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Bind Runes.

A Bind Rune (Icelandic: bandrún) is created by combining two or more ancient Viking Runes into a single symbol. What this combination is believed to do is create a more powerful Rune, than the individual Runes used to make it. How the Bind Rune is created is very important. Bind Runes should be kept as simple as possible so that each Rune is clearly distinguishable. Using more than five is usually not advisable. When a bind rune is too complex it will be less powerful than a simpler symbol. Bind Runes were rare in Viking days; there are not many examples of the ancient Norse writing them. They became more common among the Scandinavian people later in the Middle Ages.


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Twilight: Great!

Rune Translator.

5th Image.
Lavender Pony: Unicorn!

6th Image.
Blue Pony: Why is a Unicorn here?
Yellow Pony: Don’t come closer!

7th Image.
Yellow Pony: Run while I distract her!
Blue Pony: But-

Rune Chart

Instead of an old norse word, I am posting this rune chart I made this week. Technically I should wait until I reach the words pertaining to this, but I feel it will be helpful for many of my followers who are interested in them. I hope that this chart will be useful in at least providing some of the basic guidelines for runes. I will go ahead and discuss some of these basics in this post as well, which should help with understanding and using this chart. It may not be the best of charts, and I am no master of runes, but it should do some good. If you think of anything I could do to improve it, send me a message or an ask and I will happily discuss it with you.

I will go ahead and leave the other information as a “keep reading”, since not everyone is interested in being lectured about how to use runes. But, if you do plan to study runes further, it may be helpful to read (unless you have already read chapter three of Byock’s book cited below, then you probably already know this information).

(I will be making a post focused on this material at a later date in one of my crash course lessons, but this “summary” should give a good sense of the history behind them.)

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The Adventures of Middle School Me (Now in Runic)

This is my old “writer’s notebook.”

I kept it from 2006 through to March of 2009. It even says so in the front cover:

So this would be from the time I was just barely 11 to when I was 13. If it were a journal, it would be a chronicle of the worst years of my life. (I have one of those, too, by the way.) As it is, though, it contains a couple hundred pages of original fiction, fanfiction, and absolutely dreadful poetry. But it also has another element.

You see, like many other girls of that age, I had a secret language to write in, that no one would be able to decipher. Unlike a lot of girls, though, I didn’t make it up by myself. Instead, I used Anglo-Saxon runes. At the time, I called them “Dragon Script,” but they are really called the futhorc.

There are pages and pages of this. The above, for example, is actually some of my Fullmetal Alchemist and Kamichama Karin fanfiction. (These were also what I like to term “The Japan Years.”)

Looking back, it was weird, but kind of brilliant. But you know what wasn’t so brilliant?

I kept a key in the back of the book. I think the idea was that no one would possibly look there. Of course, the key also means I can now go back and read the aforementioned Kamichama Karin fanfiction.

Well done, middle school me. Well done.

Runes, also known as Marks, are symbols that grant beings various supernatural abilities, with both angelic and demonic runes known to exist. For Shadowhunters, runes are a complex runic language given to them by the Angel Raziel, which grants them powers beyond those of mundanes. Runes are burned into Shadowhunters’ skin using steles, and are their most common tool in their fight against demons.

brokenknifefrisk  asked:

"You said you like learning new languages, Cleaver – how many do you know? o: Or have studied?"

Cleaver: “At home with my parents, I speak Common Monster English and German. I am also fluent in French and Italian, reading and speaking - and I have taught myself to read ‘code languages’ like Wingdings, and ancient languages like Runic and Celestial.”

Meaux: “The kinda French Meaux speaks is different from Cleaver, but we can still understand each other well enough when we feel like speakin’ it. Nice to dust off the ol’ mother tongue every once in a while.”

English-language resources for Övdalian (a.k.a. Övdalsk, Övdalską, Älvdalska,  Älvdalsmål, or Elfdalian)?

I’ve mentioned before that about half my Swedish ancestors seem to come from a town in Sweden where people (especially back then, but it’s making a revival) spoke a now endangered language variously called Övdalian, Övdalsk, Övdalską, Älvdalska, Älvdalsmål, or Elfdalian, depending on what language you’re starting from.  It used to be considered a dialect but it’s not mutually comprehensible with Swedish so it’s considered a language now.

For anyone curious, the town is called Älvdalen, population 1,853.  And I’ve seen estimates of how many speak the language, ranging from 2,000 to 3,000.  Until roughly a hundred years ago, the language still used a runic alphabet.  The language is considered endangered.

I know that there are resources for Swedish-speaking people to learn this language.  I am wondering if any books have been put out on learning at least basic Övdalian from an English-speaking perspective.  I suck at languages (meaning, despite being good at figuring out patterns of vocabulary and grammar between languags, becoming fluent seems beyond me) but since this is one of two endangered/vulnerable languages I know of that were spoken by some of my ancestors and in a state of attempted revival today, I’d like to at least do my part towards learning a bit of it.

But I can find no decent resources in English.  I’d especially welcome a book.  I know they’re having enough trouble putting together such books in Swedish.  But given how many Swedish people speak English, I thought maybe there are resources out there I don’t know about.  

And by resources, I mean actual resources, like books and such – not articles about the language’s existence, or “leads” that might lead me to something eventually maybe kind of but don’t actually.  I’ve been using the Internet since the pre-web days when you had to find things using Gopher or FTP sites or asking people – I know how to use a search engine.  (This goes when I ask questions in general.)

“The most common tools of the Shadowhunter, the source of our ability to fight the demonic Incursion at all, are of course the Marks of Raziel, the complex runic language given to us by the Angel to grant us powers beyond mundanes.”

runes and a note on my inbox

Hello, Miss Cassandra Clare! I really love the universe you made, especially the incorporating all religions thing. I just have one question: do Shadowhunters start using the new runes Clary made? (since we saw that a bit in CoHF with Mr. and Mrs. Carstairs.) If so, do they start using the Portal rune instead of warlock Portals? Thank you for your time, and I hope you have a good day! :D — yorkiebutts

As Clary moves forward in her life, she does keep creating runes. We hear about the runes she’s created and what she’s up to in Lady Midnight. Because Clary can’t always control what runes “come” to her mind, it’s an interesting assortment. But other Shadowhunters can use them, just like they can use Fearless.

Portals are a different issue. According to the Codex:

The difficulty here turns out to lie in Shadowunters’ restriction
to Gray Book Marks. We cannot arbitrarily describe a
destination using the runic language we are permitted
to use. The solution was discovered by Branwell and his
anonymous warlock collaborator, and it is an ingenious
merging of two runic systems and the magic inherent in
the mind of the one traveling through the Portal. First, a
“frame” of Marks (which have analogues in both seraphic
and demonic runic systems) is created, and inscribed
within and around this frame is a set of demonic runes that
are drawn in an unstable, unfinished state.

Shadowhunters (other than Clary) can only use and work with Marks in the Gray Book, and later, Marks Clary invents. When a warlock creates a Portal, they use runic/magical language to incorporate the place the Portal is taking people. Shadowhunters can do that if they have all the materials, the languages etc. there and can kind of copy what a warlock might do, but other Shadowhunters besides Clary can’t just “make” Portals because what she did was very odd and unusual and not normal Portal magic. Shadowhunters cannot make a Portal with a stele, other than Clary, and even Clary cannot make one without a stele.

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