#TeamHAM 💪🏻 helping me refuel after outdoor #cardio. Shake was 200ml almond milk, 400ml coconut milk, ½ Tbsp @waldenfarmsinternational mocha coffee creamer and a scoop of @myprotein pure soy isolate. 👌🏻#macros at kCal 239 // C 10 // F 10 // P 26

World’s comfiest t-shirt that actually allows for movement and doesn’t strangle you courtesy of David Gandy. 💕

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Week 2, Day 3

All I could think of was this, and it took all of my self-discipline not to laugh in her face.

Week 2, Day 1

Been a bit MIA lately. The weather turned weird, so I couldn’t get out much. Had to seek out “alternate forms” of exercise. Stop that snickering you dirty minded folk (yeah, ok, a bit of that) - there was one memorable afternoon I spent climbing an extinct volcano, that was fun. 

Got to tell you though, this 5K training is really working. I’d never been much of a runner, or exerciser for that matter, and though I’d tried running missions for my last base, it didn’t help me the way the doc has been. Sure, it’s real motivating to run when you hear those zoms coming up behind you, and I tried to go out regularly, to help my base out, but each time I’d come in wheezing and rattling like I was about to turn into a shambler myself.

It really suprised me then, the other day, when I had to run to catch up with someone crossing the base, and I automatically settled into that soft lope Doc reccomends, and I ran an entire block and a half, caught up with the lady, and wasn’t even puffed! I almost fell over with shock! And then the same thing yesterday when I went to grab something from Supplies and needed to go back to get something I forgot, I ran (loped - I love that word, sounds like the effortless pace of a wolf) back, and wasn’t puffed at all. I never really thought I’d be fit, but Doc is making a believer out of me!

Poor Rajit. I didn’t have the heart to tell him I’ve lost my copy of his novel. I’d gladly read it for him - can anyone lend me their copy?

In which Runner 4 gives me (and Sam) a heart attack

Cake related injuries? What sort of people have I fallen in with here at Abel?


Holy crap! Runner 4, I am so going to get you back for that! Didn't help that I was already looking over my shoulder for zoms. For future reference, Psyche Rock by Pierre Henry is not the best running song to play, at dusk, outside the compound where you might encounter zoms. It’s just a touch too atmospheric.

The story begins...

So, I guess I should start by introducing myself, or what I know of myself, because I’m not myself you see. Doc said… Oh hang on, I’ll try again.

I’m Suze. I’m the new runner five I guess. I saw what happened to the old runner five. Alice, Sam called her. She was following me back to Abel. They came out with guns… it’s horrible, thinking that might be me one day. They said she was one of the best, and I can barely lope at decent speed, so what hope do I have? Though Doc says she can get me up to speed though. She probably has a lot of practice training runners, what with the mortality rate and all.

I’ve gone off track again. Sorry. Hit my head in the helicopter crash. Scrambled the circuits a bit, and I don’t remember much from before. Doc says my fuzzy thinking will clear up a bit in a few days, and I may or may not get my memory back. I’m not entirely sure I want to remember much of what my life was like before, whether or not I had a family, whether I’ve lost my family… if I had to do for my loved ones what the Abel defence had to do…

Some people think this is a waste of resources, posting this on Rofflenet, but Doc Myers says writing it down might help me remember, and paper is far more precious than ‘net space these days.

That’s Sam. He’s the radio operator at Abel Township, and if it weren’t for him directing me, I think I surely would have died after that crash. I’m so grateful they were willing to take me in, though it’s probably more to do with this large box marked CDC I found. It’s got all the notes inside of anything that had been discovered about the zombie virus before major comms networks finally went dark forever.

Whatever. I’m here now, and safe, and on my way to becoming useful at least.