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When you’re so obsessed with something like a book or TV show and you love and ship the characters and you love the cast and you know so much about them. Then that feeling when you realise you’re slipping away from the fandom, when you loose interest even though you don’t want to, that feeling after a few months or years looking back in the fandom and missing it because the cast/characters were like your friends and the fandom was amazing and everything about it was great and just wow, you miss it so much.

Books signs

Aries: Percy Jackson 

Leo: The Maze Runner

Taurus: Vampire Academy

Gemini: A Song of Ice and Fire

Cancer: Throne of Glass

Aquarius: I Am Number Four

Scorpio: Legend

Libra: The Giver

Virgo: Divergent

Sagittarius: Shadowhunters

Capricorn: Harry Potter

Pisces: Hunger Games

What book are you?

Hah yEs. Don’t hate on them tho guys, that’s their interpretation. It will never be exactly like the book. The Harry Potter movies wasn’t exact as some may belief. Never bash the actors or creators. People who haven’t read the books might like the movie on it’s own.

The greatest thing about book adaptations? 

You can listen the soundtrack while you reading the book. 



What is that?


Me during bus ride home

*scrolls tumblr in bus*

*reads cute fanfic about otp*

*slams forehead on bus window*

*huge grin*

*internal screaming*

*slides down bus seat*

*friend notices weird behaviour*

*friend ignores because normal*

*gets back in position*

*screenshot for later use*

*continues scrolling*


Hunger Games / Maze Runner cross over

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


Teen wolf/ Maze runner Crossover Fic

Chapter list here

Gally imagines

Wedding Day (part 1)

Wedding day SMUT (part 2)

Wedding Day (Part 3)

Treat a lady (AU)

Give me love (AU)

Wingmen (AU)

Interview (Part 1)

Interview (part 2)

You Saved My Brother (Part 1)

Now Save Me (part 2)

Why Couldn’t I Save Myself (Part 3)

Its Okay to Be Saved (Part 4)

Next Morning Make Up (SMUT)

Tease (SMUT)

Bonnie and Clyde

Daddy Husband Paradise

Captain Gally AU

Old Friends New love AU

Old Friends New Love (Part 2)

Lazy Lay (SMUT)

Hot Tempered

Aliens and UFO’s

Shes Deaf

Pillow Talk AU (SMUT)

Thanks for the memories

Thanks for the memories (Part 2)

Birthday Shh (SMUT)

See You On The Other Side

wEt DrEaMz (SMUT)

Newt Imagines

Remember Me

Here to Stay

Four brothers

Five months later (Bobby)

Moment to Ourselves (Bobby)

Teen Wolf

An old friend Stiles (SMUT)

True Alphas Scott

True Alphas (Part 2)

True Alphas (Part 3)


What He Calls You (Gally)

 Dylan O'Briens little sister

Dating Gally

Dating Thomas

Dating Will Poulter

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