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The Mummy, history review.

This is what happens when something bothers me…

Okay so, in The Mummy (2017) we have Ahmanet who makes a pact with the God of the dead, Set. First and foremost, this is incorrect. Anubis is the god of the dead (since he is the patron for mummification, leading your spirit to the underworld, etc.), Osiris is the god of the Underworld, death, regeneration, and life. These two were intertwined throughout mythology because in the Middle Kingdom era Anubis was replaced as God of the Underworld by Osiris. So I would have been willing to accept either of these two as “the god of the dead” that Ahmanet made a pact with…BUT, they specifically said Set.

Set is the god of deserts, chaos, evil, and war. Now, granted, in Egyptian mythology Set (although a dick) has an important role wherein he helps repel Apep from Osiris during his evening journey to the underworld. However, if you’re picking an evil god villain, Set, is the way to go so I will give them points for choosing him.

But, if you’re going to refer to everything as “the ultimate evil” you should probably make sure you get the god and what they are associated with, correct.

Next item, now this is where the research really kicked in. Ahmanet’s body markings.

So…this bothered me after the makeup artist said something specific. I thought the idea of the markings was really cool… but prior to seeing the interview, I was really unsure of the origin. So the make up artist says that they are runes from the Book of the Dead and it is an actual spell in the book.

*le sigh* I was pretty certain at first that 1.) Egyptians did not use runes because runes are native to Germanic tribes, Scandinavian, and Nordic. 2.) I own a copy of the book of the dead and never ever saw anything that resembled runes. 3.) still can’t find the spell she referenced.

So I started digging. The runic system is birthed from the Egyptian hieroglyph system, the hieroglyphs are considered a parent system to runes, but there are also other runic alphabet systems prior to what most people know as RUNES. But here’s the thing, I would be willing to get on the believe train if there wasn’t such a difference in the timeline.

The earliest runic system is dated at around 150AD… Ahmanet is mentioned in the film to be from the New Kingdom era in Egypt (by Jenny when she says the hieroglyphs on the sarcophagus are New Kingdom), which spans from 1550-712BC… that’s a huge fucking gap. Not only that but The Book of Dead, aka what is the Papyrus of Ani (although there were multiple Books of the dead, the papyrus of ani was the most intact and I assume is what the artist is referencing), is dated at 1240BC. This is New Kingdom as well.

This is a quote taken from an interview with the makeup artist, “As the Mummy, Boutella is covered in an scroll’s worth of ancient runic letters from head to toe, a painstaking process that required hours to complete each time, according to makeup artist Lizzie Yianni-Georgiou.” She also says in an interview on youtube,, that it is from the Book of the Dead and actually says something……………bitch where?

Runes, in the sense I said earlier, compared to Egyptian hieroglyphs, are not ancient. Basically they bent time and space and somehow decided that they could use runes because they were “ancient,” not even bothering to consider how large of a fucking time gap that is.

Now, there are a shit ton of different ALPHABETS that used letters that look runic but they aren’t runic, sabe? The best I can figure is that the writing on Ahmanet looks Aramaic…but some of the characters look Paleo-Hebrew as well as Carian. I’m not sure what system they based it off of, or where they ACTUALLY got the markings from (personally I’m thinking they just bullshitted it because they aren’t from the Book of the Dead). Any linguists are free to try.

Aramaic writing period, though, is dated to have begun in 800BC… Book of the dead is dated 1240-50BC. So, substantial gap.

Paleo-Hebrew is dated 1000BC… so less large but still large enough.

It could be a mixture and include some Carian, which was a child system of Greek and was used in Egypt. But it was only used 7th to 1st century BC. That starts at 700BC…also too late.

I’m not sure if they stuck with a single script, or meshed it together to bullshit it. Either way, I call bullshit on the writing on her body. There is no way that it is from the book of the dead and is a funerary spell.

Basically, The Mummy (2017) can suck it. Except for Sofia Boutella because she was fantastic.    

Rune Chart

Instead of an old norse word, I am posting this rune chart I made this week. Technically I should wait until I reach the words pertaining to this, but I feel it will be helpful for many of my followers who are interested in them. I hope that this chart will be useful in at least providing some of the basic guidelines for runes. I will go ahead and discuss some of these basics in this post as well, which should help with understanding and using this chart. It may not be the best of charts, and I am no master of runes, but it should do some good. If you think of anything I could do to improve it, send me a message or an ask and I will happily discuss it with you.

I will go ahead and leave the other information as a “keep reading”, since not everyone is interested in being lectured about how to use runes. But, if you do plan to study runes further, it may be helpful to read (unless you have already read chapter three of Byock’s book cited below, then you probably already know this information).

(I will be making a post focused on this material at a later date in one of my crash course lessons, but this “summary” should give a good sense of the history behind them.)

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Shadowhunters - Pt. 2  [ J.T ]

Pairing: Jason Todd x Female!Reader

Shadowhunter AU

Word Count: 2152 (wOW)

Warnings: None?

