runners are crazy

Sing from the heart
  • Frypan: So many complicated relationships! Maybe you guys should just sing to convey your feelings!
  • Newt *to Y/N*: Maybe we found love right where we are.
  • Y/N *to Newt*: Looking so crazy, your love got me looking so, looking so crazy in love!
  • Thomas *to Teresa*: I don't know what it is, that makes me feel like this, I don't know who you are, but you must be some kind of superstar.
  • Brenda *to Thomas*: Hey! Hey! you! You! I don't like your girlfriend! No way, no way! I think you need a new one.
  • Teresa *to Thomas*: Is it too late now to say sorry?
  • Minho: ....
  • Minho: I'm sexy and I know it!

So I found out that this is actually a crassula orbicularis.

I was hesitant towards thinking this was a sempervivum because of its round-edged leaves and because it wasn’t tight and circular like a semp would be. But because of its offsets/runners and feather-like saw edges on the leaves, I got stumped… I visited my campus’s rooftop greenhouse (I didn’t even know it existed) and the lady there showed me the mother plant.

They are such a lovely bunch, I almost wanted to keep the entire plant for myself! Instead, I’m giving it away before I run out of windowsill for my plants. I did cut off a runner in hopes that it’ll grow big! :)

I also repotted the crassula with my newer and smaller echeveria melaco to fill up space in the pot. Since I’m giving this as a gift, I’ll teach my boyfriend’s mom to repot the plants if they get too big.

Thank you all for trying to help me ID this plant!

Inktober 2016: Day 23 - Horror

“Don’t hide, My Angel… There’s music inside you I wish to set free!”

(Outlast au, because we needed some more scary stuff for the roster! For those that don’t know, Outlast is an absolutely awesome and terrifying game. This is more based on the DLC, Whistleblower, however. The main antagonist in that is similar to Erik… if he went off the deep end and umped up the crazy to 600%)

You’re Back

Request: Hi luv ur blog can u do one where u and newt broke up and 1 day he has an anxiety attack and the med jacks send 4 u cuz they don’t know what else to do and they know ur the only 1 that can calm him down and when u get there u kiss n make up Xoxo

I thought it would be best if he had an anxiety attack immediately. I hope my writing’s not too cheesy!


You were chatting along with the rest of the Gladers at the dining table, not really eating your lunch. 

“So, you’re going to start tomorrow?” asked Minho, sitting down beside you with a plate of pork chops. 

“Yeah, Alby said I was fast enough. I can’t wait to get started.” you replied, picking on your sandwich. 

“What about Newt?” said Minho. 

You frowned. “I know he’s not going to like this but-“

“Y/N, please tell me you didn’t.” You snapped your head up, catching sight of your boyfriend storming towards your table.

You decided to play dumb. “Did what?”

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about. A runner! Are you crazy?!” he shouted. The whole table went quiet and stared at you both.

You involuntarily flinched.

“Do you have any idea how bloody dangerous the maze is?! Huh?! You don’t. You’ve hardly been here at all and now you’re going to get yourself killed. I’m going to Alby and reinstating you as Gardener.” Newt turned around to leave and suddenly you realized you were going to lose your position as a Runner. You couldn’t have that.

You stood up and slammed both of your fists on the dining table. The loud thud got Newt’s attention and made everyone else cringe.

“You have no right,” You glared, your voice eerily calm, “to take away my job as a Runner.”

Newt glared back. “I have every right to do that. I’m the second-in-command and making sure the Gladers don’t have any psychotic suicidal tendencies is part of my job.”

“You mean like you did?” You regretted the words as soon as they came out of your mouth.

Newt went pale, and the Gladers looked at you in confusion.

Only you, Minho and Alby knew what happened that day. The day they found him crumpled on the ground, not dead but not alive either. You hardly knew Newt then, and everyone was told it was an accident. It was the reason he had a limp. Newt only told you the truth after you two started dating.

You just hoped the Gladers wouldn’t put two and two together.

“I’m going to be a Runner and there’s nothing you can do about it.” You said bringing back the original topic. “I’ll even shucking run into the maze if nobody listens.”

Everyone turned their heads towards Newt.

“No you’re not.” he replied authoratively. “I’m going to Alby right now, and as you’re boyfriend I think I have some right to make sure you don’t get yourself killed.”

“And what if you’re not my boyfriend?” you said.

You watched Newt’s expression change, from power to panic and fear. You didn’t like this any much as he did, but you knew you couldn’t have an over-protective boyfriend, no matter how much you loved him.

“Y/N, please-”

“Well, what if you’re not? You won’t have some ‘right’ then will you?” You placed your hands on your hips.

Newt shook his head. “It wouldn’t change anything,” you noticed his voice break; “I would still stop you from going into the maze.”

You frowned, “And either way I’m still going to make it but it would be a lot easier with the former.”

“Y/N, please don’t do this.” Newt whispered. You watched tears pool his eyes, and you fought yours back. You had to stand strong.

But your voice cracked anyway. “I’m breaking up with you.”

It was like the whole Glade went pin-drop silent. You could feel everyone’s mouths fall open in shock. You and Newt were the cutest couple there ever was. The type of relationship which lasted for yeas and eventually led to marriage and a family. You two couldn’t break up, could you?

