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New turf was opening up for the MacNamaras, especially with their defeat of D’Ignazio’s a months back. They were working their into Italian grounds and the more they took over, the happier it made Daithi. More drug money, more customers, and with it more control over the city they’d called home. Despite the going ons in Daithi’s personal life, what was happening in with his job, with the company his brother owned, was spectacular. 

Things were definitely looking up for them, especially after the hellish year they’d had previous. 

However, with all this new land, Daithi needed his street runners to be in tip top shape. Who better to call than Xavier Pierce. The MacNamara picked up the phone on his desk and dialed the other associate’s number, waiting for an answer before speaking into the receiver, “My office. We’ve got some things to discuss.” 

He hung up before he could get a response and turned back to the computer in front of him, number crunching while he waited. 


Not a runner? Good, me neither. Tips on Starting:

I was a scrawny kid with undiagnosed asthma. Running was torture for me…but recently I’ve been persuaded otherwise. Think running is not for you? Think again.

Tips on Starting:


Goal setting is tricky but essential. Make your goals too easy, and you never make progress. But the opposite problem has brought so downfalls for many others: They make their goals too hard, too painful and impossible. That’s the best way to discourage yourself. You’ll either think that you can’t do this, you’re bad at this, or do it but have it be so painful you’ll have trouble motivating yourself again.

I started with running ½ a mile in 15 minutes. I went up from there. The goal is to finish each session with a sense of accomplishment.

If you are breathing unevenly and painfully, if your heart is pounding wildly, you are going too fast. The goal is to breath evenly, although quicker than normally.

2)     Get good music.

It keeps your brain less whiney. I like to run to epic movie soundtrack music because it sounds like I’m off to fight a battle against the dark forces.

3)     Track your progress! Be prepared.

I recommend RunKeeper. I’ve been using it for a while and it’s a good, solid app.  Use SUNSCREEN. Drink water before and after (although not too fast or you will puke). Eat a little beforehand (not too much or you’ll get appendicitis or cramps). My roommate swears that drinking a bit of caffeine beforehand works wonders (I hate caffeine so I don’t do that.)

4)     Make it interesting.

Sometimes I run to the nearest convenience store. Sometime I run to the park, borrow the monkey bars for some core exercises, and then come back. Sometimes I run through a nearby forest hiking trail (See picture above). These last couple days I make two miles just hitting up various pokestops. Mix it up. Explore somewhere new!

5)     If you are having difficulty, start with intervals.

If you have trouble running continuous (or just having a bad running day), intervals are GREAT for you. Run. Then walk a bit. Then run some more. Then walk. But make it measure – (say, 3 minutes running, 2 minutes walking – or run until you find a pokemon, stop for a break and catch, then run until the next).  

Awesome things about running:
-That post workout endorphin boost is real.

I get sad when the sun goes down. This is just a truth about me – I get melancholic and pensive during the night. Since I’ve started running when I get home from work (around 6 pm) and I can definitely feel the mood enhancer. I also sleep better.

-Mental discipline

Even more than training your body, running imposes a mental discipline. It forces you to shut the voice in your head that’s protesting discomfort and makes you go do something for yourself. It forces you to get off the couch everyday, even if you don’t want to. It’s also good practice in goal setting and execution (more on this below).

-It’s a self-validating, selfish act.

For me, it’s great me time. Running is something that you do for you only. You are working for something that YOU want. You feel good about yourself afterwards. That, by itself, is empowering.

-No time?

A mile run takes 15 minutes tops. Seriously, it doesn’t take that much time.

And just remember. You can do this. It will be hard but that will make it all the more rewarding!

Weight training tips for Runners

1. distance runners need high reps (ex. 4x10)with low weight, Sprinters need low reps (ex. 3x5) with high weight to help with explosiveness and power

2. Core is just as important (if not more so) as leg work. Squats activate your core when done properly but you should also include light weight core work into your routine (ex. situps with a 5ld plate)

3. Distance runners who are not looking to do weights should look into band exercises as well as body weight (single leg squats )

Running advice that helped me

Before I managed to fully run my first 5k, I got a bit of advice. Literally the DAY I was due to try, I got this advice. I’m actually pretty sure it’s what helped me manage it… so I want to post it here.