Tagging: @speedypan @alwaysinnarnia @chuckennuggets1213 @just-a-girl-maybe @doctorwhoandrory

A/N: Here’s the second installment to my Shadowhunter AU series! This took me soo long to write and I’m sorry ‘bout that. Just letting you all know that I’ve disabled anon but my requests are empty and open so feel free to send some in. I’m really enjoying writing this series because it’s combining my love for both DC and comics in general with my love for the amazing Shadowhunter World that comes from the talented mind and writing of Cassandra Clare. So, basically the idea of the Shadowhunters plot line belongs to her. I want to say a huge thanks to @jxsontxdds and @wynterrobin for being such help for this whole series! 

Part 1


Jason stood against the door frame of the infirmary, his shoulder pressed against the wood as he let his weight lean to his left leg and his arms crossed over his broad chest. His blue eyes remained fixated on the girl who lay almost peacefully on the bed, her eyes shut and her chest rising and falling in a peaceful slumber.

Jason didn’t believe in coincidences. He knew that there must have been a reason that of all the people in the club, it was her that had managed to get herself involved in something much bigger than her. There was suspicion between him and his brothers about whether or not she really is a mundane. But their suspicions were answered as soon as she was confirmed to have angel blood running through her veins just as much as them.

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100 Random Things About Magick, And The Occult

Since I just got a hundred followers, here is a list of 100 random things about magick, and the occult. I started this originally thinking this would be easy, but making this was actually one of the hardest things I’ve ever done here. Thank you for following my blog my friends.

