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5/6 for andreil pls!! You can combine or do them separately whatever floats ur boat <3

5: “Please don’t do this” (I’m doing them separately im weak, #6 should be out tmrw! also… a phrase with ‘please’ in it.. I’m using up all my dreaming/drunk/dying scenarios)

It’s common knowledge among foxes that waking Andrew is Neil’s job, unless you want to get a fist to the solar plexus. But it’s also true that Andrew is the only one who can extract Neil from his nightmares without scaring him back into the trunk of a car or an evermore bed.

It’s one of the “fun facts” for fox survival that Nicky recites to newcomers: don’t touch Neil when he’s sleeping unless you want to feel like you’ve just kicked a puppy. Don’t touch Andrew under any circumstances if you like your fingers attached to your hands. When in doubt, get whichever one is awake and let them do their voodoo. If they’re both asleep at the same time, you’re fucked. Take pictures.

Andrew never bothers to correct him. There’s nothing to correct, if Andrew’s being honest (and he always is).

Quietly learning to wake each other is the result of bruising trial and error, a hard-won trust that grew like moss over ruins.

It’s still almost impossible, sometimes. Most of the time. Approaching Neil when he’s whimpering and protecting his face with his hands makes Andrew feel even more like a monster than usual.

Neil whispered to him on the bus once that the split second of disorientation in Andrew’s eyes when he wakes makes Neil scared for him.

Andrew starts to recognize the sheepish look of foxes who need to ask their vice-captain something while his head is lolling around Andrew’s shoulder. He almost always wakes him, it’s a clear subclause in his ‘keep Neil out of harms way’ contract, and Andrew’s dutiful when it comes to deals.

There’s a knock on the door at half past three on a Monday morning, and Andrew startles awake in an empty room. He stews in slow annoyance as the front door opens and closes, muffled voices tripping into the bedroom. He gropes for the light switch in the dark, and Kevin flips it on for him, toothbrush sticking out of his mouth, eyebrows shaking hands across the stretch of his forehead.

They have a brief staring contest and then Matt clears his throat from behind them, knocking awkwardly on the door frame.

“Um… Andrew?”

Andrew looks at him blearily. He’s conscious of Matt’s eyes tracking his hair sticking out sideways, one of Neil’s soft nondescript shirts slouching on his chest.

“We need your expertise,” Matt says, grimacing. Andrew turns to retreat to his bed, unimpressed, but Matt huffs. “Neil’s having a nightmare. He fell asleep in our room.”

Andrew stops.

“He’s freaking out,” Matt continues, soft. He makes eye contact with a wild edge that says he’s refusing to let the blankness in Andrew’s gaze phase him.

Andrew pushes past Matt like he’s rolling his sleeves up, breaking out into the strangeness of the dorm at night. 

The door to the neighbouring room is open and Aaron’s standing just inside, arms crossed.

“He woke me up,” he says cooly as Andrew passes.

“Jesus weeps,” Matt snarks, hot on Andrew’s heels. He’s looking beyond the twins to where Neil is curled on the floor, trembling. Matt’s face pinches with concern. Dan’s sitting on the couch by Neil’s head in a jersey and bare legs, looking like she’s trying to help just by being nearby. The room has the suddenly bright feeling of a fire alarm going off at night, minds alert inside sleep dulled bodies.

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Seventeen (Vocal Unit) reaction to you getting 1st place at the Junior Olympics.

Anonymous said:I don’t want to be a greedy bean, but can you do the “winning junior Olympics” thing for the rest of seventeen and/or exo and/or got7? (I mean obvs take your time and stuff no pressure I just really like your reactions) if not, 17’s vocal unit pls?


Woozi: He wasn’t there to see the race, so he had no clue if you won. When he video called you, you didn’t bring up the race on purpose. So he had to sneak the race in the conversation, your replied with a sad face, like you lost, which he thought you might have due to your look. But it was all an act! you showed him your medal, smiling wide. The video called now just consisted of constant screaming of joy.

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Joshua: He totally forgot what was going on. He basically zoned out on most of the race, he didn’t realize what was going on till, they were announcing the winner. They had to announce a winner, because both runners crossed the line together, very close. “Fuck, fuck, fuck..” only thing running through his head.

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Seungkwan: He was so sweaty and out of breath from hyping you up. He watched the whole thing, it was a very close race, so he went full blast hype man. All that hyping up paid off though, you killed the damn race, shit it was basically no need for him to hype you up.

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DK: It was you and another runner, head to head, toe to toe. It was so close to the finish line, he was in such panic. The other runner got ahead, and that’s when he really got to panicking. But some fucking how you manage to get ahead, and ended up crossing first. He no longer needed to panic😂😂

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Jeonghan: It was already a 100% chance you were gonna win. Jeonghan was your bf, the professional swindler, you really thought he wasn’t gonna manipulate something . He knew you was a amazing running, he had faith in you…but there was also another runner, who was pretty fucking awesome, he wasn’t about to let his baby flop. He act like he didn’t know what the hell you were talking about when you confronted him about his acts.

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has anyone ever experienced a hiking-induced subungal hematoma? mine no longer hurts, but the nailbed is still intact (although i will lose the nail). 

i want to know when is a safe enough time to play tennis or go hiking again. the weather is perfect for both, and i don’t want to turn into a blob because of inactivity so if someone could help me out, that would be great.

The DOMS in my calves is so real. Worse than yesterday. This is actually hilarious and I’m internally chuckling over it.

