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side tumblr move!

Hey everyone - some of you might find some follows from me today. It’s because I’ve finally decided to move my inspo blog. I made it well before my art blog and I’m sad I have to abandon it, but frankly, I just don’t have time to manage it. It was made under a separate account and having to re-login to post stuff got old pretty fast.

I’ve made a new sideblog which I will use for all reblogs, inspo, music and maybe even personal posts, hopefully I’ll be able to use it more often now.

I will miss having two dashboards, though. My cryoclaire dash was for slow blogs and art blogs and my cybertunage one had everything else. I might have to do some adjusting to make sure the art doesn’t get lost in all the blade runner gifs (sorry, cyberpunk blogs)


There’s something about group runs I really can’t get over. I’ve been thinking about it for days. And I’m usually a lone runner, aside from maybe two days of the week.

But group runs. Man. We had about 10 people go out for 9 miles at about 8-minute pace and it was just… fun. Like childhood-memories-running-down-the-street-barefoot-to-catch-the-ice-cream-man fun. Like a brave herd of deer steering our way through cities and greenways and neighborhoods. Bouncing around, looking over our shoulders to smile at somebody’s joke, yelling, “BRANCH!” or “STUMP!” to warn your comrades behind you of an obstacle. Dancing in the middle of the street mid-run. Turning corners and flying along the outside, or hugging the interior as you rub elbows with somebody else.

Not feeling any pain, any weariness, any confusion of where we were going. Just running. Just flying. Wild. Like a pack of wolves down Main Street. Free, owning our bodies, running on our own hard-earned endurance. Together. Laughing, trading stories, sharing beloved memories.

I love that kind of community.

  • me: has 6 hours of homework and studying to complete
  • me: maybe if i read this one chapter to get my mind rolling -
  • me: *2 books later* it wasnt going to get done anyways
looking for blogs to follow!!

hellu!! I kind of left this blog for 4 months or so but i’m gonna try to be more active sooo first i need to liven up my dash:))

please reblog/like if you post any of the following:

- harry potter
- fantastic beasts
- the mortal instruments
- the infernal devices

- hunger games
- maze runner
- percy jackson
- red queen
- chronicles of narnia
- any other YA/fantasy type books

tv series!!
- the 100
- shadowhunters (not the movie pls)
- skam
- 13 reasons why

- yuri on ice
- shingeki no kyojin
- tokyo ghoul
- kimi no na wa
- kuroshitsuji
- haikyuu

- poetry!!!!
- aesthetic?? photos??
- character posters/graphics

characters + otps!!
- nico do angelo
- magnus bane
- alec lightwood
- malec
- touken

please list what you post in the tags if you don’t mind!! ill really appreciate it
+ also pLEASE have a proper tagging system!!!

thank you for your time:))

anonymous asked:

What are good running tumblrs to follow? And have a wonderful day🌼

Ahhh omg so many! Off the top of my head, people I check daily/weekly who are runners–


I really dislike making these lists because I know I forgot wonderful individuals but this is just off the top of my head! PLEASE LIKE THIS POST IF YOU RUN