  1. Chicory root is known to magically unlock all boxes, and doors.
  2. You can evil eye yourself by staring in a mirror.
  3. Your spirit guides can actually leave you, if you are mistreating them.
  4. Jediism is an actual religion in which, a good amount of its members choose to practice psychokinesis, and telekinesis.
  5. Sweeping with a broom to the east is a banishing ritual against evil spirits, and negative energies.
  6. There is a technique called Spirit burrowing which is the more positive version of spiritual  possession.
  7. Crystals, gemstones, or even sigils can replace candles in mostly every type of ritual, and spell.
  8. Some people are naturally immune to cursing.
  9. The most spirit guides I have ever experienced one person having at one time is 18, even though most people usually have about 5-10 spirit guides.
  10. In Roman culture penises with wings were worm around the neck to protect you against evil spirits, and the evil eye.
  11. You need no tools to do magick, all you need is energy, and intent.
  12. Religious people praying for you to stop your magickal practice can hinder your magickal practice, because they’re sending out their intent to stop you.
  13. Archangel Michael is known to be the angel of death.
  14. The Armanen Runes are the runes that appear in nazi ideology, and germanic mysticism.
  15. Astral temples are primarily used by practitioners who are unable to practice magick in the physical world, because of persecution.
  16. Most harmful entities feed on fear energy, and if they don’t think they can get your fear energy, they will leave you alone.
  17. Selenite is a high energy crystal that never needs to be charged, and can be used to charge sigils, and other magickal items.
  18. Looking through a hag stone is said to allow you to see into the world of the fae, and other spiritual realms.
  19. Burning a magickal item will purify it, but at the same time will release all its energy all at once.
  20. The difference between the pentagram, and a pentacle is the circle.
  21. Rubbing a quartz crystal against your head will relieve headaches
  22. Putting lapis lazuli under your pillow will induce dreaming, and allow all your dreams to be more vivid.
  23. The base energy of a person corresponds to there zodiac sun signs element. The base energy amount in corresponding elements in order from greatest to least is fire, air, water, earth.
  24. Through a technique called the chi ghost one can better themselves in different areas through a full body energy clone.
  25. Putting sigils on your router will permeate your Wi-Fi zone with that energy, and that intent.
  26. Magick is deeply connected to your emotions, and your mental state
  27. Writing magickal glyphs next to each other will combine, and mix their energies.
  28. There may be seven main chakras, but there are several lesser chakras that are almost as important as those. These chakras are your palm chakras, your feet chakras, your soul star chakra, and your earth star chakra.
  29. In energy manipulation putting energy into a physical representation of a line, or trail, will guide that energy to the end of the line.
  30. Christians actually have their own forms of mysticism that uses the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Abrahamic God. Those they won’t be likely to admit this as mysticism.
  31. Swear words are actually the lowest form of magickal cursing.
  32. Wearing opal if it’s not your birthstone is considered bad luck.
  33. If your indoor plant dies unexpectedly that may be the first sign of a spiritual attack.
  34. Rumpology is a form of divination surrounded completely around the butt.
  35. Most of the energy in the human body is stored in your solar plexus.
  36. Meditation is one of the most important skills to learn when practicing magick.
  37. Using magick too much in a consistent amount of time, while not being properly grounded can give you a spiritual burnout, or a magickal hangover.
  38. Servitors can be used, and stolen by other magickal practitioners.
  39. You can transfer servitors between two different servitor houses by simply commanding your servitor to take up residence in the new servitor house.
  40. It takes very little blood to charge things with blood.
  41. Holy water is usually just made of prayed over salt water.
  42. Every culture has some sort of understanding of chi energy.
  43. Flipping any sigil, or symbol upside down will also reverse its meanings, and energies. Unless the symbol is the same inverted.
  44. In meditation the back should be straight to allow cosmic energy to flow down your spine, and flow to the rest your body.
  45. The black aura is usually seen as negative, and represents death, abuse, and depression in the auric field, but in some occasions it can represent, and be used as more of a Shield for the person, or thing.
  46. Energy does not flow well through iron, steel, salt, or the color black.
  47. Invisible spells do not turn you invisible, but much rather make it harder for people to notice you, or sense you.
  48. Baphomet has both male, and female traits.
  49. It is easier to scry, see spiritual energy, see auras, and see spirits in dim lights.
  50. Thor is also the god of oak trees, and acorns are said to protect you from lightning.
  51. Everything dynamically tries to remain in balance.
  52. A way to train psychic ability is a technique called cloud bursting. It’s a technique where you stare at a cloud, and make it dissipate.
  53. The United States government try to make psychic agents back in the Cold War in an operation known as project Stargate.
  54. If you exhaust a high number of your spiritual energy you can actually die.
  55. Every action uses spiritual energy regardless of it being magical, or mundane.
  56. At the point of sexual orgasm a very high amount of spiritual energy is released.
  57. When meditating, or dreaming you become tuned into the etheric plane.
  58. Energy is projected the easiest through your hands, feet, eyes, and mouth.
  59. The Violet Flame is a technique of self transformation, transmutation, energy healing, and purification. The Violet flame can be invoked through visualizing violet flames, and chanting “I am a being of violet fire, I am the Purity God desires.”
  60. The cthulhu mythos is used, and thrives in some occult practices.
  61. Cats protect against harmful spirits.
  62. It is said that everyone has a spirit guide, a power animal, a dragon guardian, and a guardian angel to help them along their path.
  63. Certain gemstones can be used to make gem elixirs.
  64. Dragon runes were envisioned by Isedon Goldwing in April of 2001, and used for rituals, draconic magick, divination, and runic magick.
  65. The Druatch Language is the language that is said to be spoken by dragons.
  66. When you breathe, spiritual energy is pulled in to you through your lungs.
  67. You can open up chakras by wearing certain colored clothing that have to do with that chakra.
  68. Most magick chants to not have to be said correctly word for word, because they are just a way to declare your intention.
  69. Ganzfeld Experiment can put people into a state in which they can experience higher extrasensory perception.
  70. Sigils can be turned into sounds, tones, music and words.
  71. You can assign entities names to gain power over them.
  72. You can build a telepathic link with someone just by looking into their eyes.
  73. Cartomancy is divination using playing cards.
  74. Clapping, and ringing bells can be used to cleanse areas of negative energy.
  75. Gently lift your head off of your neck, and supporting it with your hands will quickly put you in a trance state.
  76. Having any piece of a person, anything that may have come in contact with them, or anything they have put their energy into can be used as a target.
  77. Angels have a sophisticated hierarchy of 9 different choirs the Angels belong to.
  78. Most animal spirit guides, totems, and power animals are the wolf, followed by close second the big cat.
  79. Everyone can perform magick.
  80. Practitioners can accidentally create a poltergeist by feeling too many complicated emotions and thoughts.
  81. Spirits can only sign their own name.
  82. All energy is unique, but can be quite similar.
  83. Sigils can only be used to their full power by whoever created the sigil.
  84. Apples have natural pentagrams on the inside of them.
  85. Fluorite is a good stones for students, learning, and other mental endeavors.
  86. The Sign of the horns is a hand sign to ward the evil eye.
  87. Most things can be invoked by calling out to them.
  88. Everything is connected on a energetic level.
  89. No entity can see everything.
  90. Writing sigils on your body is a good way to keep the energy of that sigil with you.
  91. Drawing seal of mars below the name of a person, or below the picture of a person will curse them.
  92. Drawing an “X” on the bottom of a table will give you good luck in any card games, or board games you play on the table.
  93. Some people sign the pentagram like the Christians do the sign of the cross.
  94. Using magick squares, or the kamea can bring planetary energies into your sigils.
  95. You must go through reiki attunement in order to use reiki energy to its maximum potential.
  96. War water is make by putting iron nails in salt water, and letting the iron nails rust.
  97. Passing things through smoke will Infuse it with the energies of whatever is burning.
  98. Ouija boards are not inherently evil. They just don’t provide any shielding, and you don’t know who you’re talking to.
  99. You can trace symbols and sigils into the air, and then push through them in order to activate them.
  100. Most things have a magical property of protection.