The advice:

“You should be able to run forever with distance running. When you run, absolutely nothing should be stopping you besides traffic lights or your shoe falling off.

Your legs should be able to keep going, your lungs should be able to keep breathing, nothing should hurt enough or be uncomfortable enough to stop you.

If your legs hurt, or you’re struggling for breath - if your own body is stopping you - you are going too fast. You are pushing too hard right now, and not running for distance.

Find a pace that you can run forever at, and stick with it. The speed and strength will increase with time, extra training and persistence - but during that run, make sure you can run forever”

And it really, really helped. When I ran my second full successful 5k tonight, it hit me how much it actually helped.. because when I completed the 5k and hit that finish, I felt like I could have run forever. I was breathing hard, my legs were definitely feeling it, but I didn’t need to stop. During the run, even when psychologically I thought I should be having to walk by now, I didn’t actually need to. I could keep running.

The few times I felt things getting a little more uncomfortable, a little harder to breathe, I slowed it down just a tiny bit and let things get easier - strangely, I’m sure doing so actually increased my time/general pace overall, because it meant I was never dragging myself along (and of course never needed to walk). I focused on what my body was doing and feeling, and kept momentum. It helps to be really in touch with your body - don’t be scared of it!

My breathing was heavy, but consistent. My heart rate was higher, but stable. My legs were feeling it, but they weren’t falling off!

I hope this helps other aspiring distance runners <3 Please keep trying! Try with me! The joy I feel from being able to run a full 5k is amazing! I’m still a complete newb, and I wont be breaking any speed records, but being able to properly run it at all has given me hope that things will keep getting a whole lot better!

I hoping hills and sprinting will contribute to helping improve my pace during distance running, among other things!


New video is up! Sharing my best tips for running during the winter, hope it can be for any help or just feeling like we’re having a little chit chat because that’s how I feel :)xx


New video is up! Running is definitely my favourite form of activity and I get a lot of questions about it and that’s why I wanted to make a video with my best for beginners :) How to start, wear, think of and so on! Hope it can be for any help :)xx

I just want to forget.

I want to forget the nights you blew me off. The nights where I would give anything To be with you but you’d already taken it all And you were nowhere to be found.

I want to forget the day you told me you were with someone else Only you still loved me.

I want to forget the day I finally realized I was your second choice Your back up While you had always been my front runner On the tip of my tongue.

But most of all I want to forget the night you kissed me. The night you held my hand In front of your friends Wanting to show me to the world like your Finest masterpiece.

I want to forget the day you told me You’ll always love me. It plays in my mind Like a song stuck on repeat Every time I tell myself I deserve someone Who thinks of me As much as I think of you.

—  I wish I could go back and warn myself about you. ( thesunthemoonandallmystars)
Dear runners,

Is it harmful to run everyday? Obviously I’m not running too fast or for long periods of time since I just started this running business 2 days ago but I don’t want to accidentally push myself you know? Also any tips would be appreciated 😊

Abel Township Runner’s Quiz

Since the launch of the All-New Zombies, Run! last week, we’ve welcomed countless new Runners to Abel Township. To celebrate, we thought we’d give you all - new runners and old - a little quiz. How well will you survive the zombie apocalypse?

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We’ve now closed the quiz, but stay tuned for future quizzes!


In case you missed it… video 3 of my “running tips” series: How to Start Running (whether you have never ran before or are getting back into it)/Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day. 

check it out if you want to listen to some of my tips, and don’t forget to ask me questions if you have more, about this or OTHER running related questions. NEXT SUNDAY I will be doing a Running Q & A video, so I would love to answer ALL your questions! Just message me here on tumblr (or comment on youtube too if you like!) and i’ll answer any and all of your q’s!