Good morning

How are you guys? I’m doing well, the hike yesterday left me a bit sore but not to it seems like the boy is unaffected lol he is a tough little one.

He was running along the trail yesterday and he said I want be a runner just like you daddy, I almost cried lol. He is the biggest reason I decided to get healthy in the fist place so for him to say that was hugely validating to me, he is just the bees knees lol!

In other news my milestone pod should be here today so I will give it a rest run and let you guys know what I think, have a great day everyone!!!

so last night I didn’t make it home from work on time for hot yoga but I managed an 8.5km run and considering it was 9pm and I’d been up since 6 and in work from 8-7was pretty happy with myself. my average time was 4.45 seconds per km which was not as fast as last week but circumstances were different and it was later so I’m still happy. triathlon training has begun finally. now just need to find a pool and and a bike pic is of me in a dress because sometimes I do wear non gym clothes.


When I was eating breakfast this morning, my mom told me the roads were really bad for running (way too icy and slushy to move) so I decided to run inside. But that wasn’t exactly appealing so I decided to do one of the endurance Crossfit workouts (”Nyad”). 

Which is: 
1.5 mile warm-up (then I realized we usually do a 2 mile warm-up so I added to the workout to get to 5)
800m hard
64 burpees
800m hard
64 air squats
800m hard
64 mountain climbers
800m hard
(then I added 64 bicycles and another 800m)
1 mile cool down

This workout kills me every time and I highly recommend it.

This is how stretching goes for me. Doggie love! I had a great run this afternoon. I was tired and wasn’t sure if I needed a run or a nap but clearly I needed a run. #secondtrimester #fitness #fitpregnancy #sweetworkoutambassador #sweetworkout #runner #instarunners #irunthisbody #choosetorun #nevernotrunning #garmin #garminconnect #nike #nikeplus #dogsofinstagram