I’m still taking it easy to recover properly after the marathon.

After breakfast I went for a beautiful autumn walk 🍂followed by some foam rolling (pt. I). I can tell you: After having no foam roll available the first 6 days post marathon it was quite painful when I started doing it again on Saturday. My ITB and Achilles’ tendon are better now but I’ll definitely try to stay on track with foam rolling. It makes a huuuge difference.

Besides studying and working on my degree I listened to the runners world and MTA podcast which increased my long-run cravings even more…

Instead of running I decided to go to the gym today and did some stretching, yoga, foam rolling (pt.II) and strength training.

Somehow managed to get in a relatively pain free run today. Maybe the two hours of E-stim last night paid off. Regardless, I’m happy that I can at least continue to run easy while I work on getting healthy. I need to maintain some sort of cardio while I wait for Boston training to start.
After my run I started a new round of Nike Training Club workouts followed by a run specific yoga stretch session. I don’t care what it takes, I’m 100% determined to do everything I can to get healthy again.


Güd morning!

A little brekky with Swan… As you can see, she is still recovering from the race on Sunday.

We’re just hanging out, sipping our sludgy cappuccino, not talking about “willfully ignorant” candidates. Yep. Yea, 2016!!!

Happay Tuesday, y'all!


Short and extremely hot run done!!!
Ok extremely may be exaggerating a bit but I’m soo tired of it being hot so it felt like a million degrees lol!

Other than it being hot it was a really good run, I left the camelbak at home and that felt great, I felt free!!!

Thankfully its going to be on the 70s in a few days so I can get back to pushing myself harder, hopefully tomorrow will be the last hot one for while!!

Thats 656.85 miles for the year!!!! Happy running everyone!!

This run felt great! Watching my heart rate and keeping it light, yet the last 300m I like to finish of with a sprint 👊 Second week in post marathon recovery 👍 I’ve bought some new run gear from Xbionic that I plan to run my next race in! Awesome tech / @xbionic @garmin @nikerunning #Marathon #Strava #runnerscommunity #wearetherunners #nikerunning #nikeplus #DoEpicShit #runitfast ———————————————————– 👊👑 ———————————————————– G R I N D #run #running #runnersofnorway #fitfam #fitspo #runner #fit #instagood #instafit #photooftheday #selfie #fitness #workout #instarunners #training #me #grind #great #fitlife #nike #runhappy (ved Trondheim, Norway)

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Tuesday things 🍃🍂🍁

• woke up at 6:45am to go on a run, but I ended up just going on a walk bc my body is so tired and the first mile of running sucked.

• but it was the prettiest of pretty out today :))

• now I’m back home sipping on coffee with almond milk creamer.

• I have a spin class at 10:30 and then class from 12:45-2, then work from 3-11!

• the last few days at work have been a total whirlwind and I’m both annoyed and grateful about things but I’ll make a separate post about this stuff bc I need to vent/get advice.

I hope you’re all doing well! 💕


Dalilah Muhammad becomes the first US woman to win gold in 400m hurdles.

Dalilah Muhammad broke a historic milestone on Thursday night by becoming the first American woman to win a gold medal in the 400-meter hurdles.

In the final 10 meters of the race, Muhammad was the clear winner with a significant distance between her and the rest of the competition. The 26-year-old Olympian clocked in at a breakneck speed of 53.13.

And to think, her record breaking career almost didn’t happen.

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