In light of all the talk about genitalia in my dash, I will present you with a short erotica:

Runko gasped at the sight of Ariaki’s glistening member. His mast erecting at a glorious height of two full inches. 

“Runko…” He said, lowering his voice into a hushed, seductive whisper. “I want you to make me yours tonight.”

As he finished his sentence, his pulsating manhood twitched in anticipation. The male sat on the bed, awaiting for the tiny woman to respond to his carnal request.

“A-a-ariaki s-s-s-senpai…” Runko’s voice was soft and gentle, a hint of her (totally Japanese, amirite?) Doman accent etched in her words, “I-I’m so shy about this.M-my…”

“I know, Runko.” Ariaki bit his lower lip, eyes glazed with lust.

“K-kyaaa~!” The lewd look made Runko blush as she bashfully flicked her tail. the girl’s undergarments already soaking wet. 

“Take off your panties and spread your legs, baby.” Ariaki’s voice was harsh, commanding and deep like a German porn-star. Of course, Runko would do as she had been commanded to.

Timidly, she lowered her undergarments and took a seat on the floor, “O-okay…” Her legs began to spread, slow and steady like a quivering whore, and then, he’d witness it:

The cave.

The faint sound of an oncoming rush of water echoed down her fleshy walls, and before he could react to the fact the floodgates had finally opened, her juicies began to spill and splash over the floor–And under his boots.

“W-whoa… Neat.” His words echoed down her ever-expanding behemoth-like vagina. 

“FUCK ME HARD!” She said from behind the cataclysmic chasm.

Ariaki nodded and ran to the entrance, only to buck his hips forward in delight. There might not have been any friction or physical contact… But there was love.

“O-oh… A-ariaki…. I feel… I feel a little draft! Was that you!?”

“I… I think so!”  He responds.

“What!? I can’t hear you!

Ariaki nearly slips into the dripping cavern before he picks up a torch that had been conveniently left at the side. Upon closer examination within the penumbra of the great vagina, he realizes the torch had been one of the many treasures left behind by a skeleton.

A miqo’te skeleton. 

A small carved piece of wood catches his eye, the following message etched in messy, desperate letters:

“LFRP, M/ERP, please send tell.
asl pls~
0/10 would not bang aura again
I’m lost

“OH, I feel something!” Runko’s voice felt distant, indeed… This was going to be quite an adventure.