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One of the major difficulties Minho experienced in training Thomas was learning to distinguish between him pretending to be stupid just to get people off their guard, pretending to be stupid because he couldn’t be bothered to think and wanted someone else to do it for him, pretending to be outrageously stupid to hide the fact that he actually didn’t understand what was going on, and really being genuinely stupid.
—  Ava Paige
Getting close

Just got my runner’s guide.  I’m starting to get excited, though still pretty nervous.  It’s going to be a grind and despite having a couple of decent long runs in this training cycle, I don’t feel very specifically prepared for the race because of how much my ankle injury has limited me.  But whatever.  I attempted Leadville with a much more fresh and acute injury.  It still sucks, but it’s not as bad as it was.  And I’ve got an appointment to get another shot on Friday.  

Last Saturday’s run wasn’t fun, but it went okay.  Brutal, windy day on a super boring, grind of a route.  But pushing through boring grinds is great practice for 5 loops in the desert.

Last speed workout tomorrow.  Shot Friday so I’ll be out of running action for the weekend most likely.  So training will be pretty much done this time tomorrow.  Time to get amped up.

Runner 5 is canonically everything you are!

For me, that means that Runner 5 is legally blind, and therefore she is Runner 5.2. Runner 5.1 is her Guide Runner and best friend (I’m actually looking into meeting up with a Guide Runner to help vary my routes and branch out) - for story’s sake, my Runner 5.1 is @lordofthebutches because we plot everything together tbh.

For me, that means that Runner 5.2 is slowly building in progress and isn’t far from getting a consistent mile time of under 13 minutes. For me, that means that Runner 5.2 is training for 5k and will run one that she is proud of this Halloween (virtual race, yo!)

For me, that means that Runner 5.2 is pining for Runner 8 and loves every run they get together.

But also, for me, it means that I can continue to get fit and healthy, because if I can run for a township, then I can be healthy and lose weight and be happy with myself. And that is something that this beautiful bloody app has helped me learn. So, thank you @zombiesrungame for giving me the confidence to keep going with my health journey.

All runners should have some form of identification on their person at all times. You may not think you’ll need it, but when you leave your wallet in a helicopter mid-crash and SOMEONE starts to get suspicious, you’ll be wishing you’d taken some time to grab your ID from the burning wreckage- I mean, your trunk.

10 sentences meme

So I was tagged by @buttsonthebeach - thank you!

Rules: List the first lines of your last 10 stories. See if there are any patterns. Then tag 10 of your favorite authors!

Well, several of my last few stories are co-authored with @auroraborealia, so I’m going to skip those and focus solely on the pieces I did myself (because sometimes she writes the first sentence). Going backwards starting at the most recent, we have…

10. All This Sh*t is Twice as Weird  (I’m skipping the prologue, which is basically a rehash of the first two games, and going straight to when the story begins.)

It was the talk of the townsfolk for a few days. Lady Victoria, Bann Trevelyan’s ugly duckling, was actually going to the Divine’s Conclave!

9. The Skyhold Runner’s Guide to Survival

[Editor’s note: A while back, Ruffles approached me about putting together some basic useful information for the friendly little guys who ran around Skyhold all day long. She wanted them to have a basic understanding of who’s who and what’s where and that sort of thing, and she started to write one, but she already had enough to do without worrying about all that. So she asked me to take over after the first paragraph, I said I’d do it, and the result was this. Well, as we were going over the Chantry records to put together the main story that (I assume) you’ve been reading, Scholar found a copy that one of the runners must have left behind at some point. She thought it might make a helpful piece of supplemental information for the reader, to give an idea of the madness with which the Skyhold staff had to contend on a daily basis. I’m not sure I agree, but what do I know? Maybe you’ll enjoy this, maybe you won’t, but it’s here for you.]

8. A Tragic Case 

From the notes of Dr. Burton, head of psychiatry, Winter River Institution.

Patient LD is a fascinating case. By all outward appearances a normal, healthy young woman. Meticulously neat in her appearance; polite; eats well. Carers report no behavioral problems, beyond an insistence in believing her story.

7. Evermore 

Cullen did not go into the courtyard to say goodbye to his Lady Inquisitor. Perhaps he should have. But there was nothing left to say. Why make it more painful for either of them than it already was?

6. Bug Princess and the Seven Months 

Prince Vince, while highly regarded by his people, was not exactly the celebratory type. He marked occasions in his own fashion, usually by composing an epic poem of some sort and possibly inflicting it on a (literally) captive audience. But large-scale parties were, as a general rule, not his thing. However, a truly remarkable milestone required much more grandiose festivities. Or at least, that’s what Lydia told him, and he tended to listen to his mostly-living honorary sister.

5. Chronology 

“Are they here yet?”

It is perhaps the eighth time Lucas Elric has heard the question since breakfast, and it takes all of his considerable force of will not to growl at the speaker. Had it been anyone else, he might not have restrained himself; but for six-year-old Danielle, he can be patient.

4. Sleeping Beetle 

Lydia was asleep, which was to be expected since it was only around three in the morning. She was curled on her side under the blanket, her black hair spilling like ink across the pillows, and the covers rose and fell with a gentle rhythm. All around the house were the quiet sounds of nightlife in the forest, and every so often this soft natural symphony was punctuated by a tiny, almost musical snore.

3. Meteor Shower 

The most interesting thing to Prince Vince, regarding the bond between his adopted sister and her husband, was how little they spoke of it.

2. The Bug Princess 

The sun was creeping through the window of Lydia Deetz’s third-floor dormitory room. She was sprawled on her back, one arm draped over her eyes to block out the light; however, this did nothing to discourage the alarm clock. Moments later, the coffin popped open and a miniature version of Count Dracula sat up, cackling maniacally.

1. Cinderjuice

“Sorry I’m late,” Lydia told her friends as she reached their usual table in the cafeteria. “We had a quick yearbook meeting after last period.” She flashed them a smile. “It’s a bigger project than doing the yearbook at Miss Shannon’s ever was. I don’t envy the editor.”

Since my friends are about as mixed-up as my fandoms and I’m sure there are at least a few people confused: numbers 1, 2, 3,  4, and 6 are fics for the Beetlejuice cartoon. 5 is Fullmetal Alchemist. 8 is for the Beetlejuice film; it was a giveaway prize. 7, 9, and 10 are Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Today is the 40th day anniversary of my friend and brother-in-law Lcpl Andrew Silva’s death.

On March 25th, 2014 He was headed from his parents house to his wife’s parent’s home around 1am when he was struck on his motorcycle and killed by a drunk driver.

Can you tell me how fair it is….to come from Afghanistan ALIVE only to be killed just a month after you return home? Its not fair to his wife and son, his mother and father …to his 3 younger brothers, one of which went to bootcamp with him and then had to carry his casket.

Do you know how hard it is to watch the man you love cry against the hearse that carries his brother? To watch his sister bury the man she loves? To realize his 2 year old son won’t have a father to watch him grow up?

I love you so much Drew.
There will be justice.

RIP Andrew Zachary Silva
January 31,1991 - March 25, 2014