El Salvador Runs

Well I was right. The place I’m staying in San Salvador isn’t ideal for running outside. It’s not that I’m in a dangerous part of town. It’s just that there’s a good chance I’d get hit by a car if I ran outside. Which means from today until Thursday I’ll be doing all my runs on a treadmill. I really wish this wasn’t the case. I love exploring the places I visit through my runs. I guess I’ll be exploring this place through the window of a car.

tips for new runners
  • ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE A NEW RUNNER! you cannot expect 60 mile weeks and sub-7 minute miles off the bat; it takes time
  • get fitted for shoes at a running specialty store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please do this, if not for your poor little feet, do it for me). then if they’re too expensive, find them cheaper online at a website like 6pm or roadrunnersports (obviously support the store if you can because running stores are the bomb and they took the time to help you, but if you truly can’t splurge like that i feel you) – keep in mind to ask about student/any discounts that may be available to you!
  • be consistent and patient
  • BUILD A BASE! before you try to ramp up mileage or speed. once you’re ready to do that: pick one at a time to focus on. 
  • replace your shoes every 300-400 miles or so
  • if you chafe, get body glide. it looks like deodorant but you can rub it anywhere and it’s basically magic
  • water is very important
  • stretching is also important
  • foam rollers are worth the investment
  • if you’re doing long runs you need fuel, try gels or bars or bananas, whatever you can stomach… some people even just have a mini candy bar or something! and carbs the night/day before long runs are good
  • try and eat within 30 minutes of your run, even just a small snack
  • you don’t have to start off running full marathons in your first few years as a runner. put in your dues, a 5k you worked for is just as impressive
  • not every run is going to be fun/easy/etc. in fact: some runs are going to suck!
  • mix up your workouts; do not do the same thing everyday. 2-3 hard workouts a week combined with 2-3 other runs is plenty
  • if you want to up your mileage, just do it. include longer, slower runs into your routine
  • if you want to get faster, do repeats (400m, 800m, 1 mile, etc.), fartleks, hill repeats, tempo runs, etc.
  • recovery is just as important as effort. rest if your body seems to need it
  • ice baths. if you’re training intensely you should get used to them
  • logging your miles can be a great way to keep track and stay motivated, but if you’re not super serious about running don’t worry about it if you’re not feeling doing that
Running will be there 7am while he’s on his work shift. The hills and trails will be there when there are no arms to comfort you. The clouds will gaze down upon your most glorious moments when no soul is there to witness them. The trees will never utter anything about your messy braid, no makeup or sweaty shirt. Only love what can love you back unconditionally.
—  Emma Clark