Changing the soles in my running shoes was such a silly idea, but the new soles felt so comfortable walking in that I threw away the old soles.

So I’m just like, “I’m going to make my calves so much stronger”, because honestly why not look on the bright side.

I’m a toe runner (not literally on the toes, it’s forefoot striking like this guy

Thank you!

Thank you so much for all of your kind words regarding my before and after progress post yesterday. It can be so hard to see what others see in you (both the good and the bad). So seeing the reaction that yesterday’s post had was amazing.  Although I don’t do what I do for anyone other than myself, and maybe my family, it is still very much appreciated to see that others can see the hard work that I have put in and that it is paying off. I have been inspired by so many others on Tumblr, so hopefully my story can inspire someone out there.

Today was a rest day.  So, rather than pounding my feet, I pampered my feet by trimming my toenails which were in need of some serious attention.  I will spare you the photos although there sure were some pretty shades of purple.  Tomorrow I have 6 miles on the schedule.  My legs are feeling not so hot right now.  I am hoping that it is just DOMS and that my legs will feel fresh and ready to go tomorrow.

Good night all!

From lovelocks to nine-letter words to drinking sea monkeys… author Fiona Wood talks about all the things she researched while writing Wildlife in today’s NOVL guest post. 

About the Book: During a semester in the wilderness, sixteen-year-old Sib expects the tough outdoor education program and the horrors of dorm life, but friendship drama and an unexpected romance with popular Ben Capaldi? That will take some navigating. New girl Lou has zero interest in fitting in, or joining in. Still reeling from a loss that occurred almost a year ago, she just wants to be left alone. But as she witnesses a betrayal unfolding around Sib and her best friend Holly, Lou can’t help but be drawn back into the land of the living. Fans of Melina Marchetta, Rainbow Rowell, and E. Lockhart will adore this endearing and poignant story of first love, true friendship, and going a little bit wild.

8 Things I Researched While Writing Wildlife by Fiona Wood

1. Drinking Sea Monkeys. 

The first line of the first draft of Wildlife was, ‘I drank my sister’s sea monkeys, but I didn’t mean to.’ It was all about Sib – one of Wildlife’s two narrators – and her vagueness. I thought it was funny. I’d never heard of anyone doing it. How grossed out she’d be to realise she had drunk brine shrimp! Then I made the mistake of Googling ‘I drank sea monkeys’, which, alarmingly, offered the top response: ‘I drink sea monkeys’. Guess what? The whole world has been drinking sea monkeys. By accident. On purpose. For a dare. For a bet. For fundraising.

The idea lost its lustre. Idle desk research resulted in sea monkeys being demoted from page one and, finally, cut.

2. Wilderness campuses.

Some more methodical research included speaking to people who’d been to the sort of school where Wildlife is set. These schools – we have several in Melbourne – have dedicated wilderness campuses where groups of students board and combine outdoor education with the usual academic curriculum for a semester. I spoke to people now in their early twenties: fresh memories + perspective = ideal candidates. Most viewed the experience as the happiest, but also most challenging, of their school years. One person let me read all her letters home – they were full of beautiful extremes – injustices and triumphs.

3. Astronomy.

I went to an alien (to me) part of the university (the science faculty) and asked an astronomer about lunar eclipses and star mapping and telescopes. “The moon is glowing red-orange and it’s like we’re standing on a new planet. I feel a rush of trust and hopefulness that I’ll be able to figure stuff out.”(Sibylla)

4. Runner’s Toe.

I quizzed some serious runners about injuries acquired in mountain-based cross-country running. People doing a lot of running in this terrain often lose their big toenails because they get so battered and bruised.

5. Solo hiking.

I hiked Mount Timbertop in the Victorian alpine region, where I stood out in the cold night air in the middle of nowhere and felt the fear and exhilaration of isolation, which I wanted to experience before I wrote Sib’s solo hike.

6. Nine-letter words.

When Sib decides she has to write a letter of apology ‘bristling with nine-letter words’ (there’s a good reason for this strange requirement) – I read nine-letter word vocab lists for days on end, and nearly went cross-eyed.

7. Jealousy and Betrayal.

I read and reread Othello. Holly, Sib’s so-called best friend, is partly based on Iago, and the students are also studying the play. “He said, I was wondering if you’d like to talk about jealousy, manipulation, betrayal and murder? For our class paper on Othello. I said, as luck would have it, jealousy, manipulation, betrayal and murder happen to be my favorite topics of conversation. Come on in.” (Lou)

8. Lovelocks.

Happenstance research – aka bumping into something that’s exactly what you want for your story. When I saw these lovelocks on a footbridge in Paris, I knew I had to find a way to put a padlock here in remembrance of Lou’s boyfriend, Fred.

By the time I’d finished the final draft of Wildlife, I didn’t even miss the sea monkeys, and I was quietly relieved I would never have to ‘research’ what they actually tasted like.

WILDLIFE has already won the Children’s Book of the Year award across the (big) pond in Fiona’s native Australia. Grab a copy when it goes on-sale September 16.

 Runners toe the line at the start of the women’s 3200 meter race at the Tri-State Track & Field Invitational at Titan Stadium on the campus of West Mifflin High School on Saturday, April 5, 2014.

–Connor Mulvaney/Post-Gazette

After 3+ hours of running followed by 2.5 hours of folding laundry (and still 1 load to go), it feels so good to kick up the feet and get off these tired legs. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get up again. Feeling fairly sore.

In other news, the husband promised the kids that we would go to Dairy Queen as they were a big help to him yesterday. Oh, okay, twist my arm…

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