runner challenge

June 12, 2014 - Genre 

YA is my favourite genre of books but as you can tell, i like a little dystopian and a little fantasy :) (and some contemporary too :P )

They should be back by now.

GLADERS CHALLENGE: Dec 13th → 21st : Relationships
Thomas & Teresa
             “You hated me? He was thrilled she’d cared so much about him.
               She paused. That’s just my way of saying I would’ve killed you
               if you’d died.”


Books & Cupckaes May Photo Challenge - Day 2: Bookshelf 

(i know i don’t have a lot of books, but no worries, I’m constantly buying more. Also idk why this is in 3 parts, I kind of just felt like it)

August book challenge ☀️- day 27: Coffee or Tea

British problems: My Cat tries to steal my tea.

This was not anticipated! WHY IS HE DRINKING THE TEA??! 

July Book Photo Challenge: Day Sixteen
↳Favorite book fandom — The Maze Runner by James Dashner

TMR has one of the best fandoms. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any drama in our small community, and I hope it stays that way even after the movies come out. 

EDIT: I just noticed the flaw in that picture and now it’s bugging me. UGH. Never do photography at 3am.