imagine #7

character - Newt

words - 1172

warnings - n/a

description - You and Newt are dating, but Newt thinks you like Minho more than him.

a/n - @brooklynalpha requested an imagine with a jealous Newt, but I think I made it a little sadder than it was supposed to be…

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Run streak day: 146

Miles for the year:600.33

2 quick trail miles done!!!!

I was planning on doing more today, but they were doing some controlled burns around the trails and the air was super smokey so i decided to save my lungs and cut it short.

I still managed to break 600 miles today which is AMAZING!!
Also I broke 100 miles in a month for the the 4 month in a row which is even more amazing!!!

Happy running everyone!!

About 50 minutes on the trails today. Found a single track I had never explored before!

(Sidenote: You probably wouldn’t know it, but I was a bit nervous when I took this picture. As much as I love trails and getting lost in the woods, I’m a pretty paranoid person (and also hyper-aware that I’m a lone, blonde, smallish-framed woman in the forest) and I had paused to take a deep breath and look around. I always carry mace on me when I run alone. I’ve never had to use it, but it makes me feel better to know it’s there. I would recommend it to anybody. $15 at your local sports store for peace of mind)


Tuesday things ☺️

• woke up early and went on a run! 6 miles of happiness in cool, overcast, breezey weather :)

• I legit listened to the Trolls soundtrack all run bc I am an adult 👌🏼 hashtag Anna kendrick is my child.. :))

• now I’m back home post run watching Table 19 for the like 4th time since buying it yesterday lolol and drinking coffee.

• in a few minutes my mom, brother and I are all going to the city for the day! There’s a hike we’re going to do, then we’re going to get lunch, and just hang out in SF for the day. I’m excited to be out and about and for the hike but I am dreading lunch. But it’s ok. Having one meal won’t do anything bad. It’s ok.

• I can’t just stop eating altogether bc I want to be around for the next year and a half of adventures I have planned!!! Meeting the cast of Arrow and The Flash this December! Trip to Portland Oregon later this year! Trip to Hawaii in august this year! Trip to Florida next year in April for Mollies wedding PLUS Disney world too!! 🙌🏼 (never been hehe!) Moving to Portland later next year!! Getting my personal training certification later this year/early next year!! So so so SO much is happening and I need to remember if I want to be around it I have to eat at least a little bit!

• anyways, when I get back home after today it’ll be more Arrow prob lol 🤷🏻‍♀️ no regrets!

Happy Tuesday guys!

Yes, I eat bread, I eat refined carbs, I eat gluten, I eat eggs, I eat egg yolk, I eat dairy, I eat fats, I eat sugar, I eat everything that the internet tells me not to eat if I want to lose weight. Why? Because I trust my body and myself to tell me what is good for me and what is not and I don’t need the internet to make me feel guilty about what I eat 🖕