runner tips

New drawing, at last! This was supposed to be my submission to the ‘Blade Runner 2049′ contest, but I’ve missed the deadline… again. Still, I’ve finished the illustration, and I think it’s worth to be shared here with you. If you’ll take a sudden interest in this artwork, be sure to check the linky links: Society6 and Redbubble.

-Tech, where are our shadows?

- Well, Rev, @obukkhov did not have felt-tip pens with the right colors to draw shadows.

- Wow, non-digital drawing, seriously? Yes, but I had some problems with it.

For the first time I decided to draw something on paper. I decided to draw using a marker. When I went to the store, I asked what their price was. 

170 rubles (2.95 $) for each one? Oh my God, no… 

But then I saw a package with felt-tip pens, which cost only 5$. Damn, this was a mistake… When I got home, I tried them. It turned out that they were wetting paper. Well, after that, I decided to draw a picture from this post. In the process it turned out that I did not have enough colors to create shadows. Although in my opinion, the result turned out not so bad…

I hope in the future I will be able to buy markers.

Heh, look at this XD