Runes, also known as Marks, are symbols that grant beings various supernatural abilities, with both angelic and demonic runes known to exist. For Shadowhunters, runes are a complex runic language given to them by the Angel Raziel, which grants them powers beyond those of mundanes. Runes are burned into Shadowhunters’ skin using steles, and are their most common tool in their fight against demons.

“The most common tools of the Shadowhunter, the source of our ability to fight the demonic Incursion at all, are of course the Marks of Raziel, the complex runic language given to us by the Angel to grant us powers beyond mundanes.”

my-little-box-life  asked:

I was wondering where you find your sources for the runic language you use in your art? Is there a specific book or did you take class perhaps? Familial knowledge? (lol you've mentioned being from a Swedish family so)

As positively thrilled as I would be to say I come from a long line of clairvoyant Swedish witches, alas no. Nah just Google the Elder or Younger Futharks and rune-casting, there’s plenty of ugly c1999 websites out there with tips and summaries of what each rune is about. There’s two different ways to talk about runes: one is for divination purposes, an another is just as an alphabet. You might have to tailor your search depending on what you want to see.

Divination is one of the things I actually know very little about, I have exactly one book on runes and that’s it. I know it’s a surprise, considering my natural habitat really would be squatting in a fire-pit throwing bone runes about on my sumptuous trasmatta, but what can you do. Instead of ancient Scandinavian magics, I just inherited the compulsion to tough out pain rather than ever take an aspirin. 

Thanks !

Master of the Dungeons

(Sorry if this submitted twice, my computer was being weird and I wasn’t sure if it got through. Edited a few words in this version anyway.)

So.  There I was, working on a far more angsty Dipper-and-Toby fic.  Then Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons happened, and ideas formed, plus I’d been wanting to write Toby’s friends instead of just referencing them, and I thought, Okay, I can just hash out something short and submit it before the next episode airs.  Easy-peasy.

In other news, I’ve learned that I apparently a) cannot write fast, and b) cannot write short.  Once again, this got completely away from me.  But I’m reasonably happy with it, and I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and forgive my attempts at coming up with future slang that in no way represents the true level of change the English language would realistically undergo in over a thousand years.  I had to keep it at least somewhat understandable.  (And they don’t seem to speak that differently in 207̃012 anyway…)

“All right, we’ll see you in a couple hours!” Dipper called to Mrs. Cross as she waved to him and got into her car, waving back with an affable smile.

He stepped back into the house and closed the door, smile instantly and seamlessly exchanging itself for an exhausted grimace.  He slumped against the door, exhaling loudly.

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runes and a note on my inbox

Hello, Miss Cassandra Clare! I really love the universe you made, especially the incorporating all religions thing. I just have one question: do Shadowhunters start using the new runes Clary made? (since we saw that a bit in CoHF with Mr. and Mrs. Carstairs.) If so, do they start using the Portal rune instead of warlock Portals? Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good day! :D — yorkiebutts

As Clary moves forward in her life, she does keep creating runes. We hear about the runes she’s created and what she’s up to in Lady Midnight. Because Clary can’t always control what runes “come” to her mind, it’s an interesting assortment. But other Shadowhunters can use them, just like they can use Fearless.

Portals are a different issue. According to the Codex:

The difficulty here turns out to lie in Shadowunters’ restriction
to Gray Book Marks. We cannot arbitrarily describe a
destination using the runic language we are permitted
to use. The solution was discovered by Branwell and his
anonymous warlock collaborator, and it is an ingenious
merging of two runic systems and the magic inherent in
the mind of the one traveling through the Portal. First, a
“frame” of Marks (which have analogues in both seraphic
and demonic runic systems) is created, and inscribed
within and around this frame is a set of demonic runes that
are drawn in an unstable, unfinished state.

Shadowhunters (other than Clary) can only use and work with Marks in the Gray Book, and later, Marks Clary invents. When a warlock creates a Portal, they use runic/magical language to incorporate the place the Portal is taking people. Shadowhunters can do that if they have all the materials, the languages etc. there and can kind of copy what a warlock might do, but other Shadowhunters besides Clary can’t just “make” Portals because what she did was very odd and unusual and not normal Portal magic. Shadowhunters cannot make a Portal with a stele, other than Clary, and even Clary cannot make one without a stele.

* I’ve been working on how to deal with aspects of social media like twitter and my tumblr inbox - right now my assistant is going to go through my inbox and send me any questions she thinks would be of general public interest so I can respond to them publicly. I won’t see my inbox myself. I’ll see how it goes!

Sunday Smut Spotlight - Otherworldly Tom edition

I asked for it, and did I ever get it.  Lots of sexy muse Tom in many otherworldly disguises.  As expected, there is plenty of Loki here (he’s a popular guy).

I’m sure you’ll enjoy these, and will probably find a new favorite story here. I know I did!

I’ve included the first paragraphs of each of these, along with author’s warnings where requested.


