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YA Novel with Female Protagonists that turns into...


I really wanted to make a YA novel about a girl who starts to turn into something once the crazy adventure happens.

Like instead of the protagonist being a wizard or a Demi God or something like that, they’re actually a monster and start to turn into one.

My issue is that even know I know there people who would like that it seems like a very small section of people.

And I also don’t even know what I would turn her into: a dragon? An alien queen? A techno-zombie? Or is she part of the “monster district” of her dystopian world?

Any ideas?

  • Talent: we're out of guac? And there's pits just sitting here, don't they know you're supposed to remove those?
  • Runner: actually, it helps keep the guacamole green longer; helps stop slow the oxidizing.
  • Talent: huh. You know, every time I complain, I learn something.

I think being a part of The Maze Runner helped introduce me to the world of what it means to be a part of projects that have such huge fans. Both the fans of The Maze Runner series and The Mortal Instruments are so fierce. They care so much about these characters and these worlds. Something I’ve learned from meeting a lot of these fans, is that when you read something, your own imagination adds so much to the story. You form very personal relationships with these characters, and with the story and the things that happen, and with these worlds that you live in, in a sense. 

imagine helping Chuck pull pranks on the others.
  • Chuck: So! What prank can we pull today that would be discrete yet cause chaos?
  • Thomas: Run into a different section of the maze when no one's watching?
  • Chuck: I sad prank, not suicide mission.
  • Y/N: Send an anonymous love letter to Gally using masculine pronouns.
  • Thomas: ........ such drama.
  • Chuck: I knew it was a good choice letting her join us!

The mood of the predawn tempo runner. Didn’t help that it was 0F wind chill. I’ve got a Nike Pro compression shirt under there which does a great job keeping my core warm. It’s my hands and feet that suffer in weather like this.

The goal today was 5 tempo miles @ 6:45. I don’t really need to do these when training for an 8K, but I like the Hansons pattern and still want those long-term marathon adaptations for the fall. Despite frozen toes, it went:


Running out of gas a bit in that last split, but otherwise this felt good. A year ago, this would have been a walk in the park. I’m just happy to be back to regular training. Foot don’t fail me now!