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A/N: So basically I wanted to try something different and do an au. I’m sorry if you don’t like it. I’m still a newbie at writing these and I haven’t gotten any requests so I just decided to wing it. I would greatly appreciate it if you requested something for me to do. I love you all my crazy ass fangirls. 

This is for all the Newt lovers….like myself (;; wink

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Tonight a party was being held. Everyone at your high school was invited and it was going to be wild. It was being held at a frat house that was on the east side. You and your best friend Teresa sat in study hall. You were staring at your crush, Newt. He was your brother Thomas’ best friend. Thomas was very overprotective of you. Even though you were born a  minute apart you’re still considered his “little” sister. You hadn’t dated anyone throughout your middle and high school years because of Thomas. You were a senior this year and you wanted to have as much fun as you could. “Y/n, you’re staring again.” Teresa chuckled. You snapped out of your daze.

“Sorry. He didn’t notice…. Did he?” you ask nervously. She shakes her head. “You got lucky today. So what are you wearing to the party?” You shrug. “A flannel and leggings? I don’t know.” you laugh. Teresa pulled out her phone and scrolled quickly on it. “What are you doing?” I laugh. “Looking for outfit inspiration for you.” she nods happily. “How about this one?” She showed you a picture of a black shirt tucked into short shorts with a red, white, and black flannel. Thomas randomly came up behind you with Newt behind him. “Absolutely not. Those shorts are too short.” Thomas scowls.

“What do you care? You’re not the one wearing them.” you smirk and leave with Teresa. You tried not to make eye contact with Newt or you’d lose your cool.


You wore the outfit that was pictured from before. You and Teresa arrived at the frat house. The yard was already trashed. Toilet paper hung from the trees, red solo cups scattered on the grass, and other trash and random things laid on the rest of the lawn. “So this is the place.” you shrug. “Let’s go.” You both walked into the house where music blared, people danced mindlessly, and played beer pong and did keg-stands.

You surveyed the room to find more of your friends. Drunk Minho, Thomas, and Brenda danced with some frat people. Frypan was eating in a corner, and Winston was passed out on the stairs. And Newt- He was talking to a beautiful blonde girl. Your mouth scrunched into a scowl. You decided to just drink it off and have fun. Sure, it wasn’t a good idea, but you always had Teresa to back you up incase something bad happened.

You went over to a game of flip-cup, and that’s where the night all began. You and Teresa joined. Ten of you were all standing by a table, with five on each side facing each other. Each side was a team and the game began. A remix of Wiggle by Jason Derulo came on and everyone began drinking. Beers were passed down for you to pour into the cups, and you passed more cans down the line. Your team was in the lead. Everyone kept drinking until the case of beer was empty.

You didn’t even care what was going on now. You, Teresa, and two frat dudes danced drunkenly to the music. Then some girls announced that they were doing piggy-back races. You and Teresa got on their backs and headed outside. Little did you know, Newt was watching you the whole time, and he was jealous.


GDFR screamed out of the speakers and everyone lined up for the race. You all ran down the street and your team came in second to Teresa and her “date”. The night went on, and more and more drinks were handed to you. The frat guy whose name had been identified as Charlie danced wildly and you had the time of your lives. He pulled you closer and was about to kiss you when suddenly you were grabbed from behind. “Okay that’s enough.” Newt scolded. He took your forearm and pulled you out of the frat house. “What do you think you’re doing?!?!” you protested.

“What am I doing? What are you doing y/n?” he replied sharply. You stopped him and you both stood face to face. “Having fun. Why are you big-brothering me? I’m allowed to date. I know you see me as Thomas’ little sister, but I’m not just some kid. I’m a-” he cut you off by smashing his lips onto yours. “You’re not just Thomas’ little sister to me.” he said softly. You stood on your tiptoes and pressed your lips against his and wrapped your arms around his neck. His arms snaked around your waist, bringing you closer. You both melted into the kiss.

This had been a crazy night, but it had ended well with getting to kiss your crush since forever, Newt. You were the happiest person in the world that night.


“Day 6

Today was awesome.

We have quite a few kids here now, so a school has been built for them. So yesterday afternoon, some runners headed out to an abandoned school building not far from here, to get some supplies. They got a great haul; textbooks, stationery, whiteboards, sports equipment: anything they could carry. The best thing though was the building had a music department. They managed to get hold of a music player, CDs and a whole load of instruments.

I was lucky enough to have the day off today, so I spent the best part of it helping to set up the equipment in our little school. Once we’d finished up, we decided the Township could do with a morale booster. Something to break the zombified norm.

We pushed the tables and chairs in the dining hall against the walls, clearing a space in the middle, and had ourselves a party. Once things got going, it came out that there were a load of budding musicians and dancers at Abel, so it turned into a bit of a talent show for a while. It was great! It was like we all caught a glimpse of who everyone was before the outbreak. Some of the lab techs here used to do ballet, so they danced for everyone. Some of the doctors and nurses on site got together as a make-shift string trio (no quartet; cellos are tough to transport). I even got roped into performing.

I used to be an acoustic singer-songwriter back in the day, and the runners managed to grab a guitar in their raid; figured it would be rude not to. Plus it seemed to pique Sam’s interest; he watched pretty intently. I felt myself going red when I noticed him looking, so I determinedly looked anywhere but at him. For goodness sake; it’s the bloody zombie apocalypse, I’ve faced imminent danger and yet I get flustered when a guy so much as looks my way. It’s ridiculous!

Moving on…

A bit later, it was agreed we could get out some of the alcohol we’d salvaged. Though no one was allowed too much; Dr Myers said we needed to make sure we had stock for antiseptic, but saw no harm in letting us drink some of it. After a while, we just had CDs playing and everyone was having a dance. Even I got up and danced (a rare occurrence I can assure you). Glad I did though. There was a point when Janine, Dr Myers, Sam and I were all up joyfully singing along to Build Me Up Buttercup. I even managed to not make an idiot of myself when Sam casually put an arm round me, resting his hand on my waist.

