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NSFW Alphabet

Minho (Maze Runner) Edition

Originally posted by minho-will-sass-you

A=Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)

Minho pulls you on top of him after sex and wraps his arms around your midsection. He just holds you there catching his breath and enjoying the feel of your bare skin on his as he rubs soft circles on your back and thighs. He always makes sure that you’re asleep first before drifting into sleep himself after because he loves seeing your peaceful features while you’re sleeping.

B=Body Part (favorite body part of their’s and their partner’s)

Minho is an arse man and he’s not afraid to admit it. During intercourse he usually grabs it or smacks it while he pounds into you from behind. He also loves to spank it during foreplay. And to see his handprint on your red arse is the most erotic thing to him.

His favorite body part on himself are his arms. He loves it when you hold onto them while your laying under him or when he wraps his arms securely around you after you two are finished.

C=Cum (anything to do with cum basically)

Minho always pulled out before the creators started to send birth control pills every month. Now, Minho always makes sure that he comes inside you. Just because he can.

D=Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of their’s)

He really just wants to do you against one of the maze walls. He likes the danger effect because of the Grievers that could pop up any minute. But he knows you’ll never agree to it so he never even asked if you’re up for it.

E=Experience (how experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)

Minho is still a teenager who not to mention hasn’t seen a girl in three years before you arrived. He isn’t bad but he isn’t a sex god either. He does learn very quickly though and builds up his experience every time you two do it.

F=Favorite Position (goes without saying will probably include a visual)

Doggy style all the way. As said before he’s an arse man and could come from only seeing your buttocks jiggle.

And on days where he feels passionate he usually goes for good old simple missionary so he can look you in the eyes while he does you.

G=Goofy (are they more serious in the moment, or are they more humorous, etc)

This really depends on his mood but most of the time he’s quite playful and enjoys it when you laugh during sex. On other days where he’s stressed or feels particularly dominant he is 100% serious the whole time.

H=Hair (how well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc)

Just like his hair, Minho keeps his downstairs area perfectly trimmed and styled. And does expect you to do the same.

I=Intimacy (how are they in the moment, romantic aspect)

His romantic side mostly shows after intercourse when he tells you how much he loves you and starts listing all the things he loves about you. You find it really sweet and listen to every last word that leaves his mouth taking it all in.

J=Jack off (masturbation headcanon)

He’s a horny teenage boy, and if he’s feeling it and his sexy as hell girlfriend isn’t there to help him, he just does it himself. But that only happens on occasion considering your always willing to help.

K=Kink (one or more of their kinks)

Minho’s number one kink has to definitely spanking your arse till it’s red. You laying naked across his lap he thought was the most arousing thing ever but then he heard the sound you made and was proven wrong. He loves every part of spanking you, the handprint that stays, the loud sounds that escape your mouth, the tears that run down your cheeks and the screams of his name mixed with telling him to go harder.

L=Location (favorite place to do the do)

He loves it doing in the map room because of the thrill of getting caught by somebody get’s him really off. But he also likes to bend you pretty much over any smooth surface he can find.

M=Motivation (what turns them on, get’s them going)

Anything. He’s a hormonal teenager. Anything you do gets him going. Even things such as hugging Newt or helping Jeff with a patient.

N=No (something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Anything to do with other body fluids besides cum and saliva. That includes blood, urine and shit.

O=Oral (preference in giving or receiving, skills, etc)

He loves it when you go down on him. Shucking loves it. Your lips wrapped around his cock is the second most arousing thing he’s ever seen right after your arse.

P=Pace (are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual?)

Minho is a mix of both. Slow and rough. He tends to go faster at the end but through most of the time he’s slow so he can enjoy every single thrust while it lasts. Therefore his thrusts are rough and hard which makes it that more desirable.

Q=Quickie (their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc)

You have quickies pretty much every second you get alone between your jobs and dinner. You most of the time go for a quick round right after he gets out from the maze.

R=Risk (are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc)

He loves to experiment with a few things, testing out what you two like and what you don’t. You two are teenagers who still need to discover what you like and what not.

S=Stamina (how many rounds can they go for, how long do they last)

Minho can usually go up to four to five times in a row. He also lasts around fifteen minutes, which is quite impressive for a teenage boy.

T=Toy (do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)

The creators never send any toys so he obviously doesn’t own any.

U=Unfair (how much they like to tease)

He doesn’t like to tease you that much after he has spanked your arse completely red, because he thinks that’s enough of that and you totally agree.

V=Volume (how loud they are, what sounds they make)

He is loud. Very loud. He is always groaning and moaning. He is especially loud when you ride him. He screams all over the place then. And you love it.

W=Wild Card (get a random headcanon)

His bed squicks every time he thrusts particularly hard, and for some reason he loves to hear it mixed in with your moans.

X=X-Ray (let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)

He’s definitely bigger than the average, seven and a half inches long and two and a half inches wide. He’s circumcised.

Y=Yearning (how high is their sex drive)

Oh, it’s high. He can go practically anytime. But what do you expect from a teenager.

Z=ZZZ (how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)

He takes a long time especially because he always makes sure that you’re asleep first.

October in the Life of Wammy

Author: theredtint
For: voldy-in-my-turban 
Pairings/Characters: N/A, just some Wammy Kids and B
Rating/Warnings: G
Prompt: Wammy kids doing Halloween shenanigans behind Roger’s back
Author’s notes: I was trying a bit of a new style with this, hopefully you like it!

The orphanage has been buzzing with anxious excitement since the start of October. Despite the mix match of orphan’s religions, cultures, and nationalities, Halloween was something that the orphanage ended up adopting as a school wide event. The most excitement can be heard from the older kids. B and A specifically. Despite prank and scare wars being banned two years ago, due to them causing several of the younger kids creative usage of anatomy lab props, the whole orphanage knows they still happen behind the staff’s back. It’s a mostly harmless warfare on top of the usual competition between the alphabet runners. Seemingly nothing in this house can happen without a competition weaved through out it, its essence soaking into the very air of the orphanage, infecting anyone and anything that comes through the metal gates at the entrance of the old house.

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