Unearthed (10 chapters - complete) museofcherry - cherrie-mandarin - Boggart!Oakley

“I have told you a thousand times lass and you pay me no mind.” the farmer looked down at his wide eyed daughter and lifted his hand as if to strike her, seeing her flinch had him quickly changing his mind.

“I’ll give you fair warning, you stay well away from the marshland do you understand me? You do not cut across it, you do not dally near the woods and you do not go there with your friends. Now get home, I’m rounding up the flock.” he stormed off with his dogs leaving Megan alone on the dirt path that surrounded their farm.

She ran home and ignored her mother’s welcoming smile instead she raced to her room. Bolting the door she hurled herself on her bed to cry at her Father’s sternness yet again.


In Vain - cherrie-mandarin - Incubus!Tom

I paused to look at my reflection, outwardly I appear human albeit an extremely good looking human but my kind are known for their attractive appearance. Throughout history I have walked among them undetected, sometimes I have lain dormant out of sight before sensing their needs. It has always been this way for me. I can remember flashes of each old life and the ones I’ve brought to deaths door. I also know I am extremely lucky to have inhabited this tall physique, the young man had put up a struggle but in the end I had overpowered him for isn’t that always the way?


Dea Fidelitas - sexysigyn - Loki & Sigyn

The massive library had no shortage of tomes written in modern Midgardian languages and I chose a selection of material in not only the runic-based language of Asgard, but also in French, Russian, and my native English. The books smelled of old parchment and leather, the aroma of knowledge. Libraries had been a sanctuary for me on Midgard and books my escape; it was comforting to find something so familiar here while I was still acclimating myself to life in Asgard. Peering over the precariously piled volumes, I carried them back to our quarters and settled myself on the sofa situated in front of the giant stone fireplace.


In Love With Easeful Death - hiddlesherethereeverywhere

(multi-chapters - Adam)

“Ian, no one gets coffee at three in the morning.” Adam’s voice is low and uninterested. He’s not sure why he allowed Ian to drag him out tonight. The club had been loud and not in the good way. His ears were still ringing from whatever noise was playing over the speakers. It certainly couldn’t be called music. It sounded like someone banging on a garbage dumpster. In fact, one of the band members had been playing a metal trash can with drum sticks, Adam recalled.


To Break a Kingsierralaufeyson13 - Loki & Sigyn

Sigyn had only just mastered a charm of invisibility, centuries of trial and error that always ended complete and utter failure, but she had done it. With ample concentration and time she stood before a mirror and in place of her reflection was nothing, with a deep breath she let down the charm and spoke the words once more only to prove that she had indeed succeeded at the higher level casting. A small but predatory smile crept across Sigyn’s rosy lips as she pondered the many ways that she could get back at her mischievous prince now that she could remain hidden in the shadows.


Going Up - icybluepenguin - Loki

There wasn’t anyone else waiting for the elevator when I pressed the “up” button. That was a little unusual- there were almost always a few other people going up, this was a busy building. A door ding-ed and as I stepped into the elevator, a man rushed up behind me and slipped inside with me. I glanced at him. He certainly didn’t look like he’d been running for the elevator and there really hadn’t been anyone around a moment ago.


Death Comes to Us All - laterovaries - Angel of Death Tom
muli-chapter - link to chapter 1 - (see author’s fic page for index to all chapters -

He is lithe, graceful, and fluid, as he moves through the crowded sidewalk, weaving in and out of the oblivious masses who hurry towards unfulfilling jobs, unhappy marriages, and mundane errands. Almost everyone he sees wears a scowl as though it has been permanently tattooed on their faces, drawn, haggard, and hopeless. It’s a wonder they’re usually so reluctant to leave with him.


Held - eve1978
chapter 1 chapter 2 - Prisoner Loki

Eden held her card out in front of the scanner and watched the light turn green as the door clicked open, she pushed her way inside and entered the long white hallway.

Every step brought her closer to his cell, situated at the end of the hall and behind 2 more security check ups.
It was all a bit much in her opinion, first of all because she believed no man was worth all this attention, no matter how powerful, and secondly because she believed that if he really wanted to he would be out of this cell within minutes without even really trying.


The Ljósálfr and the Library - dreamsngr

“Court life is so tedious,” Norðri thought, wondering why her father had chosen to bring her along on this diplomatic visit instead of one of her siblings. As she waited, hands clasped primly, her hooded eyes glanced at the elaborate pageantry of the assembly before her. Polished armor and bright capes draped over ignorant, vulgar soldiers. Strategically tucked fabric exposed and revealed women with thoughts bent on finding a partner, nothing more. All of them, peacocks senselessly preening and strutting for each other.


Asphodel - poeticfucknuttery - Loki & (the goddess) Persephone

I am weary.

I gaze, as best I can, across the fields of the dead, mindless-shifting-smoke-illusion, warping in and out of my vision. Their masses are grey and writhing under the colorless sky of Hades.

I am their queen. Or rather, I am enslaved to their king—I am Death’s consort. Stolen from the light and world above, chained here for a season every turn of the sun.

