Rungs In A Ladder - Jacob Bannon
A Film by Ian McFarland

I watch this from time to time when I’m feeling uninspired or unmotivated. At first, it was just really cool to learn more about Jacob Bannon and hear about his life - but now it’s become a source of inspiration. When I can’t get my shit together, when my mind is all over the place, or when I’m feeling lost and useless; I watch this, and it helps snap things back into perspective.

Thanks Jacob for sharing your life and insight with us, and thanks Ian McFarland for making such a beautiful and well done documentary. Cheers.



“I don’t want to create any more damage in this world […] The world is already suicidal.”-Jacob Bannon

This is just beautiful. 


Rungs in a Ladder: Jacob Bannon of Converge Documentary (Official)

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Rungs in a Ladder: Jacob Bannon of Converge

“I’m 35 years old… and I’m still motivated, and I’m still angry, and I’m still trying to shake things up.” - Jacob Bannon

Other than age, the similarities in our personalities is not surprising. But it feels good to know that someone who I hold in very high regards as being both influential and inspirational in my art and music, has the same thoughts and feelings that I do. We do what we can to leave a mark in this world, and we can only hope it’s a positive one.


Intimate portrait of Jake Bannon (visual artist, singer in Converge)

Rungs in a Ladder, the short documentary focused around Jacob Bannon and his feelings about his path of life, has gone up on YouTube after garnering over 35 thousand views when it premiered.

Directed by Ian McFarland, under his shared production company McFarland and Pecci (co-owned by Michael Pecci), this is the latest in their attempts to explore the artists who have carved their own path.

You can watch Rungs in a Ladder here and can view other shorts by McFarland and Pecci here.

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9 Things We Learned About Converge’s Jake Bannon In This New Mini-Documentary

There’s a new short film out about Converge frontman, Jacob Bannon, called Rungs in a Ladder and if you like several long shots of hardcore frontmen looking pensive into the distance backed by overly dramatic violin/piano music, give it a watch. Here are a few things we learned about him:

  • He does not like himself physically and hates looking at pictures of himself, which is ironic given that if you type “Jacob Bannon” into Google Image, your computer will overload and catch on fire.
  • He was a fat kid, which is also ironic given that, by the end of Converge sets, he looks like he’s burned off the last remaining calorie in his body. 
  • A bike accident when he was a teenager caused his knee to “literally explode.” This led to him to gaining 40lbs in four months, missing months of school, and missing out on most of his youth.
  • He never wanted to be a frontperson, instead wanting to be drummer or bass player.
  • He trains in MMA apparently.
  • He tucks his dog under a blanket by his fireplace, making hardcore chicks everywhere go, “Awwwwww!”
  • He is a big fan of keeping several terrifying taxidermied snake around his home/studio. 
  • He is married but we knew that.
  • He thinks “being wholly a critic in life is a copout.” Sorry, Internet!
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Jacob Bannon of Converge documentary, Rungs in a Ladder

Just re-watched this. So fascinating/inspiring. 

“I’m always hungry to create something and to make something happen. If I could equate it to potential and kinetic energy, I always want to make something kinetic happen. I don’t ever want to be holding something that could be something; I always want it to be something.”


I watched this for the first time a couple months back after knowing it had been out. I wish I had seen it sooner.

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“Rungs in a Ladder” is the latest short form documentary by production team McFarland and Pecci. A meditation on life, art, and purpose, the film centers around Jacob Bannon, an accomplished visual artist and frontman for hardcore band Converge, a group that has been carving its own iconoclastic path through the hardcore music landscape for over twenty years. 

Bannon reflects on the formative events in his life as well as his continuing commitment to creation rather than destruction. A commitment that, he explains, is informed as much by anger as it is by survival. The documentary is a single continuous thought that sprawls in multiple directions but ultimately culminates in a sobering and uplifting statement of purpose. 

Directed by Ian McFarland, “Rungs in the Ladder” is the latest in an ongoing series of documentaries by McFarland and Pecci profiling people carving a meaningful existence for themselves on the fringes of society.

Director: Ian McFarland
Producer: McFarland & Pecci
Production Company: McFarland & Pecci
Director: Ian McFarland
DP: Heather McGrath
Editor: Ian McFarland
Composer: Dean Baltulonis
Colorist: Tony Fernandez
Titles & Graphics: Toil

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Rungs in a Ladder: Jacob Bannon of Converge (di noisey)

thank you for keeping me motivated since 2006.