runner boy problems

When the distance boys wear short shorts and their thighs are snow white

I’m just like

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Hidden Inconveniences

When your a male runner there are a lot of perks. This post however, is about just the opposite… Those little runner inconveniences 

  • You stand in line at Chipotle, debating not on fillings, but rather one or two burritos?
  • Your talking to a cute girl and get cock blocked, by the smell of your own feet.
  • You get hit on by more gay guys than straight women because of your thin physique. (funny story… “So are you into black guys?”)
  • You chafed so bad on your last run, you physically can’t go ape shit to your favorite song (CALL ON MEE…CALL ON ME!!)
  • Dudes night out involves you drinking water, complaining about your sore legs, and passing out in the cab.
  • You walk into CVS, people are blatantly staring, pointing, and laughing “OMG hes wearing those toe shoes!”
  • You walk past the ice machine at the hotel, get excited, but can’t figure out “How am I going to ice my….”
  • Little kids kick you in the shins because you thought continental breakfast, was a first come first serve, all you can eat, lions den. And you housed the last 6 Mickey Mouse waffles. 
  • Road trips become a scene from a movie, with the angel and devil whispering in you ear. (Just take another swig of water. You know your not peeing clear!…… Dont do it! Next rest stop in…75 miles!)
  • Grocery shopping is over budget. EVERY TIME!
  • Your down to your last pair of running shorts. You know chafing, is inevitable… again.

If you haven’t already assumed this. This is my life.