runner's roost

It was run club day at the Louisville Runners Roost. It is always great to run with others and especially on routes I have never been on before. Today’s run club had street and trail mix which is always fun. It was actually great weather because a storm was coming in so it was a bit chilly. There was a bit of a wind but that didn’t hamper the run much. There were a lot of great views!! I’m always a bit surprised how much open land is just minutes from the heart of Louisville.

I’m still recovering a bit from Spartan I wasn’t expecting any great run times today. @thepocketsquare had other ideas!! He kept us at a real good pace..getting ready for the Bolder Boulder in a couple of weeks. I even got a 5k PR today of 26:19:2!! So thanks @thepocketsquare for the great run and conversation, it helped me keep a pace I didn’t think I could maintain for that length.

The crazy part of the evening was that the storm that was coming in did on my way home and it ended up being a huge hail storm!! I’m so glad I was in the car when that hit and not still on the run!! What can I say Colorado weather at its finest!