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To My New Sherlock Followers:

Johnlock is real. Johnlock is endgame. This gay romance has been endgame since Moffat and Gatiss brainstormed this show over a decade ago. Our community calls itself “TJLC” – The Johnlock Conspiracy. We work together to decode the clues laid before us in the television show, the online blogs, and the original writing by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. We are detectives and bloggers. Neat, don’t you think?

We’ve been operating alongside the show runners for over three years. They all know about us. How do I know they know? We go to their conventions wearing “TJLC” clothing. We follow them on Twitter. We hover just behind them, waiting for them to slip. And now that The Final Problem is mere days away, they’re all interacting with us through social media. Amanda Abbington and Arwel Wyn Jones are notorious for liking TJLC things on Twitter. They know we’re here, they know we’ve always been here. But they couldn’t tell anyone that they knew. Until now.

Do you see the resemblance? We are an underground network operating alongside them, an invisible threat hovering at their elbows, the women they’ve lied to, the threat they must lose to because, as Mark Gatiss in the show himself said, “They are right and we are wrong”.  We are the underground conspiracy in The Abominable Bride. 

We’re the reason Mark Gatiss as Mycroft in The Six Thatchers says, “I love an acronym – All the best secret societies have them”.

So if everyone reading this wants to get the last head start in the little time you have left, search TJLC and find the clues before time runs out. 

You read this line and I dare you to say my child is not gay

as a celebration to recently hitting 3k, i decided to finally to a tumblr awards!! i’ll probably close this in a month, but it depends on how many people enter. i’ll choose one winner and two/three runner ups!! dw if you miss out this time bc i’m planning to do some promos in the future ^-^


  • mbf me as this is for my followers
  • reblog this post to spread the word!
  • maybe check out my creations?
  • must get at least 50 notes or we’ll forget this ever happened
  • *for this award you need to submit me a screenshot of ur follower count
  • **for this award please send me your creations tag or include it in ur tags

margaery tyrell award ➣ best multifandom blog

hermione granger awardbest harry potter blog

pansy parkinson award best icon

nymphadora tonks awardbest url

lavender brown awardbest desktop theme

parvati patil awardbest mobile theme

neville longbottom awardbest posts

regulus black awardbest newcomer* (under 500 followers)

luna lovegood awardbest creations**

teddy lupin award  personal favourite(s)

prizes below the cut:

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Well, I’ve done it. I’ve gotten past 200 followers on my art blog, so I think it’s time for an art giveaway! 

How does this work? Like and reblog this post any time before November 20, 2016 for a chance to win a free full illustration commission valued at $35! (Example here) A runner up will also win a full body illustration of their OC, and three other runners up will get bust illustrations of their characters in their choice of pencil style (as seen on my commission sheet) or MS Paint (as seen here) (edit: Each like and reblog will be counted as separate entries, so you can still enter only by liking, or only by reblogging, but doing both gives you a better chance.)

But since this contest is for my 200 followers, please note that you must be following for a chance to win! 

Thank you all for your support in getting to 200 followers! I can’t wait to draw all of your cute and amazing OCs!