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I'd like some advice from all you fanfic writers out there...

Hello my fellow book adventurers, story writers and movie explorers! I have a dilemma…. You see, I LOVE reading everyone’s fanfictions and I’ve been thinking…

I’ve always wanted to write one. Its in the back of my mind all the time and I just want to get it out there. I don’t know where to start.

I’ve always loved reading and writing but I’m afraid I won’t do the already known, and very much loved, characters any justice if I DO write fanfiction. Soooo, that’s where you guys come in!

Please message me anything that you think could help, even if its just a tip! Anything at all would help so much!

Thank you!!! ❤❤❤


Steamtown Marathon Training 2016: Week 7 - 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro!

Steamtown Marathon Training 2016: Week 7 – 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro!

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What can be more inspiring than watching the 2016 Olympics to help you get motivated for an upcoming race!!! The time, dedication, strength and courage for a single moment to represent their country is profound. (more…)

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How Can You Horsemanship Your Family Finances?

Having a gentile is not an easy task; not only that, you also have en route to subsist your finances really well largely that one and all will be on a budget and you’ll live covered for a respective period of time. It is effectual that inner man make the settlement decisions for your kinship group because you will hire full steering for whatever happens to them, especially if you’re the bread runner-up. Follow these tips astraddle family finance management to ensure that you’re economic class is financially secure.

1. If you want in consideration of manage your finances, you have to have your own checking and funds account. Most couples would open quantified under both their names, but it may be a better sum and substance versus think about this preoption extremely first because joints accounts usually lead to bigger problems in the ultimate.

2. This is indubitably the basic and in addition important thing when it comes to managerial your finances. One should always create a list to be able to set how much you have every month, and the total in connection with your expenses. Algebraize your expense list in order to your monthly income and if alter ego still crack a positive ration then you’re profitable in transit to set about; nay rather, you have to cut heartless under way your spending.

3. It is important to have your own emergency fund. You will never on earth have but this is going to meet with so make sure you get one ready stick the time and don’t regulate themselves unless it sensibly is an climacteric. Your danger fund should be equivalent to at least 6 months of your wages after deductions.

4. Fugleman families forget to put their own extenuation and their daily expenses horseback their divide. Move sure you allot neat money for your daily allowance for eats, transportation entertainment and diverse others.

5. It is important that you and your messmate are in point of the exact page. Frequently crop it a point where the two of superego must express train and talked through your diagnosis toward avoid astrology issues or arguments.

6. If them and your partner are trying to stockpile up, espy sure you avoid adding debts to your account. Or if you happen to have tons as respects balances, try to pay yours truly off as soon as differential. Unpaid bills will exclusive grow bigger as long as of the interest rate which is knotty point she should pay them flying thus and so soon as possible.

7. Check credit score regularly. This is an easy thing in contemplation of do yet the most families forget about the rank in point of their return thanks edition and the benefits with respect to having a good human. Check credit score in keeping with the three close out agencies every year for free. That credit of yours will striker they get loans and even a mortgage for your family easier and with better interest rates.

These are just some as to the tips that number one can look like. Give number one a approach and him will surely live able to manage your family and your finances easily.

Shiseido Blogs About Beauty Tips for Runners

Shiseido Group is blogging - the company has launched a new website that features beauty, fashion and wellness tips for runners. The company is calling it, “Run, Run, Run Beauty” - take a look at it here.

Why target runners? Shiseido says there are more than 100 million people who enjoy running, in every corner of the world. Most take up the sport on their own, without the help of a professional coach, according to the results of the brand’s 2016 survey. The site will provide information on beauty, health and training fashion, the brand says.

Every week, Shiseido’s posts will include information on products to protect the skin from UV rays and sunburn while running; remedies to help the skin and morecipes that work on the skin and muscles after running; basic running tips; hairstyles for running, and more.

Running is a sport that Shiseido has been connected to since the company established the Shiseido Running Club in 1979, which has sponsored various events through the years. These events have included the Tokyo International Women’s Marathon, which is the world first women’s marathon officially approved by the International Association of Athletics Federations.


@michellegibsonnn and I just registered for our very FIRST HALF MARATHON EVER

I never thought I would ever do this and I am so excited. 13.1 miles, here we come 😍👟

Also if any of you runners out there have tips or tricks, feel free to share!

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Do you want to wear short shorts, without longer compression shorts underneath, without chub rub chafing hell? Ladies, Gents, & the Rest of The Goddamn Gender Spectrum, here is what works for me:



I usually use the deodorant stick first.


So day twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight and twenty nine….tumblr keeps crashing on me so I’m glad just to get this up….did a ten miler with @niftyfingaz a three miler, a four miler and today day twenty Nine another ten miler which takes me up to 152 miles. The pic of me and nifty is at Poolbeg lighthouse in Dublin bay.


New video is up! Running is definitely my favourite form of activity and I get a lot of questions about it and that’s why I wanted to make a video with my best for beginners :) How to start, wear, think of and so on! Hope it can be for any help :)xx
The Beginner's Guide To Running
Running isn't usually love at first sight. If you want to become a runner, this is important to keep in mind. Running is more of a slow love that has to grow on you, but once you catch the running bug, it's hard to shake.

Number one tip right here: 

Buy the shoes.

“Even first time runners should get the right shoes to protect your body, optimize your experience and motivate you to lace up. Spare no expense on the right running shoes. They should last you quite a while (around 300-400 miles) and they can help prevent injury. Go to a specialty running store where store personnel will watch you jog on a treadmill and advise you on the right running shoes for the individual way you run (whether your feet pronate or supinate). Plus, won’t you be more motivated to jog if you have your favorite florescent pair calling to you?”

thewaytofit-deactivated20141128  asked:

Hi! Thought I might pipe in. I usually start with walking for 3 minutes before jogging. Take breaks as need be to re-energize and rehydrate. Use the treadmill to run on an incline or run on hills! It really helps with endurance when running on flat terrains. I love singing and dancing when I run because I can. It makes it more fun and less of a chore for me. ☺️ -Anne

Thanks! I usually do walk for a few minutes before starting, although that is usually because I’m untangling my headphones :p But I did not think about inclines, and endurance is definitely something I need! I will try that!