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Good afternoon.

“A miracle is something that seems impossible, but happens anyway.” -mib

Thinking about the many occasions I’ve experienced that kind of miracle. Sometimes things just work out.

Happy Friday, y'all❤️


Good morning.

One week ago today I had the privilege of attending a lecture by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Inspiring, funny and incredibly motivating, he gave the entire lecture in his socks. As he shuffled around the stage he asked questions and even called on people in a Q & A at the end. (Incredible because Jones Hall was sold out for this) He spoke to the crowd of thousands as though we were all his students and were in a tiny classroom. It was brilliant to say the least. My favorite question was asked by an aspiring astrophysicist. She just wanted to know what advice he could give her about college. He said: “Take harder classes and stop thinking about your GPA.”

I loved that. Thank you, Dr. Tyson

Happy Tuesday❤️

booksforthoughts | Book Photo Challenge | March

Day 24: Worst Adaptation

The first one was awful as well, but The Scorch Trials made me question if the writers even read the book.

“You’re all idiots!” with the Stilinski triplets
Requested by imadangerouscause
Words: 572

“It’s really boring to run alone. Thank you for jogging with me.”
“Yeah… we had no choice. Thomas forces us”, Stiles complained between breathings, who was running behind you.
Like every morning you started the day with a run to keep yourself fit. Fortunately Thomas has asked you if it would be okay to walk with you. His brothers would need more training and he doesn’t want to walk with them alone.
It was a very cold morning. The last night was one of the coldest ones of the year but the run warmed you up luckily.
“Don’t kvetch! You need to train more often.” Thomas rolled his eyes as you looked to him smiling and head-shaking. You knew, he was running slower than usual so you could keep pace with him.
“You know, I’m in the lacrosse team, don’t you? I practice enough! Coach is killing me!” Stiles slowed down and stopped. You other three also stopped sighing and looked to the hard breathing boy, who has his hands on his knees to steady himself.
“I don’t understand it. I’m not nonathletic! Why do I have to run?”, Stuart said irritated.
“Because… you’re always sitting on your phone and do nothing for your body.” Thomas was as irritated as Stuart.
“Just because I’m in no team, it doesn’t mean I’m going-”
“Okay, boys! Stop!”, you interrupted the argument, “I just want to run, okay? Stiles, do you can keep going?”
“Just one more minute…” He held one finger up to symbolize that you have to wait.
“Come on. We only have to run through the forest. You’ll cool down, if you wait here.”
Your friend sighed before he started to run again.
You ran through the trees and didn’t see the ice on the ground. You slipped and fell on the frozen ground hardly.
Your head was pounding. You felt someone touching and talking to you but you couldn’t understand anything.
“Ow. My head…”, you mumbled and put your hand under your nose when you felt something wet. You opened the eyes and looked on the liquid. “I’m bleeding…”
As someone grabbed your face you realized the boys in front of you.
“(Y/N), are you okay?”
“No… who are you?” At first the boys didn’t say anything.
“You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re freaking kidding!”, Stiles shouted and palmed his face.
Stuart just mumbled that your head met the ground to hard and they have to call an ambulance.
Thomas attracted your attention when he held his finger in front of your face. He moved it and your eyes followed.
“Maybe she has a brain concussion…”
After he said that Stiles took his phone out of his pocket and dialed. You started to giggle.
You’re all idiots! That was a joke!”
“What?!”, the boys screamed simultaneously.
“Oh… I’m gonna kill you!”, Stiles said through clenched teeth. Thomas sighed while Stuart whispered something like “I’m done with that shit.” and left you.
“Stuart, wait! I’m still bleeding!”
“That was too much, (Y/N)…” Thomas shook his head and helped you on your feet.
“I’m going, too”, Stiles said and followed his brother. You looked sadly to Thomas.
“It was just a joke. I didn’t want to-”
“I know. We’re just worrying… Please don’t do it again.”
“I’m sorry…”

Sorry, it’s sucky because I procrastinated and had to force myself to write ^^”