Things that just happened:
  • I did a chin-up unassisted.
  • I screamed to Brenna that I did it and that she had better come see (she was downstairs).
  • Met with confusion on her part.
  • “GET UP HERE I AM HOLDING IT FOR YOUUUUU COME NOWWW,” said I without proper punctuation.
  • Brenna came fumbling up the stairs and saw my chin above that bar (ASK HER!!).
  • She said, “Do it again!”
  • Failed at doing it again.

Shortmom is my inspiration to work on the pull ups! She’s got a pull up bar at her house that I tried when she graciously let us stay over, and I couldn’t quite do one. BUT she inspired me to get my own to try to get some killer guns like hers, AND THE MAGICAL MOMENT JUST HAPPENED.

Thanks for being an awesome influence, Christine!

Thanks for comin’ runnin’, Brenna!

Brenna's roasted garlic chickpea burgers are...

well, absolutely amazing.  I made them last night for two friends who were coming over for dinner with their son.  I served them sans bun because I just don’t keep bread in my house with a big salad: romaine, artichoke hearts, cucumbers, sun dried tomatoes, and feta. 

The yogurt spread came out delicious.  I left out the parsley because I didn’t have any, added extra dill because I wanted to, and I added a little water to thin it out a little bit. 

This meal was a huge hit.  The friends brought homemade strawberry, pineapple, lime sorbet for desert.  They stuck the container, about 1/3 full in my freezer for me to keep.  I asked if the container came with free refills.  The response, “We’ll trade you more sorbet for chickpea burgers.”

I thought they were pretty easy to make too.  The garlic roasting takes some time, but there is nothing hard about it. I was here doing laundry and some cleaning anyway. 

I put the leftover chickpea mixture in the fridge overnight and just cooked one up for lunch.  It came out perfectly.  I doubled the recipe because I had guests coming, one of which was a teenage boy and I didn’t want to be short on food.  I got 7 burgers from the doubled recipe. 

I think next time (there will definitely be a next time), I’m going to try making them slider size.