloody. HE NEVER BLOODY SAYS IT ONCE**
4. Teresa and Thomas’s telepathic connection thingy wasn’t there.*
5. No beetle blades.
6. Newt wasn’t near as upset about Alby’s death as he was supposed to be.
7. The grieves were COMPLETELY different.
8. They didn’t find the codes in the maze.
9. Chuck doesn’t tell Thomas and Teresa to push the button.
10. There are no slides of death.
11. Minho screams more in the movie than he does in all three books.
12. Newt doesn’t talk about his limp. It was there, but he didn’t talk about it.
13. Newt also didn’t talk about how he used to be a runner.
14. Chuck’s bathroom prank.
15. Not enough Chuck in general.
16. They didn’t do the 1 person per night thing.
17. Not enough Frypan.
18. Not enough Newt, Thomas, and Minho friendship.
19. Alby didn’t sacrifice himself like in the book.
20. Gally DOESN’T DIE*
*and thus future books/movies are messed up
** since when do you say bloody? Since the situation bloody warrants it