I was more, once…but I can’t remember now.


The Ghost and Miss Harriet - rosebudwhite - Ghost!Tom multi-chapter

The parties had been legendary, hundreds of people swarming through the rooms. He was the epitome of style, his wife full of grace and their children… Their children were now dead, their children were dead, and their children were old. All that was left was a collection of stories recorded on media that was now laughably primitive, the blue plaque that adorned the front of the house and this thin veil of a person he once was.


Mission: Exposure - mischabea - Loki vs. Spiders (arachnophobia tw)

So, I like to think of myself as maybe a bit of a badass. At the very least, badass-adjacent, considering the company I’ve kept and the things I’ve done. But like everyone, I have weaknesses. There’s one in particular that feels like being fucked in the ass by a particularly prickly object.



Le Sang Sacrement - matchgirl42 - Adam

this story has moved on to Kindle! find it [here]

**Author’s WARNINGS** - Contains the following kinks: Vampire!Tom, Priest!Tom, SMUT, blood kink, menophilia 

Adam could hear the pattern her shoes made on the cobblestones, a rhythm that spoke to his bones. He closed his eyes, seeing in his mind the arm and hand movements that would make that rhythm on a drum, that would bring a song – any song - to life that would make him forget, forget forget.

But he couldn’t forget. He could never forget. Not for long.


Sesquicentennial - tarrysmith - muli-chapter - link to chapter 1 - 
this is a magnus martinsson/william buxton time travel mashup

The first thing that Magnus was aware of as he slowly woke is that he wasn’t alone. He was spooning her: warm, soft, a mess of blond hair in his face. He had his arm around her, hand on her breast, and his morning erection was prodding her in the ass. She was waking too, and pushed back against him, sighing deeply. The second thing Magnus was aware of is that he was not home; this bed was much bigger, much softer. So, he didn’t know where he was, he didn’t know who he was with, and he didn’t know how he had gotten there. He was pretty sure he had not been drinking, but right now his lovely companion had turned over on her back and was pulling him down into a wonderful sleepy slow kiss, so he decided to worry about all the stuff he didn’t know later, and right now concentrate on what he did know, namely, that he was naked in bed with a lovely woman, and she was kissing him.


Stuttgart - britishmenaredestroyingmylife

The sounds of Schubert drifted gently upward to where he lurked in the shadows. He had work to do, yes, but she had caught his eye, and he had a few minutes. He would have her.

She had seen him, too; he knew it, could feel her gaze as it shifted upward every so often. She was interested. He smiled down at her and nodded. She thought she knew him from somewhere.


Fair of Hair, Fleet of Foot - quoting-shakespeare-to-ducks - Faery King Gwyn ap Nudd/Tom

Visiting Glastonbury had been one of my lifelong goals, and since my sister Lisa had married her charming Welshman Celyn and moved here last year, I had been especially excited to visit.

The place is beautiful, steeped in history and mythology. Considering my studies had encompassed folklore of the British Isles, I was thrilled to be traveling to Glastonbury Tor today.


The Vampire’s Kiss - a-beautifully-hiddled-disaster

Even as the sun begins to dip beyond the horizon, the night is sultry and you are trying your best to cool down. All the ice water you’ve had is doing nothing to quench your thirst or cool you down.

You migrate from the living room into your darkened bedroom, hoping the heat hasn’t permeated it as much as the rest of the house. In the shadows of the moonlight, resting naked upon your window seat, you see him. The fan is blowing his long, dark hair away from his face as he gazed outside, arms stretched over his head and leaned lazily against the side of your bookshelf. The pale light highlights his chiseled physique in all the right places and sends a shudder through your body.

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Dwarven Runic Poetry

The original language of the dwarves (which has thereafter split into a number of separate languages) uses a runic script, much like the elder futhark used by real world Germanic peoples. The dwarves claim that the runic script was handed down to them by their creator gods, but academics argue (but never within dwarven earshot) that the script bears such a great resemblance to the cuneiform script used by giants that the dwarves may have borrowed it from them. Even though dwarves throughout the world may speak different local varieties of dwarven, old dwarven remains in place as a liturgical language and the script is still in place in all varieties of dwarven.

The dwarven runic script is at the same time phonographic (the runes represent sounds) and ideographic (the runes themselves represent words and ideas). The former is more relevant to the use of the dwarven script to communicate, the latter has special uses in dwarven runic magic (for an example, using warding runes on doors to keep evil spirits away, or inscribing weapons with so-called victory runes).

However, dwarven poets have come up with a way to bring the two uses together: dwarven runic poems can easily be read on the surface through a phonetic reading, but one can also often divine a hidden double-meaning from the poem by reading the runes as ideograms. As each rune carries many different potential meanings, the art of divining the hidden meaning of a runic poem is a very difficult academic discipline.

