10 things I wish I knew about running before I started...

First and foremost… welcome, don’t be afraid of other runners, sure, it’s a solo sport, but it’s a big support community.
Secondly, don’t worry about how far & fast you go, we are all cheering for you to keep going.
3rd, starting is the hardest part, if that’s done, then keep going.
4th, goals are golden. Set as many small goals as you can and keep crushing them.
5th, drink more water.
6th, do post-run stretches.
7th, a couple weeks from now you will look back and see how much farther you can go now.
8th, if you’re injured then REST! Don’t power through a bad injury and make it worse. Running with pain is different than running injured.
9th, keep going. If you feel tired then take a break, but don’t stop.
10th, you’re awesome and every run will keep making you more awesome.

Anyone else have something to add? 🏃🏼

things i’m reminding myself:
i do not have to run crazy fast miles to own awesome running shoes. i do not need to be a certain weight to own beautiful running clothes. i do not need to run insane milage every week to own a super cool running watch. i am worthy of it all simply because i am a runner and that is more than enough.

Runner's High

The wind-grip in my hair
Curls and lifts it in flight
I live for these moments
Hovering between
Floating on the edge
Tapping the earth just long enough
To lift off again

The rush of the world
Blurring around me
I’m moving through time
On the edge of out-of-control
A stumble away from disaster

I feel the muscles in my legs
Taunting gravity, tempting those
Who try to stop me
There’s a curve to my open mouth
I stop counting seconds, breaths, steps

I am but a primal being
Chasing something, nothing
Not even a dream
And the wind-grip ecstasy
Of utter release

Is porridge or oatmeal bad… all those carbs? 😨The answer is definitely yes😎.. that bad that I’m literally having oats for breakfast and dinner🍓. All those carbs are going directly to my brain to think🤔 and legs to run🏃🏼‍♀️. Glucose is ESSENTIAL for the brain to function properly and overall health. You should get AT LEAST half of your daily calories from carbs aka sugar aka life. Cut carbs, cut life. 🍬