runner tattoo

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-Sweeney Todd
-Tech Theatre
-Any musicals/plays really
-Percy Jackson
-maze runner
-Harry potter
-Magnus chase
-twenty one pilots
-fall out boy
-panic at the disco
-green day
-pierce the veil
-all time low
-sleeping with sirens
-finish ticket

“how many nights have you wished someone would stay? lie awake only hoping they’re okay, i never counted all of mine”.- one direction;infinity

“I feel it coming out my throat, guess I better wash my mouth out with soap, god, I wish I never spoke, now I gotta wash my mouth out with soap”.- melanie martinez;soap

“little victories” 

as in every step that i take forward is something worth celebrating

as in “i’m a series of small victories and large defeats and i am as amazed as any others that i have gotten from there to here.” - charles bukowski

as in “acknowledge your small victories. they will eventually add up to something great.” - kara goucher 

as in change is scary, and this world seems pretty big and impossible right now, but inch by inch, i’m going to conquer it. and no one can stop me

“don’t belong to no city, don’t belong to no man, i’m the violence in the pouring rain, i’m a hurricane”.- halsey;hurricane