My thoughts during a cross country race
  • 3, 2, 1, GO….. fuck why do i do this sport
  • damnit……. i have to pee
  • I forgot to crumple my number
  • Oh shit… entered the woods… time to spike people
  • Its okay…. shoved him into the bushes
  • Pack attack mother fuckers!!!
  • I dont know him… but i wanna beat him
  • Im just gonna draft off of you for awhile
  • Totally cut that corner
  • Can i throw up now
  • My stomach hurts
  • My legs hurt
  • My feet hurt
  • I cant breathe
  • Jesus lord…. im going to die
  • I have the coolest spikes
  • Work the downhill
  • Run the tangent
  • What the FUCK is the tangent?!
  • Holy shit thats a big hill
  • I hate running
  • I HATE running
  • Whats my mile time?! FUCK im going slow
  • Stop cheering me to go faster! IT FUCKING HURTS!
  • Okay nevermind…. you can pass me
  • I need to pee still
  • Oh shit.. thats the finish
  • FINALLY!! were done!!

Here’s the downside to starting your race with a tshirt on and then taking it off 2 miles in. I put sunscreen on, but I completely forgot I’d eventually end up in my tank so I kind of missed a spot. At least my camelbak covered some of it, but now my burn is just awkward.

On the plus side, I’m not as sore as I had anticipated! I’ll do some stretching and foam rolling tonight though just to be safe. Off to work now with a healthy lunch and snacks! I need to get my meal prep done later because even though I’m finished with classes for a few weeks, I’m working extra. I want my credit cards paid off asap!!! Have a good day!

My life in bullets.
  • My eating has been all out of whack since I got back to Minnesota. Confession: Yesterday I weighed in at 186.0 uhhhh. But I also got my period (sorry guys). 
  • Busy and stressed is a major understatement for my life right now. I’m trying to balance moving/packing, full-time work, marathon training, and seeing my friends before I leave. 
  • I’ve been so busy that I haven’t applied to any jobs in 2 weeks now… I did call on two though! So that’s something. Even though I didn’t get the call back that they said I would… 
  • I had planned to move out to Colorado officially on Sunday, but now I’m leaning more towards Monday or Tuesday so I’m not as rushed. 
  • I ran a slow and “easy” 5 miles today on the treadmill again.                                                         5.23 miles / 65:00 / 12:25 pace
  • Afterwards, I thought I looked pretty normal.                                            

  • Nope. Apparently I peed myself (Note: I didn’t actually pee myself. I was just super sweaty around the crotch and ass region)…  

  • I’m getting ready after this for a Mall of America trip, sushi date, and hot yoga with one of my best friends since high school. Talk about all the sweating today. 
  • Oh, and I’ll leave you with this: I have a nasty black toenail that’s probably about to fall off, and my left ass cheek hurts. Yeah.

Mom: But you just got new sneakers in September for cross country!

Me: I know mom but track starts soon and I need new sneakers!

Mom: But yours still fit!

Me: Ya, but they are worn out, flattened out, and runners need new sneakers every 6 months!!