Anti-establishment sentiment is very much frowned-upon in dwarven society, but a cleverly written runic poem may be used to communicate the plight of the lower classes under the tyranny of capricious kings without doing it openly.

Dwarven runic poetry in game: Anyone who can read the dwarven script can easily divine the surface meaning of a given runic inscription (given that they understand the variety of dwarven it’s written in). However, a successful Intelligence check (or Decipher Script or Lore if those skills exist in your game) can be used to divine the hidden meaning of an inscription.

If you want to represent the linguistic variety of dwarves, give all dwarven clerics (and maybe bards) a free language proficiency in old dwarven (allowing them to read inscriptions in any variety of dwarven with a successful Decipher Script check) and allowing for rudimentary communication among dwarves who speak different local varieties (the dwarven languages are not mutually intelligible, even though they come from the same source: the language situation is similar to that of the Romance languages like French, Italian, Romanian and Spanish, all originally local varieties of Vulgar Latin, where an understanding of Latin is useful for understanding the written language but doesn’t really help in communication beyond a very basic level).

wizard-fallen-angel  asked:

Out of curiosity, how would you spell Loki in younger futhark? I noticed you mentioning that that's the alphabet they would have used, but I was wondering about it since I'm very curious about runic languages and know that the spelling got kind of mixed up when written out in English letters.

At the onset of the younger futhark when the úr rune was used to write any rounded vowel (u, o, ø, y, ǫ and their long variants), the name Loki would have been written luki, lǫgr, úr, kaun, íss:

At that time the word reflecting Proto-Germanic *ansuz was *ǫ̃ss, with the vowel nasalized and lengthened by the lost *n (this is the same n that you hear in English thunder, but not in Old Norse Þórr, both from *þunraz). At that time, the óss rune was used to write nasalized vowels, and because the o in Loki was not nasalized, the óss rune was not suitable for writing it.

However, a few hundred years later (but before the actual loss of nasal vowels), the óss rune was repurposed to write o. After that switch, the word Loki could be written with more precision, as loki lǫgr, óss, kaun, íss:

As is often the case, the actual variants of the runes (well, except íss – not much you can do there) would vary. Early on the o rune could be written with either of the long- or short-twig variant. In time, o became identified specifically with the short-twig variant, while the long-twig version was used to write ø (this rune eventually earned is own name, örr ‘arrow’).

So we can set up a progression something like this: 

- ᚦᚢᚱᛆᛒᚢᚱᛁᚿ

The Adventures of Middle School Me (Now in Runic)

This is my old “writer’s notebook.”

I kept it from 2006 through to March of 2009. It even says so in the front cover:

So this would be from the time I was just barely 11 to when I was 13. If it were a journal, it would be a chronicle of the worst years of my life. (I have one of those, too, by the way.) As it is, though, it contains a couple hundred pages of original fiction, fanfiction, and absolutely dreadful poetry. But it also has another element.

You see, like many other girls of that age, I had a secret language to write in, that no one would be able to decipher. Unlike a lot of girls, though, I didn’t make it up by myself. Instead, I used Anglo-Saxon runes. At the time, I called them “Dragon Script,” but they are really called the futhorc.

There are pages and pages of this. The above, for example, is actually some of my Fullmetal Alchemist and Kamichama Karin fanfiction. (These were also what I like to term “The Japan Years.”)

Looking back, it was weird, but kind of brilliant. But you know what wasn’t so brilliant?

I kept a key in the back of the book. I think the idea was that no one would possibly look there. Of course, the key also means I can now go back and read the aforementioned Kamichama Karin fanfiction.

Well done, middle school me. Well done.


Solas x Lavellan fluff. Certified angst-free, despite the title.

It is late. The background of bickering from the library has finally filtered away, and Solas relishes in the solitude, sustained by the pages unread, flicking through the latest requisition of tomes from the University of Orlais. Time filters by with his every inked note on the page, noted only by the time it takes each sentence to dry. But he has revived the veilfire braziers, here, the familiar light burning unerringly over his shoulder, and so it doesn’t matter how many hours pass as he sits at his desk. How long he spends pouring over his texts, dry eyed and tired, reading until the crows above wake with the dawn.

He’s spent many an evening like this, and will see many more before this ends. It’s soothing, in its way - both emptier and fuller than the daylight hours (it’s harder to see what’s missing when you can avoid the broken pieces entirely) and he does enjoy reading, for all the lifelessness that now lies behind the words.

So he continues like that, bent over manuscript and notebook, long after the great torches of the main hall are extinguished. He continues, scarcely looking up, until a collection of scuffling and scratching sounds from the hall door catch his attention.

He looks up to see Lavellan padding slowly into the rotunda. She rolls the door open with the edge of her foot, bowed over a weighty tray of food - and there is a bottle of wine tucked under her arm, too, he notices, as she successfully worms through, stepping towards him with a smile.

The smell of the apple tarts reach him first. His hunger stirs around his rush of surprise, the day’s meals neglected in his concentration on Renalto’s interpretation of dream forms (third edition, blacklisted by the chantry) - but it is the surprise that wins out.