All in all, it was a fab afternoon/evening. Everyone was just laughing and chatting, getting to know each other, and enjoying each other’s company.

We felt like a family.

A very… dysfunctional kind of family… but a family nonetheless.



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STEAL OF THE WEEK: gold sequin table runner by dreamweddingbox

i am all about this glam-meets-forest-rustic look at this outdoor dinner party — super styled but comfortable (and cold!). you can snag the gold sequined table runner for only $24.99!

Okay, but imagine this: Abel Township has a party. Like a proper party, where you should dress up, just for the heck of it. And there is music and everything. Either they found some instruments or Jack and Eugene are dj’ing. And Sam is dancing with Runner 5 when at one point he looks down and notices that she is wearing running shoes with her elegant dress. So he raises an eyebrow and looks at her. And she just sort of grins and pulls up her skirt a little, to reveal that she is also wearing running tights under it. Which makes Sam laugh, because that is just so his Runner 5: Always prepared!

And of course this comes in handy later that night/early morning when an emergency occurs and they have to send Runners out immediately. So Runner 5 just bundles up the skirt of her dress and runs, prettily done hair and everything. And part of her can’t help but think that, well, should she die today, at least she would look pretty.

I Had a Girlfriend

*Y/n’s pov*

“See you tomorrow, good night” Frypan said, we’re done cleaning the kitchen and i’m tired, all i want to do is sleep next to my boyfriend, Newt. “Hey chuck, did you see Newt?” I asked him, he’s preparing his bed now. “Oh, he’s with Thomas and Minho” i muttered thanks and went to find Newt. “I told you, i dreamt about her.” Newt said, quite serious and i furrowed my eyebrows, they still don’t see me as i clearly hid in the bushes, who’s her? “How can you dream about her when you clearly don’t know her?” Thomas asked, Newt just shrugged “yeah, these damn bastards wiped away all our memories, then she suddenly appeared in your dreams?” Minho asked, they all have serious faces and i want to smile at them because they were adorable but i can’t stop thinking about who the hell were they talking about? “Okay, what happened next?” “She told me that i’ll be fine, that she will always love me..” Newt muttered, my heart is beating so fast. This is not me, this is from the outside of the maze, he had a girlfriend back then and it’s not me. I don’t know what to feel right now, i was out of the picture in their past. “What are you going to do about it?” Minho said after Newt’s explanation “i don’t know, man. Y/n’s here in the maze, what’s going to happen if we get out of here?” I was crying right now because he’s doubting our relationship because of her. After all, she was the first girlfriend. I wiped away my tears, trying not to make a sound. “Do you think you loved her?” Thomas asked “maybe? I don’t know. Maybe i did. Did i mention that we were both crying? I think that’s the part where i’m going inside the glade.” He said and i know his feelings for me is already fading, i’m already fading. “What if they had this thing where they can hold our memories and when she found out that you had a girlfriend here in the glade, she tried to get to you. Thomas said that they’re watching us” Minho said. I can’t think straight, Newt being with another girl is killing me, i’m afraid that he will choose her over me. I’d rather die than to see them getting back together. “What are you going to do about Y/n?” Thomas asked and this is the question that’s been bugging inside my head. I need to know. “I don’t know, i love her but what if my feelings for her came back? Who will i choose?” I stood up and walked away, i can’t handle this anymore. He’s doubting, i’m fading.

The sound of the box coming up made me jump and i ran faster so they can’t see me eavesdropping. I wiped away my tears as fast as i could because i’m pretty sure it’s not going to stop. Gally’s already inside and more boys are running towards the box, including the three of them. “Y/n!!” Newt yelled and i pretend that i didn’t hear him over the sound of the damn box. When we’re all standing at the box, Newt hold my hand but it seems like my life froze at the moment. Newt was shock, he let go of me and get inside. The person inside is unconscious but barely breathing. Newt looked up but his eyes didn’t focus on me, instead he looked at Thomas and Minho. “It’s her”

A/n: i’m back!! Message me if you want part two!! To the anon who sent me a message, i’m going to write your suggestion after this imagine. Requests are open!!! X

Yes I wanna be a runner and I wanna party with my friends, and yes I wanna be a yogi and I wanna eat fastfood from time to time, and yes sometimes I eat a whole chocolate bar or get really drunk. 

I don’t call the yoga-, running-, hiking- and being in nature-phases my healthy phases. All the different things I am doing are healthy phases for me. Because I allow myself to be my most authentic self. With all the shit I’ve been through, I can say my most unhealthy moments have always been the ones where I gave up myself to be a person that fits in. If the fitness trend inspires me to go running more often and if that truly makes me happy, then that’s amazing! But if I suppress the other sides of my personality, the part of me that likes to party, that likes to stay up late and talk to my friends the whole night, but I get scared to listen to this voice because that’s not what a runner does, than I am in trouble. Yes, I fucking love the feeling after a run but I also love to travel and therefore I am not able to stick to a workout routine all the time. If I don’t accept these different, and sometimes contradictory sides of my personality, I will never end up being healthy and happy. 

We contain so many different aspects of our personality within ourselves, so many different interests, passions and features, and we should be allowed to live them. That’s why I don’t like putting labels on myself. Yes, I wanna be a chocolate eating, traveling, series binging, hiking, backpacking, sun bathing, drinking, raw vegan organic food loving, silly, lazy, active yogi/runner/life lover and that’s what I am going to be <3 We’re constant change, and in the end I think that’s what makes us the beautiful individuals that we are, to truly express who we are in all our facets.