You wiped your damp cheek with the heel of your hand and ran. You ran like you had never run before, but not towards the maze. Towards your room.

You locked the door and fell on your bed, letting the tears fall silently. You’ll get over it. You told yourself.You weren’t so sure, though.

You weren’t in your bed for three minutes when you heard a knock. You ignored it.

“Y/N!” It was Minho. You would’ve uncared for it if his voice wasn’t so urgent.

As soon as you opened the door, Mino nearly fell on top of you.

“It’s Newt.” He said urgently.


“He’s having a panic attack and he won’t calm down.”

You felt your throat clog. “Where?”


You didn’t need to be told anything else. You ran, shoving past him. You were shaking.

There was a huge crowd in front of the hut but they made way for you like Moses and the Red Sea. You panted, coming to a stop in front of Jeff. He was on the floor, holding a hyperventilating Newt and shouting at him to calm down.

You kneeled on your knees; coming to Newt’s eye level. He wasn’t looking at you. He wasn’t looking at anything, just inhaling too harsh and too fast.

“Newt.” You murmured cupping his face with both your hands. “Newt, look at me.”

He glanced at you but he was still hyperventilating.

“I need you.” You whispered, tears falling. “I need you to come back to me.”

His warm brown eyes gazed at you blankly.

“Just breathe.” You pleaded. “Please just breathe. I’ll do anything. I won’t be a Runner. Please, please just breathe.”

You watched him gasp, but then his breathing slowed down gradually. You didn’t let him go, just stared and waited.

You let out a cry of relief when he was absolutely calm.

“Y/N?” his voice was barely audible.

“I’m here.” You said, letting the tears fall freely. “I’m here now and I swear I won’t leave.”

“You swear?” He asked squeezing your hand.

“I swear.” You half-laughed and half-cried at how silly that sounded.

Newt wrapped his arms around you, and you rested your head on his chest, inhaling his scent. You couldn’t believe you had decided to live without it.

Jeff had shooed away the Gladers, telling them you both needed privacy.

After a whole five minutes you finally spoke. “I’m sorry.” You sobbed. “I’m so sorry.”

Newt wiped your tears with the pad of his thumb. “It’s okay.” He whispered, sniffing. “You’re back and that’s what matters.”

You looked at his red-shot eyes and placed your hand on his cheek. “I love you.” You muttered.

You placed your mouth on his, tasting his lips once again. He kissed back, and after a whole minute you pulled away, breathless.

Newt pulled you closer to him. “I love you too.”


Good afternoon!

This is me… (mood) Trying to sort out what is happening next week.

In the last 24 hours, I cancelled my trip to the desert, (almost) gave away ticket, rescheduled, flip-flopped camps, and somehow returned to my original plan (minus my bestie–so sad).

Two choices: chuck the RV and go the route that gets me there Sunday (this means tent camping. Word.) Or, stick with the RV and drive ten hours on Monday from Utah and just make peace with the fact that I may get stuck in a very long line with the other RV’s and get little or no sleep the night before I run 32 miles in the desert, and/or still be in line and miss my 3:30 AM start time. Hmmm… Decisions, decisions:)

Not the worst problem a girl could have. It’s all up to the universe anyway❤️


So when you first start running, it's hard.

But you keep at it until it gets easy.
At which point you make it harder.
And push through it until it feels easy again.
Then you up your game, make it harder still.
And eventually you get to the point where you push yourself so hard that it’s never easy, you train and train, spiraling into the vicious and beautiful cycle of always going harder, faster, stronger.
Runners are crazy.

Always There for You

It was him who warned her when Dylan had his accident on the set of The Death Cure.

Y/N and Thomas are dating since she had been to see her brother, Dylan, on the set of The Maze Runner. He had fallen crazy in love with her since this day.

As soon as the accident had happened, Thomas had called her. She didn’t say a word except « I’ll be right there ! ».

When she arrived at the hospital, the cast members were present.

-          « Where is he ? » she asked Thomas, panicked

-          « Come with me » he tool her hand to take her to the room where Dylan was

He was there, lying in the bed.

She fell completely on one of the chairs that are next to the bed.

-          « You’re okay, sweetie ? » Thomas really cared for her.

She didn’t answer, she burst into tears. Thomas sat next to her, taking her in his arms and kissing her cheek.

-          « He will get better » he reassured her

-          « I have been with him, Tommy, this is my bro ! » she sobbed in his arms

He hated to see her in this condition.

-          « Can you leave me alone with Dylan please, Tom ? » she asked, wiping her tears. Thomas nodded and left the hospital room.

He looked her since the hall, she was upset. She held the hand of Dylan and crying.

A few minutes later, Y/N left the room, the tears still flowed as much.

She walked over immediately to Thomas’ arms. She felt so saf in his arms … with him.

-          « Thank you for being there for me, Tommy, I’m glad to have you in my life »

-          « I’ll always be there for you, princess ! » Thomas kissed her forehead, « He’ll get better, I swear you ! »

She was happy to have Thomas in her life. She met him thanks to Dylan. If something wrong were to happen to Dyl, she never forgive herself.