This is the third occasion of such generosity in as many months. On the second Wednesday of each month, in fact - the sort of coincidence he long ago learned was far too particular to be the progeny of chance.

He waits for, and even prompts, an explanation from her as she busies herself setting their little table in the corner, humming an unfamiliar tune and batting his hands away when he tries to assist. But as before, she dodges or ignores his hints with ease - drawing him into a discussion about the evolution of runic languages since the fall with such embarrassing success that their meal is complete and she is preparing to leave when he finally realises his mistake.

She is getting to her feet, gathering the dishes back into the tray as she goes, when he moves to stop her. Snags her by the waist, tugs her between his knees and anchors her there, pulling the tray from her hands.

She blinks down at him, unresisting - a question, even interest in the cock of her brow.

“I am… unfamiliar with this,” he admits at last, watching her expression. It is not easy to say - her reticence must be catching - and he glimpses the flicker of understanding - guilt? - that crosses her features before they are schooled into polite confusion.

He likes to think he knows her enough, though, to see how far the expression has slipped.

“Unfamiliar with what? Dinner?” she tries, but the effort isn’t genuine and he shakes his head with a smile, tries again, trying to tongue away the stiltedness of his words.

“This… gift-giving custom.” Another flicker of expression - nerves, this time and he observes her. The fidget of her fingers as they gently pry the tray from his hands again. “I am curious. And find myself at a, disadvantage. I don’t know what to give you in return.”

She blushes, the blood rosying brown cheeks, but the curve of a grin is breaking across her lips nonetheless. It’s a good sign, he thinks.

“You, ignorant?”

Perhaps not.

She sways further away from him, using the plates as a shield. Seated as he is, he is helpless to stop her, although he trails his hand across her hip as she goes. She follows it with a step back, and her teeth flash in the glow of the veil fire.

“I never thought to hear you admit to such a thing, Solas. But no. It is not a Dalish custom.”

She tries to leave again, then, twisting on her heel, but he rises and steps with her, companionably accompanying her across the room. His hand presses against her upper back as they walk - he can feel the heat of her skin through the light tunic she dons within the castle, the shift of the muscles in her back as she moves to accommodate him. He will not let this go so easily.

“If not Dalish - then from the city?” She doesn’t ask him to stop, even if she won’t look at him. There is even another smile playing on her lips and he considers that, tilting his head. “You’ve spent considerable time among the elves there, I recall. Is it one of their traditions?”

“No, not that either.”

Her words are amused, directed pointedly forward, and then- they are already at the other end of the rotunda. The door is open before them, cracked ajar, but when they reach the threshold she hesitates, her hands fidgeting again with the tray in her grip.

He waits, with a patience born of ages.

With a sigh she appears to relent, swivelling to face him. Her expression is fondly exasperated, though, if still burning with her blush - the freckles around her nose are more recognisable this way, he notes.

“Accept it for what it is, vhenan,” she insists lightly. “A gift.”

He raises an eyebrow, his light touch on her back ghosting downwards, thumb catching the ridge of her spine. She shivers, and then scowls at him, but he only blinks, expectant. He is not above such tactics.

“Proffered every month?”

She stares stubbornly back, lips pursing.

“If that is when it occurs.”

They hold each other’s gazes for a long moment at that, ignoring raised eyebrows, the tap of his thumb against her tunic.

It is he that relents.

Breaking the contact, he draws his grip away, allowing space between them once more. If she will not tell him, then- she won’t. Not yet, at least. He will just have to be content to wait.

She steps backwards, expression fonder if possible, but also relieved, and then she escapes into the hall.

He watches her go, nudging the door closed only after she disappears towards her quarters.

The aviaries’ chained cages creak and rustles with feathers above him when he turns back to face his room, accompanied only by the soundless flicker of the veilfire, the faceless parade of his unfinished mural.

He returns to his desk. Looks over his books, the manuscripts - the latest an Avaar ‘Wilderling’ mage’s descriptions of his hold’s clutch of ancestor-spirits, the functional relationships that could still be formulated between the realms… but his mind is wandering.

Her first gift lays tucked into his hip purse. A wyvern’s tooth, delicately engraved with a weave of vines - the work of one of the Iron Bull’s chargers, if he was not mistaken.

He takes it out now. Sits. Places it on the least cluttered portion of his desk, and tips it gently to-and-fro, examining it in the torch light.


this was supposed to be two things. 1: fluff for jessica 2. solas getting flustered at getting a gift for @arlavellan

it isn’t really either, but isn’t really not it at the same time if that makes any sense but i will do better next time

lavellan is doing this cute thing where she celebrates the anniversary of them meaning what they mean to each other once each month in different ways, as they don’t have a specific date and she wants to celebrate it all the time not just once a year

eventually she will tell him this

not today

this is rough and will definitely be edited but fluff friday only lasts so long so voila