runic knight

Wanted to have bit of fun drawing out antagonist type characters and thinking of names and such for War of the Fallen Era.

The Paragon Prince, Esterk —

Class - Runic Knight                  Faction - The Northern Halidom

The Ermehn prince of the Northern Halidom (Present day Wastes). Talented in the art of swords and alchemy. With his crafted chain blade, the Cail Beira he vows to protect his people and their sacred land from invading forces.

Wind of Conviction, Fuu —

Class - Samurai                         Faction - The Invisible Kingdom

Nadirian warrior, who’s part of the Demon Lord Midras’s inner circle. Behind her stoic demeanor lies a fearful soul. Stripped away of her time to live peacefully, she grew to despise the Dunians who started the war and is determined to avenge her people’s lost time.

Bloody Fixation, Crowley —

Class - Malig Archer                  Faction - The Sunsgrove Alliance

A twisted Tamian warrior who relishes the chaos of warfare. Harboring a morbid enjoyment for killing his foes as if it were sport, his undeniable skill in battle quickly rose him through the ranks. With Sunsgrove desperate to ending battles as quickly and efficiently as possible, sometimes disregard for enemy life is needed to save your own.

Worldy Heart, Gaia —

Class - Battlemage                     Faction - Sovereign Union

A Felis commanding officer for the Sovereign Union, a faction consisting of a collection of various people that seeks to bring the battle torn land of Dunia under a single union. Best friend to Gustav, despite their opposing opinions, he values their life-long bond. Wisdom and Strength of the land itself, Gaia works tirelessly for peace in the land.