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One of the major difficulties Minho experienced in training Thomas was learning to distinguish between him pretending to be stupid just to get people off their guard, pretending to be stupid because he couldn’t be bothered to think and wanted someone else to do it for him, pretending to be outrageously stupid to hide the fact that he actually didn’t understand what was going on, and really being genuinely stupid.
—  Ava Paige

All runners should have some form of identification on their person at all times. You may not think you’ll need it, but when you leave your wallet in a helicopter mid-crash and SOMEONE starts to get suspicious, you’ll be wishing you’d taken some time to grab your ID from the burning wreckage- I mean, your trunk.

Blind!Marinette Info dump p

Another blind!Marinette AU info dump? Another Blind!Marinette AU info dump. 

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I was going to do the Love Square Spiderweb plus the athletic part of the AU in this post but it was getting really long and I’m like nah.

  • Adrien ACTUALLY gets to eat and is a much healthier weight because of being a guide runner for Marinette. His sweet intake is still very limited/ none at all at home but his portion sizes are much larger thanks to the extra running.
    • Because of this he drops his Chinese lessons in favor of the school practices. His photo shoots also decrease because of this since being a high school athlete looks much better on college applications than just being able to play the piano, speak three different languages and model
    • He almost got pulled off from the Cross Country team once his dad found out that he wasn’t actively competing and was upset that he was just a guide runner. This was until he saw how fast Marinette was with Adrien and the coach said that they were almost guaranteed to make varsity next year
      • The coach also had to stress the importance of a good guide runner to a blind runner and that he hasn’t seen anyone be that in sync with a blind runner before. 
  • Adrien’s father is much more giving with Adrien’s schedule because of all the school athletic practices and such. He still is required to be dropped off and picked up from school. 
    • When he runs with Marinette he must explain the planned route, how long it should take them and call if they are behind schedule
    • After a lot of debate with the school, Gabriel eventually allows Adrien to travel to and from meets on a school bus much to his displeasure
      • Because of this, Adrien gets snuck junk food for after the races by his team mates much to his pleasure and he actually gets to feel like he is a normal high school student
    • Gabriel will not admit it, but he will occasionally attend Adrien’s practice or competitions when his schedule allows him to attend 
  • The duo compete in Cross Country in the fall and track and field in the spring. 
    • Marinette does the 400m and the 3200 meter races 
      • Because these races are just on a track, Marinette only needs help getting to her starting position and then is left alone. Especially in her 400m dash she is known to go well past the finish line and will do an extra half lap or entire lap unless someone tells her
    • Adrien does the 100m dash and the 300m hurdles 
      • He does NOT compete in Cross Country and is there as a guide runner as he found out about Marinette being on cross country after the tryouts finished. He joins about three weeks before the first meet as her guide runner
        • They run on the weekends to get familiar with each other and work out how guide running works but eventually it just becomes a habit
  • For some reason… there are never Akuma attacks during these competitions, much to the surprise and confusion of the high school students.
    • Marinette is incredibly grateful for this because it is much harder for her to slip away while at a meet and she doesn’t always have the luxury of carrying around Tikki during races due to the lack of hiding spaces. 
  • Chloe already dislikes Marinette but once she finds out that she is spending time with Adrien because of Cross Country and eventually Track and Field she makes it her mission to torment Marinette even more
    • She sometimes goes to practices and tries to get Marinette discouraged to stop running because she’s blind however Adrien steps in and doesn’t take any crap from Chloe. The rest of the junior varsity team agrees with her.
    • Knowing that the JV team is won over, she tries with the varsity team to make sure that Marinette stays on JV. For awhile this works in Chloe’s favor… until the first bus ride to the first meet and varsity learns about Chloe and also takes none of her crap.
    • The entire Cross Country team both JV and Varsity get super protective over Marinette and not in a babying way. They will literally tear people to shreds if they try and tease Marinette about being a blind runner
      • Marinette was worried at the start of the season that her teammates would treat her like everyone else does. But that fear gets taken away quickly as they treat her like everyone else. Except they are more verbal on the directions 
      • They all love Fleur and the team fight over taking turns on who gets to take care of him when Marinette is competing. Which is good since there are times where Alya or Nino cannot attend the meets because of prior engagements.
        • Doggie gets really spoiled during meets
  • Because of all the support she is getting from her teammates, Marinette gets more confident in the classroom and starts to fight back against Chloe.
  • The two never go full out during competitions or practice or else they fear that alarm bells would ring
    • People know that they run together a lot during the off season and on the weekends but because of being Ladybug/Chat Noir they have an even higher endurance than what their usual runs would give them.
Shadowrun Hard Targets Art

Cover illustration just came in for Shadowrun: Hard Targets. Here’s the back cover description of the book:

It’s thick. Luxurious. Concealing. The cloak of death will make you feared, envied, and maybe even wealthy. It will also smother your soul. The best assassins in the Sixth World can gain untold wealth and make the whole world shake, but they also will be hunted and stalked until the end of their days. Assuming their conscience doesn’t eat them alive.

Hard Targets is a shadow runner’s guide to bringing death, with information on getting into wetwork, tactics for doing the job, and critical gear. It also contains plot details and adventure hooks, including an in-depth look at the city of Havana in the Caribbean League, a political and criminal hotspot that lends itself to all sorts of wetwork jobs. The work is there—if you can deaden your soul enough to take it.

Hard Targets is a Deep Shadows book for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

And the cover illustration!



Abel Township Runner’s Quiz

Since the launch of the All-New Zombies, Run! last week, we’ve welcomed countless new Runners to Abel Township. To celebrate, we thought we’d give you all - new runners and old - a little quiz. How well will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

If you’re struggling to get a perfect score, never fear! We’ll be giving you all the best advice from Abel’s finest as we serialise our amazing Abel Township Runner’s Guide in the app over the coming weeks. Featuring stories from the runners, tips on how to survive in the field and plenty more, you won’t want to miss a single installment! Read the first one today on the home-page of your Zombies, Run! app.

We’ve now closed the quiz, but stay tuned for future quizzes!

A girl in my Spanish class found my YouTube videos and showed them to my teacher. At the end of class one day my teacher said, “pack up, movie time,” and she dropped down this screen and put on my videos. I started freaking out. Everyone was laughing and I just ran out.